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Frankie and Slim
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Thursday, October 01, 2009


The commercials for the Fall television line up is always enticing. I am happy to be able to watch the ones I miss by going to

FLASH FORWARD -- Two thumbs down (They go home at the end of the day as if nothing happened. The entire world passed out for 2 min. 17 seconds and catastrophes occur everywhere yet the FBI workers all had their homes when the clocked out for the day. duh!)

MODERN FAMILY-- One thumb up for good comedy. This is promising another thumb.

THE GOOD WIFE -- Two thumbs up. Perhaps just a chick flick but I really liked it.

TRAUMA -- Enjoyed the first episode but am reserving judgement.

THE JAY LENO SHOW -- It did get off to a shaky start, but he is on a roll now. Something great is going to have to show up opposite at 9:00 to get me to skip Leno. (The Good Wife might be the one.)

We always watch NCIS and it is going well with the new season, but we're not too sure about the new NCIS LOS ANGELES. Ron didn't like them saying they were going up to Pendelton from Los Angeles. He does tend to sweat the small stuff.

TWO AND A HALF MEN is going to have to lose the dummy (the ventriloquist dummy) if I'm going to keep watching it. Now that Jake is so grown up and not in as many episodes, it's getting dull.

Meanwhile I found a great little HBO series called THE NO. 1 LADIES DETECTIVE AGENCY and am renting it on Netflix. Talk about an unexpected detective show.

Have you uncovered any diamonds in the new TV shows or do you have some movies to recommend?

Be sure and click on Jamie Dawn's photo on my sidebar for a rousing political comentary.


  1. Anni,

    I am not much of a tv watcher. Too much cussin' sex and no plot.

    Your photo of Lil Bear is gorgeous.

    Our health program is perfectly fine here. Dwight went to hospital in ambulance and stayed from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday evening. He had intravenous and medication plus two catscans, an EKG, machines to monitor in ER and it didn't cost us one red cent. Not one. No matter who the person was, it would be the same. It could be a rich man or a street person. Everyone is treated the same. They cannot refuse to treat anyone.

    As far as the eye exam, it used to be covered but they stopped that a few years ago. However, I will fight them on this one and they will pay because I will NOT and Dwight is entitled to it.

    Hope that helps clear it up.

  2. PS, Just to let you know medications aren't, nor never were, covered by OHIP. (Ontario Health Insurance Plan)

  3. I think I am the only person in America who doesn't watch tv! However, I can whole-heartedly recommend renting "Are You Being Served?"

  4. We keep getting many repeats this time of the year so don't watch too much TV.


  5. I haven't watched any brand new shows. I'm watching Mad Men, Desperate Housewives, and House. is a great thing! Taylor told me about it not long ago.
    Thanks for the link to my political rant. I'm glad you liked it enough to recommend it to others.

  6. I don't watch tv either, not because I'm spending my time feeding the poor or doing something worthwhile, just because any fee time I get is spent on the computer!

  7. I rarely watch TV, but you're not the first person who's talked about #1 Ladies Detective Agency. I'll have to see what all the buzz is about.

    Btw, I'm with you on the 2 1/2 Men thing. Alan needs to lose Charlie McCarthy...and young Jake was a riot, wasn't he?

  8. I was interested in the good wife but haven't caught it. The Leno show is ok but not quite what I'd hoped. I'm finding lots of my faves from cable online. Makes me not so sad that we cancelled it! :)

  9. I'll admit it! I love TV - I don't have cable. I'd probably never leave the house if I did!

  10. Actually good to know Two and a Half Men is getting dull. That's one of the few things I miss not having cable.