Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Which is more difficult -- packing or unpacking? We're home and I hope to catch up on my blog reading then will tell about our trip. It was GREAT!

Meanwhile, my condolences to Lucy and others who experienced Hurricane Ike. Many of our friends at the reunion were from the Houston area and all had tales of woe and tales of terror but most were as blessed as Lucy and their main trauma was being without power. Needless to say, no one from Galveston was there. Whew, they have a lot ahead of them. We also heard from survivors of the aftermath of Ike who live in Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky.

Yes, these military families had a few political discussions too but I'll not share those. Use your imaginations:-)

Did you miss me? I missed all of my blog mates and realized how addicted I am to blogging when I found myself quoting many of you on our trip. LOL


  1. Dear Annie,


    Can't wait to hear about the trip and the great time that you had...

  2. Yaaaaaaay your back, missed ya.!!

  3. Did you draw any nudes while you were away so you wouldn't miss me so much? :)

    Welcome back!! The blogging world was too quiet without you.

  4. Yes Annie, you were missed....I am sure that your relatives in the pathway of IKE had plenty of stories to tell. We haven't had anything like that in a long time around here.

    Glad I missed the politics during the storm. People were out there living real life and I don't think many of them missed politics too much, I know I didn't. I will be so glad when this election is over. Hint: Glad the "bailout" failed.

  5. Thanks Nancy. I read your post on TGB today and smiled and smiled. I've been staying away from there until after the Presidential election but had to go see what you had to say. So glad I did. I just love you to death!

    Gary, thanks for missing me. I've been trying to figure out following and followers since you posted about it but I'm not getting it done right or something.

    Scarlet, it is to funny because this is the first year I told my reunion friends about my nudes and when I told them I drew the group picture of the women from a couple of years ago and drew all the women naked, they all loved the idea and wanted to see the drawing. LOL

    Oh my Lucy, you were sure on my mind every step of the way and I told quite a few about your experiences. It kind of put me "in the know". Still so glad all is well for you and yours.

  6. Welc ome back! I am constantly talking about my blog friends, much to the dismay of my family and other friends.

  7. WELCOME BACK!!!! You were very much missed. Can't wait to hear about your trip. My thoughts and prayers are with your friends and family who were in the path of IKE.

  8. Glad you are home:) We are heading for Houston tomorrow and hope where we are going is okay (it's suppose to be). These storms do such damage....scary stuff.

  9. Sounds like a fulfilling if a bit emotional reunion. I saw on the TV that the Galveston folks are lobbying to get their registration deadline for voting extended since they lost a week.

  10. The blogosphere was a bit dull with your absence. Glad you're back, as I'm a fan!

    We got nothing here in Atlanta from IKE except a gasoline shortage of epic proportions. It has been difficult, but some of the antics that have gone on would make a great story know, sort of like Animal House or Keystone Cops! Luckily, I also have public transportation which I've been using. Man o' man, am I out of shape!!! "They" are predicting it'll be over by Columbus Day.

    Glad you're back --- now, get to writin'!

  11. Welcome home, Ann!!

    I know you'll be watching tomorrow night's VP debate.
    I have it set to record.