Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We are in the process of planting seven pecan trees. It is exciting. I say "we" very loosely. Ron is the actual worker, digging with backhoe and moving dirt with tractors, etc. I did hold one tree in place yesterday while he scooped in the dirt.

It is not an easy thing to buy pecan trees. First you have to find someone to sell them, then you have to find someone who will sell them for less than an arm and a leg.

Already friends and family members are stating that they will NOT help pick up the pecans. They don't know I'm going to remember that when we have bundles picked and shelled and ready to eat:-)


  1. how long does it take a Pecan Tree to reach maturity and start bearing fruit?

  2. Hi Annie,

    Yes, I need the answer to Gary's question,too!

    I would like to offer to help pick your pecans but being almost 80 years old it is very important that I know when picking time will be.....

    Also, now that you are an authority on pecans, how do you pronounce "Pecan"? Is it PEE CAN or PEE CAHN?

    I hope it's PEE CAHN because I think a PEE CAN is something a truck driver keeps with him on long trips.

  3. Nancy, you're right!

  4. Why don't you share the story of the Little Red Hen with them?

    If I were there, I'd be helping. I wouldn't want to miss out on the pecan pie! ;)

  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...I luv pe-khans. You're gonna be "covered up" when they come in.

    I'm assuming Owen is progressing right along? Update?

  6. Okay Gary, you opened a can of worms. Nancy is saying she will help pick and then says she's almost 80. That means she'll be almost 90 come pickin' time cause it will be in 7 to 10 years! I think Kenju was agreeing about the tin can in the truck....right? I believe it is Pee Cahn. Anyway, Scarlet, since I'm a chicken farmer I had the story of the Little Red Hen right on the tip of my tongue. Kitty, we'll all have to wait for the Mmmmmmmmm.

    Baby Owen is great and thanks for asking. They have to watch him closely but are feeling better every day and at least he's at home. My nephew and his wife sent a note thanking me and all my blog friends for their prayers!

  7. Annie,

    So, it will be 7 to 10 years before the PEE CAHNS are ready to pick.

    O.K. I'll still help you.We'll get Kenju (She's younger) to push my wheelchair under the tree and by that time Baby Owen will be about 10 and we'll have him shake the tree so all the PEE CAHNS fall into my lap.

    Are you going to pay me for helping you? I hope so. Just in case I am going to give you my Social Security number. It's 3.
    I told you I was old.