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Frankie and Slim
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Saturday, December 06, 2008


Yesterday I posted the final clue for the December "Color Me Who?" Contest.

You now have the weekend to search and post your answers before 5:00 PM CST on Monday Dec. 8, 2008. Click on the December contest graphic on the sidebar to be reminded of the contest rules. When you find this blogger and the photo in question, take a minute to read her blog. You are gonna love her.


FIRST CLUE: This blogger has had over 108,000 visitors to her blog and she has 134 bloggers on her friends list.
SECOND CLUE: You can find this blogger in North Carolina surrounded by flowers.
THIRD CLUE: The picture this was drawn from is in one of the blogger’s October posts.
FINAL CLUE: You will find the contest blog between my 25th and 27th name on Blogger Buddies list. Can you Imagine?

Remember to tell me in the comment section that you are going to send your guess in an email so I can be watching for your answer in case it accidentally goes into my spam.

For a delightful and touching story, go to my cousin's blog and read about The Butterfly And Mother.

For some great information about Affiliate Marketing Scams go to General Information blog and read THIS POST.


  1. Anni,

    Just dropped in to thank you for your visit and your prayers for the Canadian families who lost loved ones in the roadside tragedy.

    I always enjoy hearing from you, so don't worry about the length of your comments. It was fun.

    Please accept the award that I posted for my friends (and the button too.) I have been honored to receive so many awards and the ones on my sidebar are only the beginning. You can find the others on my Awards Page:

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend. I look forward to you announcing the winner of the contest.


  2. I entered your contest! I read the butterfly story, that was nice.

  3. I just cannot imagine who your blogger is! Can't wait for the answer.

  4. Hi......
    Your blog is really interesting... Keep posting....Good Luck...Welcome to my blog...

    Merry Christmas and happy New year.

  5. Hi~~~ I just entered your contest!

  6. I'm emailing my answers!!

  7. Mary, Marla, Brian and Linda, I've got you all added in the contest drawing for tomorrow.

    Kenju (Judy) I'm sure you can't IMAGINE who it would be! LOL

    Femin Susan, I'm looking at your blogs. Which one would you recommend me following most?

  8. Hi Granny Annie, it's so nice to meet you. I'm the other Kay. I do confess that I visited Kay's blog because of her name at first. Your blog looks like a lot of fun. You're very talented.