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Frankie and Slim
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Thursday, September 04, 2008


This morning I got an email from our neighbor. She wanted to know if we would be willing to give them some of our green tomatoes. Ron went right outside and picked a nice amount and headed over to their house. His visits there are always lengthy because the two guys have lots to discuss i.e. fish stories.

My morning was filled with some baking, a little computer time, and then it was time for me to go gather eggs. I went outside, checked the mail and headed to the chicken house. Suddenly I realized both of our vans were in the barn. Hum, I wondered if Ron had taken his pickup? Nope, the pickup was parked. All the tractors were parked. I decided to check inside the vehicles in case he had passed out or something. No Ron.

I looked inside his shop and then visually scanned our property as far as my eyes could see. No sign of Ron. I went back in the house to see if he had returned without my knowing. He was not in the house.

Then my imagination took over. He had been kidnapped! I rushed back inside to call our neighbors and see if he had ever shown up there. My next plan was to contact the police. As I entered the house, there sat Ron in his favorite chair.

We both demanded simultaneously, "Where have you been?"

He had come home and gone straight into the bathroom without a word. I had not heard him and had gone outside for my chores. As I began my search outside, he was searching for me inside. As I checked back inside, he was checking outside.....well, you get the picture.

Now I've got him, what do I do with him? LOL


  1. Mr. kenju and I have the same problem. Every time I go outside or to the garage or mailbox, I hear that from him.

  2. Glad you guys found each other. That is so funny when you think about it. In and could have been a television skit...

    Happy all is well.

    Dorothy from grammology

  3. Annie,

    Once, my next door neighbor had a little girl missing.
    She had two daughters, one year apart and looking like blonde haired blued eyed twins.One was 2 and one was 3.

    Little Gail went missing and after searching every place we could think of, we could not find her so we called our local police.We had 2 cops on our small town force.

    After getting a picture of the missing child the police began their search.After about 30 minutes they called to say they had found her and were bringing her home. Then they walked in with her sister, Kathy. We told them that the little girl was not Gail and that Gail was still missing.

    Two hours went by and now we were really worried. We were all resting for a minute in my neighbor's house after a long tramp in the woods searching, and I had to go to the bathroom.

    I went upstairs and when I looked into the bedroom I saw the bedspread MOVE! We had searched that room several times and found nothing and now the bed linens were thrown back and little Gail emerged from the nap she had decided to take all by herself in Mommy's bed.

    My neighbor and I were so embarrassed we decided never to tell the police she had been in the house all the time. The next time they came back to report in we told them that she had wandered home all by herself.

    We thanked them profusely and even wrote a wonderful letter to the local paper about how wonderful the police had been, but we still could not bring ourselves to tell them she was safe and sound in bed the whole time....

  4. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, you are very bad! You know they say a search dog becomes depressed when he does not find his rescue subject. I hope the police did not suffer any long range effects from not finding the lost child.

  5. What to do with him? will figure something out!

  6. How cute! You need to have some kind of GPS chip to keep track of each other.


  7. I'm glad he wasn't kidnapped or taken by aliens!! Haha!! Cute story!