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Frankie and Slim
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Friday, August 29, 2008


Have you heard the one about.......

the young African American man, the middle age Caucasian male, the elderly war hero and the tough Alaskan mom that are all in a boat together?

I haven't either. Can anyone guess the the punchline?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


They just keep coming and I delete them. I don't forward them or return them but that doesn't mean I don't love you or love God. It simply means that I have confidence in our friendship and in God's love to know that I am valued regardless of potential email curses.

Monday, August 25, 2008


At last a test that could pass. I actually made 100%. I cannot imagine anyone not making 100% but some of my younger blogger friends just might prove me wrong. Give it a try and let me know how you did.

This is NOT a pushover test. There are 20 questions. Average score is 12. It will help if you are over 60! This one will be difficult for the younger set. Have fun, but no peeking! Feel free to put your score in the comments. Good luck youngsters.

1. What builds strong bodies 12 ways?
A. Flintstones vitamins
B. The Buttmaster
C. Spaghetti
D. Wonder Bread
E. Orange Juice
F. Milk
G. Cod Liver Oil

2. Before he was Muhammed Ali, he was...
A. Sugar Ray Robinson
B. Roy Orbison
C. Gene Autry
D. Rudolph Valentino
E. Fabian
F. Mickey Mantle
G. Cassius Clay

3. Pogo, the comic strip character said, 'We have met the enemy and...
A. It's you
B. He is us
C. It's the Grinch
D. He wasn't home
E. He's really me an
F. We quit
G. He surrendered

4. Good night David.
A. Good night Chet
B. Sleep well
C. Good night Irene
D. Good night Gracie
E. See you later alligator
F. Until tomorrow
G. Good night Steve

5. You'll wonder where the yellow went...
A. When you use Tide
B. When you lose your crayons
C. When you clean your tub
D. If you paint the room blue
E. If you buy a soft water tank
F. When you use Lady Clairol
G. When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent

6. Before he was the Skipper's Little Buddy, Bob Denver was Dobie's friend...
A. Stuart Whitman
B. Randolph Scott
C. Steve Reeves
D. Maynard G Krebbs
E. Corky B. Dork
F. Dave the Whale
G. Zippy Zoo

7. Liar, liar.
A. You're a liar
B. Your nose is growing
C. Pants on fire
D. Join the choir
E. Jump up higher
F. On the wire
G. I'm telling Mom

8. Meanwhile, back in Metropolis, Superman fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and...
A. Wheaties
B. Lois Lane
C. TV ratings
D. World peace
E. Red tights
F. The American way
G. News headlines

9. Hey kids! What time is it?
A. It's time for Yogi Bear
B. It's time to do your homework
C. It's Howdy Doody Time
D. It's Time for Romper Room
E. It's bedtime
F. The Mighty Mouse Hour
G. Scoopy Doo Time

10. Lions and tigers and bears...
A. Yikes
B. Oh no
C. Gee whiz
D. I'm scared
E. Oh my
F. Help! Help!
G. Let's run

11. Bob Dylan advised us never to trust anyone...
A. Over 40
B. Wearing a uniform
C. Carrying a briefcase
D. Over 30
E. You don't know
F. Who says, 'Trust me'
G. Who eats tofu

12. NFL quarterback who appeared in a television commercial wearing women's stockings...
A. Troy Aikman
B. Kenny Stabler
C. Joe Namath
D. Roger Stauback
E. Joe Montana
F. Steve Young
G. John Elway

13. Brylcream.
A. Smear it on
B. You'll smell great
C. Tame that cowlick
D. Grease ball heaven
E. It's a dream
F. We're your team
G. A little dab'll do ya

14. I found my thrill...
A. In Blueberry muffins
B. With my man, Bill
C. Down at the mill
D. Over the windowsill
E. With thyme and dill
F. Too late to enjoy
G. On Blueberry Hill

15. Before Robin Williams, Peter Pan was played by...
A. Clark Gable
B. Mary Martin
C. Doris Day
D. Errol Flynn
E. Sally Fields
F. Jim Carey
G. Jay Leno

16. Name the Beatles...
A. John, Steve, George, Ringo
B. John, Paul, George, Roscoe
C. John, Paul, Stacey, Ringo
D. Jay, Paul, George, Ringo
E. Lewis, Peter, George, Ringo
F. Jason, Betty, Skipper, Hazel
G. John, Paul, George, Ringo

17. I wonder, wonder, who..
A. Who ate the leftovers?
B. Who did the laundry?
C. Was it you?
D. Who wrote the book of love?
E. Who I am?
F. Passed the test?
G. Knocked on the door?

