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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My poor children were raised by a single working feminist mom. My son, especially, is pleased now that I am retired, married and a lot less of an outward feminist. (Once a feminist, always a feminist) But I will guarantee you that I never want to be "woman watch me roar" again.


  1. We do what we do when the time is right and we are who we are when the time calls for it. We are all many sided and it is nice that you have more balance in your life. Sounds like your kids were OK.

  2. I love what Tabor said. It's so true!

  3. This makes me smile. And as a fellow feminist, I understand the struggle that exists between working and staying home. You know I'm thinking a lot about this these days!

  4. Tabor is right! and I agree. My daughter-in-law used to be a militant feminist, but she has mellowed somewhat - luckily for my son and his dad....LOL

  5. You've lost your roar? Does that mean you've lost your ability to bitch?
    I'm thinking not.


  6. We all change with time. I am completely different to what I was 10 yrs ago.......I hope it's for the better.

    Take care.

  7. Girl Power at it's best! You do what you gotta do when it needs doing!

  8. I voted for Hilliary. She would have done a great job.

    Palin has really disappointed me. She has become cartoon like.

  9. I'm just curious - what's the difference between an innie and an outie, as far as feminists go? :)

  10. i never went the feminist route. although in college i had a knife to my throat by many a feminist teacher trying to convert me.

  11. You write good... for a girl. :)

  12. I'm SO not the girl I used to be. It's interesting how time changes us.

  13. Anonymous6:56 PM

    As you are aware, I'm turning 60 next Friday and I must say, that at this age I've just gone through one of those epiphanies that are life changing. Why it took THIS LONG to happen when I could have USED this newfound power years ago. But, better late than never, right? If I was still the me that I used to be, even I wouldn't be able to stand myself.

  14. You do what you have to do, as Tabor said!

    Now I'll be having that tune in my head all night!

  15. I'm glad you're where you want to be but I think you have a few good roars left in you if you had to get 'em out!

  16. Dear Annie,

    I am almost 81 years old and have been a feminist since Gloria Steinam and Germaine Greer told me that things did not need to be the way they were.

    I fought for change and I marched for change and I am proud of the way we turned things around.

    But, Annie, as usual, we went too far and almost convinced ourselves that we were Superwomen who could do it all. Be a great wife, have the baby and go back to work a week later,rush home to fix dinner after picking the baby up at the Day care,clean up the kitchen, throw in a load of wash, check the older boy's homework, then take a shower and make mad passionate love to your husband who has been sitting of the sofa watching TV all evening.

    Hmmmm...What's wrong with this picture? We soon found out and decided that perhaps HE should have a hand in raising this family.

    Only then did things turn around slightly and men began changing diapers and cooking a meal once in a while and taking a large part in the care and feeding of a family.

    We worked hard for those changes and took a lot of flak from the status quo crowd but in the end, don't you think the division of labor within our modern day families is a lot more even than before we started calling attention to the unfairness of our former system?

    I'm sort of proud that I had a hand in it...

  17. Tabor -- Amen Tabor! My kids were and are okay and I couldn’t be more proud.

    PG -- Yep, we all agree with her.

    Sammy -- Whatever decision you make, you will make it work for you and your family.

    Kenju -- I never burned my bra or anything but I could sure see the discrepancies in this world regarding equality of the sexes.

    Jamie Dawn -- Never, never Jamie Dawn! LOL

    Yvonne -- Yep, I’m a million miles away from where I was 10 yrs ago.

    LL Cool Joe -- Girl Power! Love it.

    Hit 40 -- I don't know if you feel strongly against Palin but it is reported that the persons most vehemently opposed to Sarah Palin are women. I don't agree with all of her politics but I do support her roar.

    RK -- Very profound RK:)

    bluntdelivery -- I was amazed to learn upon my retirement that some of the women I nurtured, promoted, counted on, trusted and believed in were shredding me to ribbons behind my back. Why are we women our own worst enemies?

    Cliff -- Thank you! Does that nice compliment come with a pat on the head?

    OGO -- I certainly never dreamed that I would be a “kept woman” and I must say I love it.

    Dana -- Me too. I don’t know what you were, but I was angry ALL the time it seems.

    Rachel -- Oh, let me change that then. How about “I WILL SURVIVE”. LOL

    Scarlet -- Ron does all the roaring for us these days. I just take care of grandkids and chickens and don’t have to burn my bra because I rarely wear one.

    Nancy -- Nancy, as always, your comment is a blog post on it’s own. You say things so well. Yes, I too am extremely proud that I had a part in making a way for future generations. I won’t fight the fight anymore, but I still believe that women have a long way to go. You’re right that we at least got many of the men fighting that fight with us. That’s a big leap.

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  19. you throw good for a girl!!! LOL

    Sometimes I wonder if I'm what would be considered a feminist...hold on let me Wikipedia it, if I wait for my husband to do it it will never get done!! LOL