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Frankie and Slim
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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Okay, I am a cry baby. Yesterday's post was a "pity party". Picking the title "CONTEMPLATING LIFE AND DEATH" was a bit much. I guess I have been wallowing in sorrow for several days and basically for no reason.

My life is as close to my perfect dream as anything I have wished for. I am living with the man I love in a home we love with animals and activities and occasional family visitors -- i.e. wonderful grandchildren. We have daily choices to play, work or sleep.

One day at a time is the best any of us can do. I guess I got to looking too far ahead and determining that we are on a downhill slide instead of an uphill climb.


  1. I think we all think as you did,
    no need to feel bad about it.
    If one can't have a bad once in a while then we wouldn't appreciate the good days.

    Take care.


  2. I hope you are feeling better. We all have our down times I think!

    Just think of that glass as half full!! :)


  3. You know, I went through feelings of melacholy, thinking of how after 26 years in the wooods, where I have pretty well lived my life "my way," things will have to change. I am getting older (not old, just older,LOL) and the time will come to move back to civilization, and leave my woods behind. But I have finally decided not to audit life, but to continue to make the most of it every day that I wake up, and am still here, and still alive! Tomorrow may never come, but I will enjoy all my todays, by George, and leave the rest to God.

    Hugs and Blessings,

    who attended a wonderful worship service this morning, then had a lovely lunch with my best friend and my son, and who now is going out to visit with the deer, who are peeking in through my window, wondering why I'm not out there, with them.

  4. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Go ahead and rant and rave (and cry too) as much as you like. We all get down sometimes. Glad your looking up a bit. Thanks for the link back!

  5. We can't be a Pollyanna all the time. You are entitled to have a pity party once in awhile. I have my own and life seems nicer after they are over.

  6. I've been on a pity parade lately, too.

    A lot of times my outlet is my blog ... good or bad. I have been censoring the bad because my family doesn't like it. So be it ...

  7. More hugs from this coast :)

  8. It's the waiting that causes the 'pity party'. Once you know the result, whether good or bad, you can face up to it and adjust your life accordingly. For 9 months of 2000 i thought I was going to face life without my left leg, but it didn't happen. So I hope your fears also prove to be groundless. Love from acrooss the pond.

  9. I agree with all of the above. You just have to vent and let it go every once in awhile. I did it a few months back. I even took time off from blogging. But we are your friends, we are here for you no matter what. So don't apologize. {{{HUGS}}}

  10. Yvonne and Rachel, how sweet of you to encourage me when I know the struggles both of you have and have

    Renie -- I know what you mean. If our health gets too bad, we would have to leave the country and neither of us could be happy in town. Well, I guess we could if we had too. Our preacher told a story about Ruth Bell Graham (Billy Graham's wife). Her epitaph reads "End of construction. Thanks for your patience." We are all always under construction.

    Marilyn -- Thanks for your encouraging words. I hope you get some lookers from the referral. Your blog is great.

    Darlene -- We always do seem to bounce back after a good Pollyanna performance. Crazy, crazy! LOL

    Bonnie -- my blog is my outlet too but this time I think I let too much out. LOL I could always erase such pityful entries but then I would lose everyone's great comments!'

    Riot Kitty -- You're a good hugger:) Thanks!

    Olive -- you sure hit the nail on the head. We not only have been waiting for Ron's results, but we've been so worried about our Sil and then my stupid knee injury.

    Bonnie -- Like the others, you do know what this is about. And yes,our blogger friends help us get a grip and put things back in perspective.

  11. How long will it be before you get the results? I hope it's not too long now. I shall be waiting for my results too after my visit to be assessed at cardiology on Thursday.

  12. Anonymous9:12 AM

    WHAT is going around in the blogging world? I had to do a post today concerning rethinking my past and reworking my future. The instances of inward thoughts have grown too hard to control!!

    It seems we're all on the same page for the moment.

  13. Annie,

    Life is precious and sometimes we take it for granted. It is scary when those we love have medical problems or procedures. Don't beat yourself up about it. We all feel like this at were brave enough to express it so we could all support you. :-)

    I just sent you an email with your five words. Have fun and be sure to let me know when you post it.

    Have a wonderful day.

  14. Annie,

    Cheer up, Luv...Everything will be all right; you'll see.

    You have lots of friends who like to visit via your blog so remember us when you get blue. We'll be here....

  15. Annie,
    Big love from Indianapolis. You are entitled to look UP the hill occasionally.

  16. no need to feel bad about a pity party, annie. a good cry every now and again is good for us.


  17. I agree with everyone.
    Sending hugs your way....
    : )