Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Saturday, April 25, 2009


David and Goliath are both active and both are trying to open his and/or her eyes.

The Insurance adjuster was supposed to call us back either Wednesday or Thursday with new figures. He did not call back at all.

I have passed the halfway mark on the audio book I am listening to on CDs. There are 50 CDs and I am finally on number 26!

My grand nephew Owen has had his big cardiology check up and things are so well improved they believe they will begin taking him off his medications in August!!!

I have revisited my acupuncturist for additional help on my weight loss. This time, instead of laser acupuncture, she used the needles plus I have new tacks in my head. No pain and hopefully no gain – as in weight gain. (Never mind that we went to the Casino for lunch after my treatment and I ate a burger and onion strings.)

The Golden Girl chicks are venturing outside their brooder and as soon as the hens awaken in the morning and leave the roost, the chicks climb up and scatter all over the empty roosting poles.

Ron is still experiencing pain under his right shoulder and our primary care physician is sending him for MRI next week. Meanwhile, his diet consists of pain pills and more pain pills.

Thankfully my son is here again for the weekend to help. He gets a lot of the things done that Ron just cannot do and they work well together.

We learned that our grandson Michael, age 14, will go with us to Colorado to see my godson Travis and his new wife Christaine and meet her parents from Germany. Everyone is excited that Michael will go with us. We always call him Travis Jr. because they are both so smart.

My daughter and son in law have sold their house in Missouri and are getting ready for their big move to Oklahoma. WhooHoo!

Yes, I’m making tuna salad for sandwiches, served spaghetti last night, plan on frying fish and am in the process of baking a pie! Now, what’s wrong with my diet???


  1. Lots of updates. I'm glad to hear that David and Goliath are doing well.
    And that is wonderful news about your grand nephew.

    I remember how excited I was when my daughter's moved back to town after 12 years in San Diego. Gosh I could have snoopy Danced for a week!
    I hope you are having a wonderful week end.

  2. Thank you MM. It is mostly good rejoicing stuff. Wow, I enjoyed the walk through your garden! What a treat as I ooooohed and awhddddd my way through.

  3. I do hope Ron gets better, and that the insurance adjustor calls. How annoying when they say they will call and then they don't. Grrrr...... Otherwise you had good things to share! I see nothing wrong with your diet!! Sounds mighty good to me!! I'd say you are blessed at being a good cook!!

    I loved that picture of the cat and the chicken in the nest together!! How cute is that!!!

  4. nothing wrong with your Diet----as long as you don't eat any of that stuff---lol

  5. Regarding your insurrance"STICK IN THERE" DON'T let them forget you.
    From expereience one has to keep on. They owe you money, you paid you premiums so they should pay up.

    Take care and good luck/


  6. I'm sorry about Ron's pain. Keep at the doctor. Physical therapy was all I could find that helped. That and a magical cure called hot ultrasound - amazing stuff.

    I'm sending you good thoughts for a good settlement without any more trouble from the adjuster.

    Yeah for the kittens and chicks!!

  7. Still sending good vibes for Ron. I actually go to acupuncture for pain management - you might talk to yours about him.

    Cute kittens! Sick them on the adjuster once their claws grow sharp ;)

  8. So sorry to hear that Ron is still in pain I hope he can get some relief SOON.

  9. so sorry to hear about ron's pain and your lack of weight loss (do stop over to my angel blog for a message JUST FOR YOU!) but it sounds as if you have a ton of stuff going on and lots of people keeping you busy! boo-hiss on the evil insurance people!!! yeah, sick the kittens on them!!!!

  10. I'll have a tuna salad sandwich with a slice of that homemade pie. Any homemade vanilla ice cream?

  11. WOW you havE A LOT going on!!!!!!!!! life is keeping you busy!

  12. And you think MY life's exciting!!

    I make everything you make...and the best way to have fish is fried! Now, what kind of pie are you having?? If there's fruit in it, you're good! :)

    PS - I hope Ron's feeling better soon!! Good thoughts from Miami going his way...

