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Frankie and Slim
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Friday, August 14, 2009


You all know that I depend on Adam at THE JACK SACK to keep me updated on 24. Well, he also happens to be a fine writer on other subjects and I hope you will follow the links to his current post. First here is my comment:

Adam, this is excellent! I am not a sports fan (unless my grandchildren are on the field) but I watched Michael Vick signing his new contract and I sat in amazement at what was taking place. I believe in this post you have said it for old befuddled people like me and for regular sports fans and for all who did not have the "Benjamins" to buy their way out of a legal hassel and/or criminal act. May I have your permission to link to this post on my blog?

And Adam said:

Thank you, Annie. I would be honored by your sharing this with your readers.

So dear readers, go read this.


  1. I am curious....

    I'll go check it out. I am a recovering 24 watcher. It jumped the shark for me a season ago. I have moved on to Dexter.

  2. I'll check him out for sure. I had to sit and watch in horror with my son when Vick signed his juicy new contract.

    I'm never like this but I hope he gets hurt early and never plays again.

  3. Sounds interesting will check him out also.