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Frankie and Slim
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Thursday, July 02, 2009


The TONIGHT SHOW is no more. I loved Johnny Carson and did not stay up often to see his show, but caught it when I could. Leno did an excellent job of stepping in and I have watched him for many years for his monologue and skits. Usually I did not stay up for the guests or musical entertainment. We did enjoy Kevin and the band. David Letterman has never been an option for me. I tried to give him a chance because he was Carson's pick but I never could understand that. Plus I hated his band leader.

O'Brien is not my cup of tea. The first night was horrible but who would hold that against a person? I went back twice. Nope, not for me. I hope NBC is drawing the younger audience it wanted but it does frighten me that Conan represents the future of late night television.

We are eager for Leno to return at an earlier hour in September. There is no reason we won't watch him every evening because there certainly won't be any regular TV shows up against his hour.

Meanwhile I have found the funniest show on ABC. Right after
NIGHTLINE you can watch JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE. His first 15 minutes of his program are very funny and his sidekicks are very unusual which makes the go over well with the audience. If they moved him up 30 minutes, I would watch a lot more.

Thank goodness I have found something to send me to bed laughing until Leno returns and then I can even get to bed earlier:) What is your bedtime and doesn any television show send you to lullabye land?


  1. I don't like Conan or David Letterman.... I loved Johnny and I even liked Leno, especially "Headlines". BUT, I don't like Conan or David and I won't watch either one.......

    I don't have any special show that put's me to sleep...I don't really have a set bedtime...Whenever I get tired, I go to bed... Now that we don't have any children at home, my sleeping is completely different.

  2. Lucy -- Actually that is true about us too. We can go to bed at 9:00 or midnight then get up at 4:30AM or 10:00 AM. Sometimes we just pass each other like ships in the night. LOL Retirement is great from that standpoint. I'm becoming more of a nap midday then late to bed and early to rise person.

  3. I also need the tv to go to sleep. Makes vacations a little rough for me. And, when I wake up at night, I have to go to the coach downstairs. I do not want to wake my hubby with the tv.

    I DVR everything that I watch. I'll watch Jay Leno at 7 am the next day. Conan is also not for me. He spends way too much time just making strange faces into the camera. I don't get why it is funny???

    I'll try Jimmy Kimmel. I bet I'll like him. I also enjoy Jon Stewart - The Daily Show. It is on at 11:30??

  4. I go to bed quite late, I like to listen to a relaxation cd before going to bed. The tv programmes here late at night are full of violence so I switch off about 10pm.
    Happy dreams.


  5. I usually turn off the TV at 11pm and go to the computer. Even though I have a TV right beside the computer desk, I seldom turn it on. I loved Johnny Carson and there will never be anyone who can take his place for me.

  6. My bedtime varies...I'm guilty of staying up too late quite frequently when reading :)

  7. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Conan always struck me as someone they pulled out of the audience and shot to stardom without ANY credentials or talent. In Indiana we had so many choices. In Florida, you either watch Dave, Conan or the Golden Girls.

  8. Anonymous1:39 PM

    I'm putting you on my BLOGGERS BLOCK. It's about time, huh.

  9. I usually head for bed around 9:45 or 10:00 but wake up at all hours...between 4:00 and 8:00! Did not get in the habit of watching the late night comedy shows so will not have to adjust to the younger monologues.

  10. I'm so boring - in bed by 10 most nights. And I have to admit, I rarely watch TV.

    But I used to love Jimmy Kimmel on The Man Show. He's hysterical!

  11. just about ANY TV show puts me to sleep.. I enjoyed reading your posts.. i jumped over that crazy womans Life is Good site, 'casue you left a comment. Dont mean to seeem like a "lurker",,lol kinda new at this,, you are invited to my site, if you like,,Glenn

  12. I don't watch TV very much and not at night. I'm more on the computer or reading late. I have no set time to go to bed and usually I'm up late.

  13. Annie, I can lay down on the couch in the mid afternoon and sleep like a baby, then I'm up all

  14. I actually like some of Conan's stuff. I've never been a regular watcher of his show, and I doubt I will start to watch it now on a regular basis. My hubby recorded his shows so far, so I've watched some of them. He needs to toss in some true Obama jokes now and then instead of always tip toeing around making jokes at our president's expense. He jokes about Bush, Cheney, Palin, Biden, but never does jokes about Obama unless they are flattering and non-cutting. He needs to branch out and aim both barrells at Obama just like they've always done against Bush, Clinton, etc... It bugs me that comics shy away from that.

    I'm usually in bed by midnight. I'm not the extreme night owls that my kids and hubby are. I was watching a show with Courtney and Taylor last night, and I could not stay awake. Taylor kept hitting my foot to jar me awake, and I did my best to stay awake, but alas, I had already crossed the threshold into my vegetative state.

    I've not watched Jimmy Kimmel Live. I'll have to check it out. I'm always up for a good laugh!!


    I hope you enjoy the holiday weekend.

  15. I haven't been able to stomach Conan either. He's just not funny to me.

    I like Letterman, but it's not the same witty humor you got from Johnny and Jay. I'm with you there.

    I TIVO "Two and a Half Men" and watch them at bedtime. Charlie cracks me up and I usually drift off to sleep about midnight.