18. I'm strong to the finish...
A. Cause I eats my broccoli
B. Cause I eats me spinach
C. Cause I lift weights
D. Cause I'm the hero
E. And don't you forget it
F. Cause Olive Oyl loves me
G. To outlast Bruto

19. When it's least expected, you're elected, you're the star today...
A. Smile, you're on Candid Camera
B. Smile, you're on Star Search
C. Smile, you won the lottery
D. Smile, we're watching you
E. Smile, the world sees you
F. Smile, you're a hit
G. Smile, you're on TV

20. What do M & M's do?
A. Make your tummy happy
B. Melt in your mouth, not in your pocket
C. Make you fat
D. Melt your heart
E. Make you popular
F. Melt in your mouth, not in your hand
G. Come in colors

Below are the right answers:
1. D - Wonder Bread 2. G - Cassius Clay 3. B - He Is Us 4. A - Good night, Chet 5. G - When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent 6. D - Maynard G. Krebbs 7. C - Pants On Fire 8. F - The American Way 9. C - It's Howdy Doody Time 10. E - Oh My 11. D - Over 30 12. C - Joe Namath 13. G - A little dab'll do ya 14. G - On Blueberry Hill 15. B - Mary Martin 16. G - John, Paul, George, Ringo 17. D - Who wrote the book of Love 18. B - Cause I eats me spinach 19. A - Smile, you're on Candid Camera 20. F - Melt In Your Mouth Not In Your Hand

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I do not like to complain about Netflix. I love my movies. However it seems Netflix lets me down when I am counting on them the most.

I carefully planned the movies that should come while the grandchildren were visiting. The first arrived and it was broken. I notified Netflix and sent it the broken movie back. Awaiting the replacement, something happened to Netflix computer shipping system, so my other movies did not come as planned. Netflix gave me a 15% credit on my monthly bill but that did not help much after I had told the kids that movies were coming. Basically I was without movies for over a week and that looks like it should have been a 25% credit at least.

The replacement movie for the broken movie was the only one that arrived. Thankfully it was a good movie for six year old Hope especially. I mailed it back after viewing but Netflix has not received it yet. I reported it lost. They told me they would go ahead and send the next movie in my Queue but that has not been done.

Today I am giving Blockbuster a try. They have a free trial but I doubt they can avoid the same type of problems I have with Netflix. I won't threaten either to stop my service because, as I said at the beginning, I love my movies!

Any opinions out there on Blockbuster vs Netflix?

I posted my complaint too soon. Sure enough the new movie came in my Saturday mail as the CSR at Netflix had promised. I will use my free trial with Blockbuster and then I'll stay with Netflix. Somehow all your opinions have convinced me that I'm with the right vendor.Okay, okay, I will publish this retraction on my blog entry too in fairness.


This morning at Times Goes By I learned a valuable hint that Ronni Bennett learned from Chris Collins at Fleep’s Deep Thoughts. It seems if you hold the control key and use the middle scroll roller, you can embiggen the page you are viewing, including pictures and text. It's an advantage for young and old and has changed my life today.

Bloggers share so many ideas! What is the best thing you have learned from another blogger recently?


Excluding many pairs of stinky socks that are in the washer, here are the first found items left behind by the grandchildren. The contact lens case actually includes one right contact. I'm sure there will be a Series II, III and maybe more.
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Friday, August 22, 2008


I often read this blog and today was inspired to post her entry for all you Moms and Dads getting ready to send your kiddos off to school. Grandparents will love this too in recollection. Read Mouse In The Pantry.

Also, if you read Rachel Balducci's blog and know who Henry is, you will love this little post from yesterday at Testosterhome.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Aunt Terri is teaching the kids blackjack. I'm missing photos of Dillon and Beth and hoping to get some pictures from Joey. He was our photographer this time. Jasmine and Slim escape for a nap.
Hope naps with Ron Dog and Horsey and her Mama's pillow.
My only picture from pontoon boat excursion. I took this from Joey's video of Ryan doing a backflip.
Joey and Jasmine steal Granny's camera and post this "loving" picture as my wallpaper.

Imagine house front door, back door and side door opening and closing almost 24 hours a day. (I became the Lord of the flies!)

Imagine an episode of GILLIGAN'S ISLAND mixed with SURVIVOR and a lot of CSI.

Imagine mass quantities of food and drink disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Imagine the collapse of two old folks yesterday afternoon when the last of the wild bunch disappeared.

