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Frankie and Slim
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Sunday, March 29, 2009


RECENTLY RELEASED PHOTOGRAPH OF GRANNY ANNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!According to the newly released DVD MAD CITY CHICKENS, one lady was so into her chickens that she began to take on the appearance of her birds. She also began to walk like her chickens and talk like her chickens. This caused me to make inquiry of my spouse, "Do you think that could happen to me?" and he rolled his eyes as if to say, "It's too late to ask."

Do you love chickens? Do you NOT love chickens but wonder why other people do? MAD CITY CHICKENS is the perfect informative and entertaining film for you. I have followed the making of this film through my contact with Thomas at Urban Chickens and it is a thrill to finally see the movie debut.

Did you know there is such a thing as the chicken underground? Did you know chicken lovers are fighting for zoning to allow a few chickens in their yards. After all, it is much cleaner than keeping dogs, yet we somehow think chickens are dirtier. Did you know a few healthy, happy chickens entertain but also provide about 1 1/2 dozen eggs per week for a family. Did you know the cholesterol in a free range or organic fed chicken is less than half that of store bought eggs, plus they contain our much needed Omega 3's.

Avian Flu you say? Don't worry -- be happy. The movie debunks the fears of bird flu and puts your mind at total ease.

If you did not want a chicken before seeing MAD CITY CHICKENS, you will be wanting a few after watching and you'll be trying to figure out just where you will place the little hen house. (It's about hens primarily because most cities do not allow roosters in town. And no, you don't need a rooster in order for the hens to lay eggs. You only need the rooster to fertilize the eggs if you want to hatch them.)

See the link on my sidebar to order your copy of MAD CITY CHICKENS today. No, I'm not getting any commission on the sale. I just love chickens!

P.S. My Spring chicks are hale and hearty this morning after the cold weather and warm weather is moving in rapidly. Actually almost all our snow was melted by 6:00 this morning.


  1. I used to have "chicks" that grew into beautiful chickens. Yes, I love chickens. I named all of my chicks and roosters.
    In the winter I baked a pan of cornbread (like we eat) every
    morning for my chickens when they heard the back door slam and saw me coming with a steaming pan of bread. You could hear them clucking for miles. (I think) lol.

    When it was warm I would sit in the pen with them in my lawn chair. They would climb on me and or sit on my lap.
    My chickens were Aricana and laid colored eggs. "Cross my heart" they really did.

  2. You're very handsome, Annie. Are you a Rhode Island Red?

  3. Hubby has gently started to lobby the neighbors for permission to get some Guinea hens to see if we can keep down the tick and bug population.

  4. Leslie, how did you ever give up your chickens? Yes, I have had Aracaunas and loved their Easter Eggs! In the movie they show a couple who make hominy grip cakes for their chickens and you've never seen such a feeding frenzy. I'm thinking about trying that. My husband would never allow good cornbread to go to the chickens.

    Thanks Judy for the compliment. Not a Rhode Island Red but a Red Sex-link.

    Tabor, you might have difficulty getting the guinea fowl in because they are quite noisy. That's one of the reasons I love mine. They work together with my guard dog to let us know of any trespassers. Plus they do keep down the tick and bug population wonderfully well.

  5. Anonymous10:18 AM

    After working on the project for so long, it’s always encouraging to hear comments like this. Granny Annie, we’re so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much!

  6. eggs-----without roosters???---sounds very sexist to me. (lol) defintely not PC

  7. I'm currently reading a book on chickens in the city. I live in a neighborhood with 4 known chicken coops and many more that are probably just hidden from view. Right smack dab in the middle of a big city.

    You are inspiring me to try this next year - I need a little time to do some chicken cooping!

  8. "Mad City Chickens..." I'd watch it for the title alone. Thanks for the review. As far as owning a chicken, I can't imagine adding more animals to the mix...but you never know.

    PS - You have me craving eggs benedict all of a sudden! I'm starving, it's 2 p.m. and I haven't had breakfast yet.

  9. You don't look a thing like your chickens! Now you may act like a chicken or walk like one, but you still look human!! Heehee

    I like chickens but I think my neighbor would call the law if I had some here. We have some a few houses down and I can hear the rooster crow and my neighbor gets so mad when he hears it. Yes, he has issues! The neighbor..not the rooster! We don't really have room for chickens, or anything else, but if I had some land for them I'd love to have some! We always had them on the farm when I was growing up.

  10. LOL Annie!! That line made me laugh out loud...although you are lovely and non-chicken-like :)

    The chicken underground! Who knew?

    Thanks for putting some sunshine into my day...

  11. Mad City Chickens... the word "mad" seems appropriate here.
    Do you cluck?
    I bet you do.
    Well, I don't cluck, but I'd sure cluck or dance or hop on one foot for a chocolate truffle.

    My parents live in a neighborhood in CA. The lots for each home are small. Each small lot has a nice, big home which leaves room for a very small back yard.
    Behind them, the owners have a very noisy goose.
    They've got little yapping doggies on either side, and just a few doors down, there's a rooster that crows the world awake each morn.
    Oh the joys!
    When I stay there, I have to get used to all the racket.


  12. I'm so glad that your baby chickens made it through the night.... I would be afraid to have chickens because I would give each one of them a name and become too attached to ..... you know.

  13. Annie,

    As far as I know there are no chickens in our city. There used to be, but the city got really tough and were fining people.

    I wouldn't mind have a small flock to provide eggs and meat for the table. At least you know what they've eaten and know the meat isn't injected with preservatives. The same with the eggs. Fresh farm eggs wouldn't last like store bought eggs do.

    Thanks for the memories.

  14. I already have a African Grey Parrot that clucks like a chicken, so perhaps my neighbors wouldn't notice here in Florida if I added the real thing... Anyhow one of my neighbors has a dog that barks - CONSTANTLY - so perhaps I can use them as a bargaining chip "You get your dog to be quiet and I'll keep the chickens subdued..." Used to be you could have them without permission... I'm a Granny Annie as well, but go by the name "Sandy Banks" to protect the innocent... glad I stumbled on your blog!

  15. I love to invite the chickens into my flower garden where they make short work of snails and earwigs.
    Each one has it's own little personality making it fun just to sit back and watch them interact.
    Of course we're easily entertained here on the OAW.

  16. I'd love chickens on my back yard - I hear they are great for compost - well, their manure not the chicken!

  17. Anonymous5:57 AM

    I have not seen the movie yet but will have to check it out. I don't need convincing to keep chickens. I have over 52 and I am always looking to expand. I luv my chickens!

    Carole from Fowl Visions

  18. Awesome post, Annie! Glad you enjoyed the movie as much as I'd hope you would.

    So glad to have the film "out and among the people" now. It's a real treat to see the urban chicken phenomenon covered so nicely.

  19. I'm so pleased your chicks are well and the cold didn't hurt them.

    I'd love to keep hens but we aren't allowed to. As you say they're not as dirty as dogs and fresh eggs are so good.

  20. Quite a few cities and towns in Colorado are changing their zoning and rulings and allowing people to raise chickens. Mad City Chickens is alive and well in Colorado.