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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


We went grocery shopping yesterday. It was my first attendance in the shopping arena for a while since I have hurt my knee. I had my list and was willing to stick to it just to be able to get out of the store and back home quickly.

I put most of the groceries away last night but left several non-perishables out on the table. I started putting these few items away and for some unexplainable reason, realized the Adolph’s Meat Tenderizer was missing. By weight and price it had to have been my most extravagant expenditure of the day and my frantic search began. Ron was questioned: “By chance did you take the Adolph’s?” You know the look he returned.

Picking up the Adolph’s and placing it in my basket was memorable because the price had been so astonishing. The debate held in my brain could be remembered as I determined the expense was justified because the seasoning lasts a long time.

I started back through the cabinets, the freezers and the refrigerator, just in case. I searched the empty store bags that had been thrown away to see if I left the small bottle of meat tenderizer in the bag. (By now these bags had coffee grounds all over them making the search more challenging.)

I am always careful not to leave items on the bag carousel in the store so I knew it wasn’t there. I looked in the van to see if it fell out of the bag and rolled under the seats. I questioned myself over and over, “Are you sure you purchased the Adolph’s?” then checked my register receipt. There it was – paid in full like the other items.

Just as I was beginning to move into the realm of “A thief came in during the night and stole the Adolph’s” I spied something red under our kitchen table. A lingering mystery so easily solved. The little bottle had been knocked off the table and rolled to this barely noticeable spot.

And we dare ask ourselves what God does for fun.


  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    I wish this didn't happen to me daily, like when I couldn't find my favorite peeling knife so I went to Kmart and bought another one......of course I found the original. I just don't know why it was in the freezer. I've had a headache for a week and couldn't find the ibuprofen last night. Joe went to Walgreens at 9pm to get some. This morning I was looking through my purse and remembered that I've been carrying it with me in case I needed it.

  2. I had something similar the other day! Only it wasn't under the table. My HUSBAND put it away! I didn't complain cuz he was helping!

  3. Pleased you found your missing item, rather spooky don't you think????? lol.


  4. Just the Adolph's? That's not so bad. I have had whole bags of groceries disappear. (I hope someone benefited from them.) And then there was the time my parents lost my sister -- we were five miles down the road before my mother, or any of us, had a sense of someone missing. She counted. Yep, only 7 kids!! Back we went and found our sister, sitting forlornly on the curb. In that case, I guess, God was not having fun but being serious -- taking care of her.

  5. Too Funny!! I know God does have quite the sense of humor! After all isn't it laughter that's the best medicine!! I'm glad the Adolf's was found without having to pay ransom to kidnappers. .. Love and Light, Nina P.

  6. Oh, yeah, stuff like that happens to me all the time. For instance, pills I know I have placed on the table at breakfast somehow roll off and land in totally inaccessible spots under the pedestal table's legs. I'm gld you found it.

  7. I HATE it when that happens! It's always that one thing you want and need the most that gets lost in the back cushion of the car or falls somewhere in the driveway...or a barely noticeable spot beneath the kitchen table!

    Sounds like you were entertaining angels for a while there. ;)

  8. What's even better is your cat running off with things and hiding them...your watch, for instance. Good question. I *do* wonder what God does for fun.

    Horrible story - when I was 12, my dad's (at the time) wife asked me, "Do you think God has a sense of humor?"

    And I replied with a straight face: "Of course. Just look at some peoples' faces!"

  9. LOL funny how something so minor can consume your every thought eh? I've had this happen only it wasn't a non-perishable, every time it happens it's usually something that requires refrigeration immediately. It's usually found the next day on the way to work when we notice that unusual smell coming from the trunk! Found your blog through Maria, it's nice here!


  10. Mine was tomato paste. Happened just last week. Found it under the seat of the car.
    Your last sentence gave me a great laugh.

  11. And here I always thought I'm just a disorganized klutz. God does that? Well, now I know who to blame when I can't find the Johnnys seasoning...

  12. Ha ha, well I'm glad you found it in the end. Things often go missing forever in our home. I often think my kids hide stuff so I think I'm going mad.

  13. I love that you took a picture!

    We lost our salt shaker earlier this week. We looked and looked, but couldn't find it. Finally tonight it turned up.

    It was in the spice cabinet. Where it's supposed to be.


  14. I love that last line!
    Well at least your Adolph's was there. I went to Walmart last night (on a rainy night I might add), and I bought six cans of diced chilis amongst my purchases.
    I bought lots of groceries, so I didn't even check the receipt until I got home. The checker had charged me for six boxes of Cheezits at $2.50 each instead of six cans of chilis at .67 cents each. I was too tired to go back and try to challenge this, so I just ate the loss.
    Walmart owes me!! Maybe I'll sue them.
    Uhhh..... I don't think so.