Imagine the memories that are already flooding our minds as we smile and I say, "Did you see.....?" and he says, "Remember this..............?"

We should have enough memories to last us until Spring Breaks begin.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Here is one more post before the family starts arriving:

You know that Rooster Owen managed to make the long hard journey home after overcoming an unknown predator. This determination allowed him to go to his final rest in the chicken house surrounded by his feathered friends and family.

RIP Rooster Owen
April 8, 2007 to August 10, 2008.

You had an amazing life and you were an example for overcoming obstacles just like your human namesake.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Our guests before school starts began with friend Michael and his daughter Macy shown above. Macy is eleven and going into 6th grade. She loves her Webkins. We had a great time and they were our first overnight guests from our previous Kansas town.

My Oklahoma son is here this weekend and next weekend he will have his three with him. Our Missouri daughter drops off her two tomorrow and our California girl arrives Thursday with her three. Then MO daughter returns to pick up her two.

Room and board started Thursday with four of us, now three, tomorrow four again, them eight, then twelve, then thirteen then six. Needless to say, I shall be absent from posting on my blog until after the 20th. Meanwhile, I'll try to grab a few moments daily to read and comment on your blogs.

NOL-NOC Estates will be a jumpin' jivin' joint for a while. Pray for the old folks:-)


This is a picture taken of Owen soon after he was hatched in our incubator. We attempted to splint his "curled" foot (see where arrow points) in hopes he would not be crippled. It did not work but he has remained healthy regardless of his extreme limp.

I sent the following in an email to my immediate family members. It was not something I was going to post on my blog because few would be that familiar with my chicken sagas. However, I realized that there were some who would probably enjoy this tale, so here it is:

Yesterday (Wednesday) Ron told me he had seen some feathers spread out in the field and wondered if all my chickens were accounted for. I have to wait until late to count because the Cloelle's stay out too long so I counted after dark and wasn't sure if all the chickens were in the house.

This morning I saw a black lump in the field. It didn't look like it was moving. I watched for a good length of time but no movement. Yet, after I had gone about my work and later glanced out again, it looked like the "lump" had changed location. When I went out to feed our herd of cats I saw the lump was OWEN.

I rushed over to him and he maneuvered away from me very quickly. He could move but he was practically featherless. His tail feathers were almost completely gone. I did not want to traumatize him further so I left him alone until the impending storm worried me . I went back out for Owen, picked him up and carried him to the chicken house.

Of all our chickens who have lost their lives to predators, we would not have given Owen a chance in heck to survive. Does he have the right name or what?
(Here is a link to the story about my chicken's namesake LITTLE OWEN my dad, that was posted at The Elder Storytelling Place on June 19, 2008.)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Yesterday evening I received the perfect phone call.

Step-by-step account: The phone rang; I glanced at the caller ID and joyfully answered my daughter Chelle; I said, "Hello"; She said (drumroll please)...."Mom, you're a genius!".

This from my daughter, age 36, who is the true genius. This from my super daughter who often makes me pause to recall her birth just to remind myself that I am truly her biological mom. I got up off the floor and said, "Huh? Do you have the right number?"

A few weeks back I passed a tip to her about getting her daughter Hope to eat healthy food. I told her that I had cut apples as shown on the Burger King commercial, to resemble french fries and served them as BK apple fries. Hope had gobbled them up. It seems if you call it "fries" kids will love it. My daughter did the same and again Hope gobbled them up. Thus, I rate genius. I am still basking in the glow and if this sounds sarcastic, I don't mean for it to. I am truly thrilled to have inspired something healthy. Usually my grandchildren tell their parents, "But Granny lets us have chocolate!"

Monday, August 04, 2008


I have always said I would never want to go back to age 12 again. However, now that my granddaughter Beth is 12, she's making me remember the good parts -- like artistic fingernail designs. She painted these herself after being influenced by her Aunt Chelle. Now, the boy crazy part we could all live without. I hear her brothers have already had to set at least one fellow straight on how to properly treat their sister.
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Friday, August 01, 2008


See the tractor work Ron is doing to clear the other half of our land. The place he is clearning will have a view of the lake. He is an artistic land sculptor on his tractors. Remember the magical work he did in Kansas?

This is an aerial view of our barn and house. You can see there is some land to clear of trees and ROCKS! The top of the picture is the lake and not the sky:-)
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We have already lost one of the Guinea Fowl keets. It is not the fault of our good mother hen. We can only assume it happened when the keet got through the wire in the pen and their adoptive mother could not get out to save her baby. I hate this part of country life.
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