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Frankie and Slim
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We attended an estate auction this weekend. We did not know the deceased but many people there knew him and talked about what a good man he was. Many things we purchased were small and we loaded them in the truck to bring home. One pile of stuff required us to go home and get a trailer and come back later.

Yesterday we returned to the estate auction grounds with truck and trailer to bring home the large stuff. As we were getting ready to leave Ron passed the trash bins and lifted out this man's Family Bible. We both stood there looking at it. We had not seen it come up for auction but could not believe no one bought it, even for a dollar.

We have this Holy Bible now and have no idea what to do with it. The family had filled in almost all of the information and there were many, many grandchildren. It is hard to believe some family member was not still living to take this heirloom. Whether they are religious or not, the family history should have meant something to them.

We all know that elephants make their way to their own burial grounds. Where do these huge Family Bible's go when they reach the end of their family ties? Is there a place to send them besides the trash can? I believe the words in the Bible are powerful but not the book itself. Still it disturbs me to see it discarded in such a way.

Do you have a Family Bible? Have you ever gotten rid of a Family Bible? Does this concern you at all or do you think I'm a crazy ole coot?


  1. Hi Ga
    Glad to hear the 'clot' cleared up.
    The Bible deal is disturbing. It seems the wrong family member was the one in charge of cleaning out the stuff.

  2. You are not crazy. This is an important piece of history. Perhaps there is a town museum that might want it. You might call the State library and see if they have a suggestion. Maybe there is a heritage society in the area.

  3. You'll think it's a little wacky, but I always buy bibles or family photos from sales like that and try to find a family member that wants them. I rarely get my investment dollar or two back, but consider it a good deed.

    An ad on craigslist or eBay, maybe, would find the family? I would be horrified if family heirlooms like that went in the trash bin.

  4. Welcome to the Buckskin Bessie saga....have my mother-in-laws bible with all the family other family members wrote in their Bibles and I have not in mine so think this is becomming a lost tradition, especially with the ancestry programs available and in use today.

  5. I think it's sad to see anything in family hands for that long in the trash.

  6. My grandfather bought a huge family Bible and then didn't fill in the information. Some of the records were on scraps of paper stuck between the pages. They were helpful when my sister started on her genealogy search of our roots, but it would have been better if the records had been up to date.

    I'll bet whoever was in charge of the estate sale was an in-law (or an out-law) and didn't care about the family. I know some family member would love to have it. Keep searching - the names should help.

  7. I have a Bible my Nana gave me when I was just a kid. She died when I was 11. I often open the book up and read the message from her inside.

  8. What a treasure. It's so beautiful.

    That is so sad to hear nobody wanted it. They're the kinds of things that will disappear forever with the current generation's obsession with minimalism and decluttering.

  9. What a lovely Bible? bet it holds many family secrets.
    Enjoyed the read.


  10. I CANNOT throw away a bible. I have a stack of them because of that very reason. One has a broken spine one isn't the version I prefer one is.... I simply can't bring myself to toss them. My family has an old German bible that is an amazing look into the past. In it's pages are tucked little tidbits from my family history it's amazing.

  11. It's something to think about now that you mention it. I don't own one but I'd like to buy one of those fancy ones with colored photos and maps inside...and maybe one of my great, great grandkids will read it. Maybe. :)

  12. Annie,

    Surely there was someone to take the family Bible and someday a member of a future generation will wish that they had this piece of history.

    Yes, I do have a family Bible and so does Mom. I need to update mine, but it holds a wealth of information about my ancestors and those who have been born after me.

    I'm glad you rescued the Bible from the trash. I'm sure it's been very interesting to read through the list of names.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  13. I cherish the old. I was helping someone to clean out their estranged mothers belongings, bibles, crosses, etc... They didn't want them and said just to throw them out. I couldn't. I finaly found a distant relative and mailed them. What happened from there I don't know, but I felt I did my part and my heart was satisfied. Blessings to find an someone that doesn't even yet realize they want to cherish the old family bible. The answer will come. blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P