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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


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This is a photo my grandson took when their family returned to Tulsa after a visit at our place. It seems they had a hitchhiker. Look at the little guy hanging on for dear life as my son sped down the turnpike at 75mph. As soon as our grandson snapped the picture he managed to reach out and grab the frog. They put it in a cup until they got home and then turned it loose.

As we deal with another round of medical concerns for Ron, I can’t help but relate to this little frog. Things are going very well now but we looked like this frog at first. Now it appears “this too shall pass” as we get a grip on another medical crisis.
Thanks everyone for your concern.
Forgive me if I don't post very often. I am keeping my blog reading caught up and will try to comment when I can. Your blogs are the best reads on the planet!
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  1. Annie, it is amazing how bloggers stick together and provide virtual support. Tell Ron to hang in there as we are here waiting for the good news.

  2. There's days when I feel like that frog and my bloggy friends are there for me.

  3. Thanks Tabor and Bonnie. The real "good news" might be as much as 6 months in coming as we await the reduction of a rather large blood clot in his IVC (Inferior Vena Cava). Which is worse, the clot or the coumadin he has to take? Yep, we've all felt like that froggy. LOL

  4. This picture is priceless!! and love the happy endings too:):)

  5. I can relate to hanging on for dear life. Just know that, like your grandson, someone will grab you before you fall off.

    Lots of love to you guys!!

  6. I know you can relate to that little frog. Keep hanging on, dear friend.
    That is a great picture!


  7. You are right, Annie. The Coumadin takes a little getting used to but the clot will be gone and it's the clot that is the problem.

    I still have my husband ,too, thanks to blood thinners.

    You and Ron hang in there. We are all thinking of you and pulling for you.

  8. It is always good to hear encouraging words. Monica, I am so counting on a happy ending to this ongoing saga. PG, I can just see a huge hand reaching out to grab Ron off that mirror:) Jamie Dawn, we're hanging on and hope you are too for Courtney's win. We shall keep voting. Nancy, how great to know you got your fellow through this kind of thing also. I was devastated at first but am becoming a little more at ease Ron has seemed very practical since the discovery.

  9. I hope all goes well for Ron. Hang in there like that cute little frog! Seems like a strange place for a frog to be. I'm so glad it wasn't harmed!

  10. Thanks for posting this picture.
    As you say it can relate to life.
    Hope all goes well with your family and friends.


  11. Aded Ron to my "good thoughts and prayers" list

  12. Thinking of your Ron...and sending lots of hugs your way.

    Take care,

  13. I pray for a speedy recovery!! My father in law also had a blood clot that was fixed with drugs.

    What happened with the doggie?? This was a toughie

  14. That is a great picture! Thanks for sharing....

  15. Annie,

    I've seen some hitchikers in my day, but this one is unique. I'm glad that they were able to rescue and free him.

    Did you know that there were no possums in Ontario until they began hitchiking rides on trucks from the south. Now we have a good-sized population of the little beggars.

    Hope you get your porch done. Yes, when it's done you need a fountain. Such a calming sound.

    Wishing your husband good health.

    So nice to hear from you.

  16. Your husband is in my prayers.

    Thanks for your comment today and suggestion that I try a test run being away from the baby for several days to see what it feels like. That is truly a great suggestion!

    Wishing you and your husband well. Take good care.

  17. Rachel -- It is spectacular that the frog survived this ordeal. The three grandkids were excited all the way home keeping it in the cup and making plans for its return to freedom.

    Yvonne -- Your well wishes are so appreciated.

    Grammie -- Thank you for the generous hugs.

    Hit 40 -- Thank you for sharing the success story of your dad. It is always helpful to know these procedures gain good results.

    Femin Susan -- I was delighted when my son and the grandkids sent this photo. It suited our situation perfectly.

    Mary -- I certainly did not know about opossoms in Ontario being hitchhikers. Fun information. Thank you so much for you wishes for Ron.

    Sammy -- Thank you too for wishing Ron well in his recovery. He is so very dear to me.

  18. What a cool picture - and even better there was a happy ending! :)

    Will be keeping you and Ron in my thoughts and prayers...

  19. Interesting how the frog and your life intersected. You and Ron are in my prayers and what great words of encouragement from all your blogging friends. You and Ron are loved and you will make it over this "little" bump in the road. Hugs.

  20. Stacy -- thanks for coming by my blog and the nice message. I look forward to following your blog.

    Bonnie -- Indeed support from blogger friends is great! Isn't is great that the froggy wasn't the "little" bump in the road! LOL

  21. I'm praying for Ron and I'm thankful that things are looking up. Just like the hand that reached out and saved that little frog, with God's mighty hand, Ron will come out of this just fine.

    Hugs to you, Granny Annie!!! :)

  22. How about the doggie? Are you still feeding it? The whole thing was very odd.

  23. Thanks for sharing on my blog. I'm sorry to hear of Ron's clot and send my love and prayers that it will be dispersed and then you can add it to your list of things to thank God for. What a gentle, loving Good Shepherd we have!

  24. Oh!!! That poor frog, It is clinging to the mirror like it's terrified! And I always thought a frog didn't have much of a brain. It was so kind of them so save it's life.
    Poor thing will probably never be quite the same again.