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Frankie and Slim
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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Let's talk about buttermilk. This past ten days I have challenged myself to use the entire 1/2 gallon of buttermilk.

First I needed the buttermilk to fry fish and make cornbread. The container felt like I had not used any. I hate to throw out perfectly good buttermilk, so that's what brought about my personal challenge to use it all this time. (Yes, I can make buttermilk with milk and vinegar and it works fine but regular buttermilk seems best to me.)

Two very nice buttermilk pies followed. OMG, I'm trying to diet and making pies at the same time. When will I ever learn.

I made the crust for berox but they did not turn out good because my yeast was expired. At least I used most of what was left of the buttermilk -- I thought.

Yesterday I fried fish again and made cornbread again. It was a full circle. The container should have been empty.

I still have about a cup of buttermilk. Any suggestions???????


  1. I know what I would do with that buttermilk !!! I would drink it. Yum.
    The fish and cornbread sounds good, too.
    Hugs ~~~~Leslie

  2. I would definitely drink it -- cholesterol be damned!!!!!!!

  3. And oh yeah, Happy Easter!!!!!!

  4. blueberry muffins or pancakes?

  5. how many Easter eggs have you had?
    you can'tlet the buttermilk go to waste can you???????


  6. Biscuits, pancakes...I could go on and on...

  7. My one and only granddaughter came down last week with my daughters for fun in the sun and for her
    18th birthday on the 5th. She requested Sour Cream Cookies for her birthday instead of cake. Her dad has always had them for his birthday and I now have a dozen or so cookie monsters. I usually make about 5 pounds of chocolate frosting when I get to Florida and another 6 pounds when I get home to Ohio. Then, I am ready to frost cakes, cookies, graham crackers or make Eclair Cake. Oh yeah.... the cookies....

    1 cup shortening (Crisco)
    1 1/2 cups sugar
    2 large eggs
    3/4 cup buttermilk
    1 tsp. vanilla
    1/2 tsp. soda
    1/2 tsp. salt
    1/2 tsp. baking powder
    3 cups flour

    Cream the sugar and shortening tog.
    Add and beat the eggs and vanilla
    Add the buttermilk
    Sift and add the dry ingredients, mix well
    Drop by a large spoonful and bake on a lightly greased cookie sheet @ 425 degrees for about 8 minutes
    Let them cool on paper towels and frost with your favorite frostingor let me know and I'll stick mine up here.

    If you have 1 1/2 cups of buttermilk, then you can bake about half of what I have to bake for my kids.

  8. Chocolate Frosting

    2 pounds Confectioner's Sugar
    1 1/2 cups Hershey's cocoa
    1/4th tsp. salt
    1 stick softened butter
    1/2 cup Crisco
    Milk---1 to 1/1/4th cups (add slowly to spreadable stage---- somewhere between 3/4ths and 1 cup)
    2 tsp. vanilla

    Make it and stick it in the fridge for 3 or 4 months. Take it out to warm up a bit when you need some and then stash it right back in the fridge. I've never had any go bad, yet.

  9. Leslie and Kay, I cannot stand the taste of straight buttermilk, so drinking it is not an option and as much as Ron likes it, he's lost 20 lbs so he's being very good.

    Yvonne, we did not color eggs, but you can bet a lot of my girl's eggs appeared in Easter baskets all over this area.

    Kathrine & RK, pancakes are a good idea. I can mix them up and then freeze them for the next time the grandkids come.

    Kacey, aren't you a nurse? What are you doing cooking with so much Crisco? Yes, well I do have some in the cabinet. I don't think this buttermilk will go for those cookies but you can bet I'll be turning out batches with your recipe soon.

  10. I'd add it to the sauce for scalloped potatoes.

  11. My mom used to take pieces of cornbread and put in the glass of buttermilk and eat it with a spoon. Never brave enough to try that myself though:)

  12. My favorite mashed potatoes use buttermilk instead of whole milk. Yummy!!!

  13. Oooooh, granny, please send a cold buttermilk pie my way :) !

  14. Thank you Jean and PG. I never thought of adding buttermilk to scalloped potatoes or to mashed potatoes. That does sound wonderful.

    Sprinkle, there is a song about "cornbread and buttermilk, a country boy's (girl's) delight. I eat it every morning, I eat it every night." I don't know the rest of the song.

    Loving Annie, you are so right about cold buttermilk pie. There is nothing better. Someone said buttermilk pie is good with pecans added. Have you ever had that?

  15. Well, I don't know about you, but I've picked up some good buttermilk ideas.

    Putting them in pancakes and mashed potatoes sounds good to me. Whatever you do, ENJOY that last cup! :)

  16. You got that right Scarlet. Many good ideas. I'm pretty sure I'm going for pancakes and then putting them in the freezer.

    By the say, who knows the famous horse named Buttermilk? No fair googling:)

  17. Was that Hopalong Cassidy's horse? or Gene Autry's?

    I can't drink buttermilk, but I do use it for cornbread! I've been craving some and you've spurred me on!

  18. Kenju, close but no cigar. I'll email you the answer unless you have already googled it. Sorry about stirring your cravings! LOL

  19. The bread lover in me is screaming BISCUITS! *drool*

    I've never heard of buttermilk pie. I will have to read up on that.

    They have a powder that you can use to make buttermilk. The powder seems convenient because you could just make what you need. I've never tried it though. I usually use the vinegar or lemon juice method.

  20. Oh, Annie, you had to remind me!

    I think Buttermilk was owned by the gal who stole Roy Rogers from me...

    I'll never forgive her.

  21. I can eat almost everything and usually do ;-), but I never learned to like buttermilk. What would I do with a leftover cup? - throw it out.

  22. OGO, I'm going to look for that buttermilk powder. Not sure I would like it any more than milk and vinegar but I should at least give it a try.

    Okay Nancy, you win. Dale Evan's horse was Buttermilk:) She stole Roy from all of us. LOL

    Darlene, I am shocked. Not because you don't like buttermilk, but because you would simply throw out a whole cup! I can't bring myself to throw it away until it turns green. Til then I keep thinking I'll use it.

  23. You could use it to make a vesion of sour cream mashed potatoes---I use soured milk that way and it works out just fine.

  24. Gary, I have never used soured milk for anything. Now I am going to be challenged not to throw out that milk either! Good suggestion.

  25. In my walmart the powdered stuff is near the dry milk stuff.

    I thought of a good recipe to use more of your milk up with. This one is so tasty I'm making it today but not with REAL buttermilk. It's fantastic toasted for breakfast the next day. MMMMMM!