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Frankie and Slim
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Thursday, May 14, 2009


The Yahoo headline yesterday from Robin Gretchen's blog stated these are topics that we should avoid because they bore:

1. A dream.
2. The recent changes in your child’s nap schedule.
3. The route you took to get here.
4. An excellent meal you once had at a restaurant.
5. The latest additions to your wine cellar.
6. An account of your last tennis game.
7. The plot of a movie, play, or movie—in particular, the funny parts.

So, let me apologize for the time I told you I dreamed that my sister and her best friend forced me to eat pounds of raw bacon.

And the time I told you my grand daughter sneaked out of the house at nap time and was found playing in the cherry tree.

I'm glad I read this before I told you about our trip home from Tulsa after our third attempt at Ron's MRI. He was drugged and I had to drive in nickel sized hail because our route was up the I-44 corridor. (By the way Kenju, the sunglasses work wonders in heavy rain.)

Plus I won't bother you with the details of our delicious Vietnamese lunch at Binh-Le's in Tulsa with me having sesame shrimp and Ron having sweet and sour pork and the Imperial rolls we both tried for the first time. Never mind my recommending the latest greatest delicious low cost wine Frontera from Chili that is recommended highly in Consumer reports. I probably shouldn't mention the fact that I am the only one in our entire family who has never played tennis. Thus, so much for a movie review of TAKEN that kept me on the absolute edge of my seat today.

What would you bore us with? (Actually I can't think of a one of you who has ever bored me with your interesting writing.)


  1. I think that I blog because I want to write for myself and to keep track of what is happening at this stage in my life. Those that come along for the ride (my readers) are the cherry on top. If I worried about boring them, I would certainly quit blogging immediately.

  2. I agree with Tabor....who is to say what we find boring. If I am bored with a blog, I will just move to another. But I have honestly never been bored with any blogs I have ever read. You just keep on blogging and I'll keep on reading.

  3. What bores one person another finds interesting, You keep writing whatever takes your fancy I am not bored in the least,
    I am learning about other people's way of life and thoughts. Keep up the good work.


  4. You know that has to new pet peeves. . . when someone decides what bores them and then decides it good enough for the masses.
    So I guess in short- keep boring us. We'll keep reading.
    A good story can be written or told about just anything.

  5. Thanks Tabor, Bonnie, Yvonne and Ralph. You all got the point I wanted to mnake. Yes Ralph, we especially know these days when someone else is deciding what is best for the masses!

  6. I say send a big raspberry (the kind that goes *ppppppffffftttttt*) to anyone who tries to tell me what to write. I love your stories and follow your life by your words. And I love every minute of it!

  7. "taken"

    i was wondering how that movie was. i'll definitely be renting that from blockbuster soon.

  8. I figure if you found my blog boring you wouldn't read it, so I write about whatever I want to and don't worry about it !

    People are drawn to other people with similar interest.

    Nice (not!) that this woman is the arbitrator of what is interesting -wonder how many people think she's boring !

  9. You are so funny, and you are so right. It's only boring if the person telling or writing it is boring.
    Since my blog buddies are interesting, witty people, then they can write about just about anything and keep my attention.

    I suppose you've been having lots of rain like we have. Much of ours has come from your direction, so thanks for sending us your storms for us to enjoy.


  10. Anonymous4:06 PM

    I'm so glad that you decided not to bore anyone. Personally, the only thing that bores me are those people who talk, talk, and talk while their eyes are closed and fluttering like they're so lost in their own wonderful story. Ever noticed them? No? Guess she was having a seizure.....I know I was wishing for one.

  11. One size does not fit all. I don't mind hearing about the dreams of others because I find it interesting. No matter what you write about, someone will find it interesting.

    I guess I have bored my share of people by writing about subjects that are of interest to me, but then, what else could I write about?

  12. None of that is boring to me! Boring is people who are really into boring stuff like - say, wine - and that is the ONLY thing they talk about.

  13. Frontera wine is fantastic...and inexpensive! $8.99 for the big bottle!

    Keep sharing the "boring" details of your life...they entertain me!! :)

  14. sounds more like a list of crap one doesn't want to get into on a first date?

  15. PG, I am familiar with raspberries. Thanks for compliment on my stories. Back at cha:)

    Maria, do not miss TAKEN. It is indeed a roller coaster ride of a movie.

    I agree Loving Annie that we are drawn to similar interests. I may have been unfair to this blogger because her post was about conversations more than blogs.

    Jamie Dawn, I would have to say that you know nothing about the word boring. With all your crew, including Lammy, you never run out of interesting stuff. Oh yes, we may have sent you our storms and I can’t feel too guilty about it because they have been horrible.

    Dana, you could have an entire post on your eye fluttering friend. Maybe she was having a seizure or just having a good dose of some illegal substance.

    Darlene, one size certainly does not fit all and that’s why blogging is so great. We all have our own two cents worth.

    Scarlet, I’m glad to know you have tried my favorite wine. Yep, it’s very low priced for the taste value. Okay, I’ll keep boring you if you insist! Thanks.

    Leave it to Gary to point out a good reason to avoid those subjects. But would they really be all that bad on dates? I’m thinking they might be enjoyable topics.

  16. That list is hilarious! And I feel confident that I have spoken at length about almost every thing on the list.

    Speaking of Vietnamese food, we just found a great Vietnamese restaurant in our neighborhood and I am so excited about it! My husband is Vietnamese and he is just the tiniest bit picky about proper Vietnamese cuisine.

    Now let me tell you all about my child's nap schedule.....

  17. I bounced over from namaste's blog. Your comment today was great! You should come set me straight!!

    I mean this all in good fun :-)

  18. I don't think hearing about these topics are boring at all!! I must admit that I don't get bored with the blogs I read. I do worry that what I post might be boring though!!

    I was reading your post about cleavage! I see more than I want to and some of it at church, of all places. These young people think it's okay to let it all hang out. Now they wear all those low jeans too, and... I know it's the style for them right now. I'll be glad when it's passed and I do hope it gets better and not worse!!

  19. Another Bonnie agreeing with Tabor on "I blog because I want to write for myself".

    I was going to do a post yesterday responding to this entry citing all of my violations ... instead I began wondering what happened to all my childhood diaries.

  20. Sammy, our first Vietnamese restaurant in Tulsa was Ri Le's. His family was brought to the United States in the 70's by the board Chairman of the bank where I worked. Mr. Robinowitz was a leader in the Jewish Community and a mentor of mine that I could use as a vital subject to a book. (He too had fled to the US under drastic conditions from Russia with his mother and brother when he was a boy.) Ri Le's success was immediate and he has done well. Binh-Le's is his cousin and basically serves the same cuisine across town.

    Hit 40, thank you for dropping by. I shall be paying you a visit too.

    Rachel, cleavage in church?? Well, that takes the cake.

    Bonnie, I know where my childhood diaries are. I dare not pick them up because I can't stop reading. What am I ever going to do with them?

  21. *** thinks Granny Annie should scan and post something from those diaries ***

  22. yeah I think the person who wrote it is a bore!

  23. Robin Gretchen, Who he? Or maybe it's who she?