  13. Thanks for stopping by Rachel and for sharing your hopes for Ron and our survival of the insurance adjuster. I have just discovered that I can cook and that is what is wrong with my weight. The opportunity just wasn’t there when I was single, working and raising a family. Now I’m just loving trying new recipes, etc.

    Yep Gary, that is the problem – not just fixing it but eating it!

    I guess we’ll hang in there with the insurance company Yvonne as long as we can. Thankfully they are NOT our insurance company and we would never have them for sure.

    PG, we don’t have to keep after our doctor. She keeps after us. She is the best doctor we’ve ever had and she leaves not stone unturned when it comes to following up on our complaints. We haven’t heard of a hot ultrasound but are certainly going to inquire.

    RK, my acupuncturist is going to have to give up her practice on November 1st because Oklahoma, along with Arkansas and Missouri have outlawed Naturopaths. I’ve basically been going to her just to help keep her on her feet as if my little bit of business could make a difference. I find it quite funny that all states allow “faith healers” but not Naturopaths. Is your friend going to be hurt by this type of legislation?

    Thank you Olive. We too are very frustrated by Ron’s pain. He had lower back pain from 1961 until last year when he was referred to an orthopedic doctor who gave him epidural steroid injections. He had three injections over about an 8 month period of time and now it has almost been a year without needing another shot. He was so proud to be out of pain and then this stupid accident started him all over again.

    Annie, I stopped over for my message and appreciated it so much. Yes, I'll raise the kittens to be attack cats! LOL

    Cliff, we put jalepenos in our tuna salad. YUM.

    I guess we have a lot going on Monica. I would have said not much was happening around here but I guess with any big family there’s always lots to keep our minds occupied.

    I still think YOUR life’s exciting Scarlet. There’s just no getting around that. The pie was buttermilk pie again. We’re addicted for not but will get over it. Ron appreciates your thoughts.

  14. There is so much to comment about on your post, Annie. I love the picture of the kittens and hope for the best.

    I am sorry that Ron is still hurting and hope the MRI doesn't show anything serious.

    I have never tried acupuncture, but understand it works.

    And I am happy that your daughter's house sold. That's a real achievement in today's market.

  15. You have got a a lot of going on to keep you busy.

  16. Don't know where to begin to comment but wanted you to know I stopped by. The kittens look like they are doing really good. I don't think there's any worries there. Great news about your grand nephew. I know you are thrilled. I am so sorry Ron is still in pain. Keep your medical bills that are related to this accident and stick those to that insurance company too. I have to tell you that I gave up on dieting. I do wish you luck with yours. You can just send me your portions...especially the spaghetti, hubby won't eat it so I don't make it.

  17. I hope Ron gets to feeling better. :)It's no fun at all being laid up in pain!

  18. Darlene, I realized I had mentioned these various events and had not done any follow up, so tried to cover everything. My daughter selling her house was a very big deal, especially in this economy and soon she will be an “Okie” again. Hip Hip Hooray!

    Femin Susan, I guess I do have lots going on. I really don’t think of it that way.

    Bonnie, you are right about keeping the medical bills. As much as we hate the pain Ron is feeling, we know there has to be some source of that pain and finding it will hopefully cost this awful insurance company a bundle. The worse part of all this is that Ron has been getting so much help on his various disabilities that occurred while he was in the military and was becoming almost pain free before the accident. Maybe we can get him back there. I’m the only one that complains because he just moves forward with determination.

    Dani, thank you for you good wishes for Ron. He won’t let it get him down. Your blog photos just get more and more beautiful!

  19. I honestly think there's nothing on earth cuter than a kitten.

    That's great news about your grand- nephew! You all must be so happy about that.

    I hope Ron's MRI goes well. I'm sorry to hear he's been under the weather. I'll pray it all gets sorted out very soon and easily.

    Great news also about your daughter's house. That's not easy in this market. My sister and her husband are trying to sell and they haven't been having very good luck. I'm so glad for your daughter and for you that she's coming back to Oklahoma.