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Frankie and Slim
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Friday, September 25, 2009


My sister was almost three when I was born. She had learned life's lessons by that time from our five year old brother. She was completely ready for me.

Elenore, my sister, finds the greatest cards that depict our childhood. The message inside this one says: "I'd like to think I helped you grow into the person you are today." Believe me when I say she has.

Her first born grandchild, Nora, has just started school. The first progress report from the teacher suggests Nora should concentrate on herself and shouldn't try to be in charge of the classroom. Hum? I wonder who she takes after?

We only live 45
minutes from my sister and bil. The rule is supposed to be when they come to our house we feed them and when we go to their house they feed us. Today we are going there and they are feeding us. However the last time Elenore came here, she brought lunch. She had a good excuse -- she always does. It seems that she is always breaking the rules. I really cannot complain because it almost always makes my life easier.

Elenore taught me (whether or not I wanted to learn) how to dance, how to dress, what to eat, how to fix my hair, how to act on a date, (
usually following me and my date at a distance).

may be 63 years old, but to my sister I am still a work in progress. It is great to have a disobedient sister who only breaks the rules to benefit others


  1. How true are your words and accurate your photo/card. My sisters and I laughed, fought, played, teased, cried and had so much fun we didn't even realize we were teaching and learning from each other. Now we cherish each other so dearly. Thank you for sharing your story about you and your loving sister. Blessings to you and your family. Love and Light, Nina P

  2. Your sister sounds almost as cool as you :)

  3. Ha ha, she sounds like a great sister. I have an older brother, but being the slightly dominant character I am, I taught him a thing or too! Still do!

  4. Riot Kitty -- You are TOO kind! Thanks.

    Joe -- My son's boys sound like you and your brother. The younger is basically in control of the whole family!

  5. I was the oldest and my brothers and sisters called me the bossy one. But since I remember changing diapers and feeding the youngest in my early teens...I guess I had good reason!

  6. Very true words Annie. loved the post.

    Take care.


  7. What a great an only child all I can say is...I think you are blessed:):)

  8. Tabor -- It was to your benefit to be an older sibling because I think the oldest have more courage.

    Yvonne -- Thanks, as always!

    Monica -- I do love my siblings but there were honestly times I wanted to punch them. If my brother and sister were picking on me I would tattle and mother would make me cut a switch to spank them with. She thought that would make me feel bad but I don't remember every being sorry for them. LOL

  9. What a great blog. It's so nice that you have such a good relationship with your family.

  10. Bonnie, are you a sister? You must be because you act like a good sister:)

  11. As the big sister, I can relate to you your post, except that I didn't have the confidence young Nora seems to have. I'm glad she has such strong woman in her life to encourage her.

    No one can torture you like a sibling!

    Ha! The capcha is:hamnora

  12. Loved this post and the card!! What a special sister you have!!!

  13. Anonymous11:03 PM

    My sister was 10 when I was born. In the time it took me to reach my teens, SHE was the one asking me to teach her how to do the TWIST. Now, at age 60 (me) and 70 (her) she and I have become each other's sounding board, advisors and cheerleaders. One of us is SURE going to be missing the other one some day soon.

  14. Great post!! Breaking a few rules really doesn't hurt as long as tey are the ones which won't harm anyone.
    I'd say your sister is a keeper.

  15. I want a sister like that!!

    I've ALWAYS wanted a big sister, and now my daughter is bugging me to adopt because she just has a little brother.

    I love that she breaks the rules in a good way and that she helped you become the amazing person you are today! Good job, Elenore! :)

  16. Nora -- It is difficult for me to believe you weren't always a strong and confident woman.

    Rachel -- You are so right about my sister being special.

    Dana -- Basically you and your sister are "only" children because there is more than six years between you. That's part of what makes you such great friends.

    Ralph -- Yes, my sister is indeed a keeper!

    Scarlet -- There is nothing amazing about me but my sister and gals like you are truly amazing!