Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Sunday, October 25, 2009


1.) Do you ever have a problem getting updates of posts from certain bloggers? Darlene was one I could not receive. I ask her to do the following and when she so kindly did, suddenly I was getting emails of her posts as she entered them. Try it for any you cannot set in your reader or for family members who won't take the time to read your blog but would if the posts were emailed to them.

"Go to "settings" then click on "email & mobile" you will see a box with the title BlogSend Address. Your own email address is probably already there if you have a copy of each post sent to you. You can then add a comma and type in my email address and it will automatically send me a copy of each of your posts."

2.) How are you on current events in government? Here is a way to find out.

Click here:

Pew Political IQ - Pew Research Center

Give it a try.

Only 2% get all 12 correct.

My son and my husband got all 12 correct. I missed one but I didn't really miss it, I read the question wrong. Honest!

3.) News of our week that I failed to mention.

Ron stopped me in the middle of my work Wednesday and said "I'm feeling lucky so it's a good time to go to the casino". We got ready and went there and he popped in $30 and won $500. I popped in $20 and lost $20. Anyway it was fun and we had a nice dinner in the restaurant. Ron celebrated with the All-You-Can-Eat frog legs. (Frog legs make me want to put little pants on them.)

4.) Funny grandkid story I forgot to tell.

Seven year old Hope visited and talked a bit about school. She mentioned that her best friend is Arianna. I told her that sounded like a nice name. "Why do you like Arianna?" I inquired. Hope grinned and said "Because she is evil..........." then she paused, grinned even wider and whispered, "...and I'm evil too."


  1. I missed one also. I just plane got it wrong! I have a rolling blogger update on my sidebar and because of the coding for Darlene I cannot get her updates to that sidebar. It has to do with the html for her link which I cannot change. I do not want anymore emails as I don't check the blog email box as often as I should already!

  2. Evil? HA HA HA! Funny kid!

    How great to win 500 dollars! I guess he knew what he was talking about.

  3. I use Bloglines or "following" to get updates, but sometimes bloglines doesn't show the updates, and not everyone has enabled following.

    Lucky Ron!

    I have several evil granddaughters...

  4. "And I'm evil too!" Love it!

  5. I'm glad you can visit me now. I hope you aren't sorry you did this. If you want to stop just let me know.

    Your little Hope is a cute minx. I wonder if she knows what evil is? Probably thinks it means full of fun.

  6. Ha ha great one. She probably doesn't realise just what evil means. Well I kinda hope she doesn't anyway.

  7. Annie, NO Frog legs for me....

    BTW: A friend of my posted Broken Arrows winning show at BOA... Awesome.

  8. Thanks for the information, I used to get problems like that but got it sorted.
    Take care,


  9. Hello, first visit- hopped from Joe's ala` award-
    Sorry about the kitty in the sidebar- gorgeous! Think chicken farming is a good thing- My uncle had Rhode Island Reds- they're too cute. If I raised them I'd never eat one again!

    I don't do the email or reader thing at all- I'm into simple blog load these days. I've never eaten frog legs- Sounds like Grandma is in for it! I've got 4 grandsons not seen often enough. Got a visit tomorrow- don't blog much about it tho- Cus I'm trying to keep quiet on my ID so no one (x) can track me down...

    Good blog, I'll be back-

  10. Where I am right now with recuperating (sleep&pain) I wouldn't dare take that test.
    I want to be better right now but unfortunately it takes time. The weakness is the hardest part for me.

    I bet you wondered why Hope thought she was evil. My goodness!!

  11. I missed one question and it was one I didn't mark. I knew the answer but must have been asleep.

  12. I'm with hope. A little evil is a good thing in us girls.

  13. Anonymous10:21 AM


    So I'm flying through using Joe's.

    Miss reading you daily.

  14. I love the evil grandkid story...and that her name is Hope! :)

  15. Oh the joys of evil grandkids!! I've got evil kids, so I guess my grandkids will be super evil.

    Arkansas just got the lottery in September. We started out with only scratch offs, and then we are graduating to power ball. That's when I plan to buy and win big. When I win, I'll have a huge blog get together here in AR and pay for everyone's trip!! Woo Hoo!!!! I'm feeling lucky!

    I took the political quiz, and got 11 out of 12 correct. I did not misread the one I missed; I simply did not answer it correctly.

    Happy Halloween Weekend!!!!
    I'll post something new at my blog sometime this weekend. First, I have more buddies to visit.


  16. GA, your husband may appreciate my last post.

  17. Anonymous6:43 AM

    "Because she's evil and I'm evil too" ahhhhh. A lifelong buddy.

  18. LOL at Hope. That was cute. :)