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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It is WooHoo Wednesday. Here is my post about joyful happenings from this past week.

One grandson, Michael pictured above, won a school art cash award for his Conservation Poster. (Middle poster with rainbow, birds, etc. Those who know Michael's work know this is a very tame drawing for him.)

One grandson, Dillon, was in a musical competition and his trombone quartet won first place. (late photo just arrived -- Dillon on left in red cap holding large trophy)

One granddaughter, Jasmine, got her driver's license plus she was chosen to participate in an Annual Young Minds At Work event. (Posing above with an event host)

I discovered a second cousin. We are able to share information about our grandmothers who were sisters and their sons, one my father and another her father. We did not know until I stumbled across her blog that the other even existed.

It was a good week.

Here is the lullaby my guinea fowl sang to me in the moonlight last night.


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  1. What great news!!!!!

  2. A definite Woo Hoo! Wednesday, Annie! Congrats to your grandchildren! And how remarkable to find a cousin through blogging!

    That moonlight serenade is something else :)

  3. What grand must be soooo proud...Beautiful kids....!!!

  4. Get your brag on and deservedly so!

    I always threatened my cockatiels that it was a good thing they were too small to bother with plucking and frying (said lovingly, of course). After your serenade I would ponder deepfried guineas!

  5. Kay -- It's all good.

    Talon -- My grandkids are tops. About the serenade, you might see why some people find guinea fowl annoying. LOL

    Robin -- We have eight grandchildren and they are each beautiful. Thank you:) Your post today, Robin, is unbelievable. Loved it!

  6. quandlequeen -- Thanks for good words about my brags. About the guinea fowl, I'm afraid their singing is the main reason they end up in many a pot. For some weird reason I love the sound.

  7. What wonderful grandkids you have!!!

    WOW!! I didn't know the guinea fowl could be so loud!

  8. Woo hoo things indeed! Great kids and vocal birds. Oh my.

  9. Such a proud grandmother! I love it! Definitely worthy of a WooHoo!


  10. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Sounds like a great week. I know you are so proud of those grandchildren. That is some serenade you got there!

  11. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Love it! Aren't the grands just the best. Woo Hoo! Mine are tiny things but I can't help but brag on them all the time.

    Your fowl must really love you, lol. They made sure you were listening :)Thanks for linking to Woo Hoo! Wednesday and joining the fun.

  12. I know you are proud of your grandchildren. It's hard to understand how much you can love somebody until you have grandchildren. Mine can do NO wrong!

    My dad had a chicken farm at one time and sold eggs "up town" and every time I bring up your blog, I think of that and my "Mammy" (the name my siblings and I gave one of our grandmothers). She had hens, big old roosters, and little Bantams running around in her yard. I can still see her out,in her one of the aprons that she wore,looking for eggs. She loved her chickens! Of course, she did eat some of them:).

  13. I absolutely love your grandsons hair...I always said to myself if I had two boys I'd love for them to wear that style...of course I was in lala land, 1. because my husband only produces girls and 2. because that style would be next to impossible on african american hair!! LOL

    Your granddaughter is beautiful and when I first saw her I thought she was a celebrity Lo from MTV...

  14. Dani –Thanks. I’m quite proud of them. You know Dani, my guinea fowl would gobble up your beautiful butterflies.

    Lynn – I can always count on my grandkids lifting my spirits.

    Cathy – Thank you Cathy. Yes I am proud.

    Thesouthernlady64 – It is pretty weird to stand outside and listen to my flock of guinea fowl telling me goodnight. I guess they really want to get their point across that they appreciate all we do for them.

    Always Nesting – I’m not really sure if the birds were talking to me or saying their prayers. LOL Woo Hoo Wednesday is fun and I’m glad you started it.

    Pat – I so much want my grandchildren to always have fond memories of coming here and seeing me caring for our animals. They all still love it but it won’t be long until they are just too big to come here.

    BEM – Your comment will make my grandson’s day. Everyone rags on him about his hair. LOL Yes, our granddaughter Jasmine has often been told she looks like Nicole Richie. I guess that is supposed to be a compliment but I certainly hope she never acts like Nicole Richie. She will also appreciate your comment as I always do.

  15. Hey, congrats! And in your county, I bet you can still buy your grandkids happy meals ;)

  16. What a great week! Woo Hoo!

  17. Accomplished AND good looking grand kids. You do have much to woo hoo about.

    About the guinea fowl... I'll never complain when frogs throw a party in our yard after a big rain.

  18. Riot Kitty -- I probably could but we don't have a McDonalds at all.

    Tammy -- I sure hope next week goes as well. I better head over you way and see who you are:)

  19. You did have a good week! Congrats on your grandkids' achievements, and on finding your cousin. Sounds like your guineas enjoyed that bright as daylight full moon. ;o)

    Have a great remainder of your week, Annie.

    Love and hugs,


  20. Diane -- Glad to hear from you. Does this mean your computer is fixed? Yes the guinea fowl seem to respond a lot to light.

    I got a late photo of Dillon and have added it to the post. If those who have been here see this comment, be sure and go back and see Dillon and giant trophy!

  21. You have some good-looking and talented grand kids! Congrats to them all. Hopefully this is just the beginning of their remarkable successes.

  22. Cube -- I almost missed you. So glad I made your frogs feel appreciated. LOL

    quilly -- Oh thank you. They are a cool bunch.

  23. They are cute kids and I send them my congratulations!!

    A cousin you stumbled upon? Do tell!

  24. What a talented family you have!

    Jeez what a noise the guinea fowl make! Sounds like one of my older daughter's sleep overs! :D

  25. Kenju -- My paternal grandmother had a sister and that was about all we knew. We did know her married name but she moved away when she married and except for occassional contact with grandmother the rest of us knew nothing. Using the last name I remembered, I found a blog and thus found my second cousin. We are all hoping to put together some missing puzzle pieces. Isn't it exciting?

    Joe -- You hit the nail on the head. Those guinea fowl sound just like a teenage girl's slumber party, oops, sleep over.

  26. You should be one proud Grandma!
    I'll pass on the lullaby though;)

  27. Congratulations!!!!
    wonderful life of yours!

  28. LOL at Joey's comment! I love that lullaby btw. It's something you never hear in my neck of the woods.

    Congrats to Dillon, Michael and Jasmine! What an all-star cast you have there!

  29. Congragulations, those days are absolutely priceless the feelings we share when our family do well are in describable.

    Dorothy from grammology

  30. Pat -- I am so proud of these three and the five other grandchildren of ours.

    Carmen -- Yep it is a pretty wonderful life!

    Ily -- Wasn't Joey's comment funny. Lots of times I will listen to the chickens and think of them as a bunch of giggly girls. This was great to compare the very loud and vocal guinea fowl to a sleep over. Our total All-star cast is eight and these are the three being highlighted this week. I'm always proud of every single one of them.

    Dorothy -- You nailed it -- "priceless".

  31. WOW! Lots of cool stuff going on. Very neat.