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Frankie and Slim
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009



If faced with a newly designed application for employment of U.S. Citizens, which box below would you check?



_______Native American



(I am Mixed)

Out of curiosity, have you ever heard of Ziplock bags half filled with water held up by cloths pins hanging over windows to keep flies away? We saw this recently in a restaurant and it seemed to be working well.

Odd Story:

Ron was in California and I was in Oklahoma so I asked him to send me one of his unwashed shirts. I slept in that shirt every night until we were together as a permanent couple. If you think that I am freaky, read about this weirdo at Scarlet’s blog..

"Blessed are the cracked, for they let in the light!"


  1. I have been seeing these ziplock bags hung everywhere...parks, restaurants...I thought they had some pheromone or pesticide in them. I will have to google it. Odd, I was talking to some young gal (can't remember) recently about why girls ask for their guy's shirts when the guy is away.

  2. Guess I would check European in my application.

    Thanks for the ziplock tip. Wonder how and why that works?

    Aww, so romantic about sleeping in your husbands unwashed shirt until you were together! :-)

    Enjoy your Tuesday!

  3. Annie,

    Haven't seen the ziplock bags in Ontario yet, but I'm going to hang some from the top of my porch and see if it works. Maybe I'll start a fad up here. lol

    I'm Mixed. English, Irish, Dutch, otherwise knowns as Pennsylvania Dutch. That is on my maternal side and on my paternal...Irish. Really Mixed. lol

    I think the shirt story is kind of romantic and I did read Scarlett's entry. That is freaky.

    Have a terrific day, my friend.


  4. I can totally see the shirt thing! That's luv!! :)

    Scarlet seems to find all the weirdo's!! LOL

    I don't understand the bags of water keeping flies away. Seems I have heard about it. I don't understand how that can work?

  5. I would check European. However rumor has it that there is some Shawnee blood in my veins.

    I used to sleep on my husband's side of the bed when he was away on business which is pretty much the same premise.

  6. Annie,

    As for your question about the dog park. Yes, they are fenced with a double gate at the entrance so other dogs don't get out when we're going in.

    The other day two dogs did get into a little spat, but that was soon over. A little Boston terrier was being really aggressive and the border collie put him in his place. Most people don't bring aggressive dogs to the park. It is a social place where dogs and people can enjoy being together.

    Love your auction treasure in the post below. I would love to have an old cooking range. Food tastes so much better coming out of those. They are also nice conversation pieces.

    Hope that answers your questions about the dog park.


  7. On the application...I would check Native American, since I was born HERE. I'm not a Canadian-American, nor a French-American, nor Irish-American or Whatever-American. I was born here, I was raised here that makes me an AMERICAN. Although lately I've been a mixed up American. Might have to try the ziplock trick...seem to have alot of flies around the house. I love sleeping in my hubby's shirts even when he's home (we sleep in separate rooms, he snores). I am going to have to go check out Scarlet's blog.

  8. I am mixed - and for years it was frustrating as hell because most forms you had to fill out wouldn't offer that option. As I'm sure you know.

  9. That's a daft choice. You could be European but be black of African origin. Same goes for Asian too.

    You should see what we have to fill in and choose from. Here's a typical one:

    ¨ British
    ¨ Irish
    ¨ Gypsy/ Roma
    ¨ Traveller of Irish Heritage
    ¨ Any other White background
    - Western European
    - Eastern European
    - Other
    ¨ White and Black Caribbean
    ¨ White and Black African
    ¨ White and Asian
    ¨ Any other mixed background
    Asian or Asian British
    ¨ Indian
    ¨ Pakistani
    ¨ Bangladeshi
    ¨ Any other Asian background
    Black or Black British
    ¨ Caribbean
    ¨ African
    ¨ Any other Black background
    Any other ethnic background

    The mind boggles!

    I haven't heard of ziplock bags for flies. Not that we get that many, it's not hot enough!

  10. Can't say I have heard of a ziplock, Where I live it isn't that hot, as I write it is pouring with rain.........Summer eh?

    Have fun,


  11. I understand sleeping in Ron's shirt, but that guy on Scarlet's blog is weird!!! I loved Hammer's comment.

    I've never seen the bag of water trick, but I might try that on my deck

  12. Anytime my husband has to leave town for work he leaves me a shirt sprayed with his cologne for me to sleep with till he gets home.

    I've heard of the baggie thing but I've never tried it.

  13. Ahhh, you and Ron are such a sweet couple. You are not freaky... well, not TOO freaky... this coming from a demented Arkansan.

    I've never heard of that water bag fly thing. If it works, that is great.

    I love the new photo of Owen on your side bar.
    What a doll baby he is!!!!!

    Oh, and I'd say, I am mixed - European and Native American. I hope this means I get something free from the government.

    Have a great rest of your week.