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Frankie and Slim
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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Which United States zealots do you fear the most? Do you fear religious zealots, racial zealots, gender zealots, immigration zealots, environmental zealots, political zealots, anti-war zealots, war zealots, couch potato zealots, other zealots?

Which foaming-at-the-mouth zealots would you least like to see approach your front door in a pack?

Why does our constitution allow all these nuts to multiply?

It finally dawned on me why this is the best system. Having so many factions for all the zealots to be attracted to keeps any one group of zealots from becoming too large. We are so adamant in our fanaticism that we cannot easily cross the aisle to another faction, thus keeping all our groups manageable.

Our military and law enforcement stand between our zealously and another’s and protects our rights to be zealous if push ever comes to shove.

Pray that when one group does prevail, it is the group of tolerance.

(Where did this post come from? What the heck did I dream last night?)


  1. Angie, you are so right in this post. It IS all about tolerance. Just because I cannot fathom the other point of view, does not mean I am right and that they should be silenced.

  2. you say Zealots, others say Gangs, but pretty much the same thing. What is disturbing to me is how those that have are banding together in gated little communities, and surrounding themselves with private armies---kinda reminds me of that long ago era, where the dukes all had they're own little fiefdoms, the big castle supported by a small village, and walled, with a moat----

  3. Asking which group do you fear the most is a really good question. And I firmly agree with Tabor above, we should not be quick to judge others or believe that just because we disagree they should be silenced. Intolerance is a bigger problem than overzealousness, in my opinion.

    Good post! Really made me think!

  4. Sammy and Tabor, I am honored by your words and glad that you agree. You both write so well, it does me good to hear your applause.

    gjg, we certainly don't want that kind of living to spread and that is why, right or wrong, our government swept in to try to protect the children. Damned if we do and damned if we don't.

  5. "Pray that when one group does prevail, it is the group of tolerance" that's the biggest pray of all!

  6. My Dad's favorite quote from the Bible was "Judge not lest ye be judged." He said it often enough that I decided that being overly judgemental was not cool. As a result, I try not to judge people too harshly -- if at all. Unlike today where I couldn't hold my tongue about an idiocy in the news. LOL I came out guns a-blazin'!

  7. Racial, gender and war would be my 3 picks. I really try to live and let live but get riled up when people are trodden on.

  8. I'll stay out of the fray. I'm afraid I'd stir it up too much.

  9. I would probably have to pick couch potatoes and religious zealots to fear most. Somehow I think they play the biggest role in expanding the causes of others.

    Cliff afraid? Hum, is that a first?

    JeanMac, if only we could keep from trodding on others? US history has been made for centuries at the cost of human loss.

    Kay, we all try so hard not to judge, but something in human nature causes the guns-a-blazin' to whell up in all of us.

    BEM, what a dream it would be if we could live in peace and tolerate the ones who do not agree with our beliefs, But then we have those zealot zealots who believe those who disagree with them should be DEAD. Whew.

    We are all so smart and concerned and caring. Why can't we cure the United States and then the world?

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