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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, December 08, 2008


The December "Color Me Who" contest picture was of Kenju (Judy) of the Blog Imagine from a picture posted October 21, 2008. Be sure and read her blog if you haven't and thank her for being a good sport by allowing me to use my drawing of her.

The December "Color Me Who" contest winner is: Jamie Dawn of Jamie Dawn's Mindless Blather. JD, you have won an Eaghl Markering of a picture of your choice. I know millions will want to congregate on your blog to congratulate you.

The participants in this contest for December were: Jamie Dawn, Mary, Linda, Brian, Marla and Nancy (kind of). Nancy guessed who the picture was of but failed to name the blog name and the date. Her answer was a typical Nancy answer, she simply emailed me " Judy, Judy, Judy". Visit these participants and get to know them.

Start sharpening your pencils for the January contest and thanks again for playing along.


  1. Congrats to Jamie! At least I typed the information correct this time!

  2. Nice pics, and cute cat :)

  3. I need to get more involved in these contests next year. Congrats to JD!

    So...this is the Kenju I keep seeing on everyone's blog. I'll have to pop in and say hello to her!

  4. Annie,

    Congratulations to Jamie Dawn. I hope she enjoys her gift. I'm looking forward to next month's contest. I got in kind of late on this one, but will play again if I can.

    Take care and have a great week.

  5. I'm a regular read of Kenju's. That's such a nice photo of her, and your drawing is terrific.

    I'd like to thank the Anniecademy for this award, and I'd like to thank my fellow nominees for their great guesswork.


  6. This was great fun, GA. It's a nice way to introduce your blog friends to one another too!

  7. Thanks, Annie, and congratulations to Jamie Dawn!

    I love your new colors!