Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Monday, July 28, 2008


This is Slim after we broke the news to her that her canine cousins would not be visiting tomorrow as planned. Here is the story of the dog dilemma.

My brother and sil were taking a two part trip. They were going to visit their son and spend the night in Tulsa, then come here tomorrow to visit us. They go everywhere with their dogs Levi and Leka, two long haired Chihuahuas.

Brother and sil arrived at their son's home this afternoon as planned and took the little doggie crate out of the car to allow the pups an outside break. Here's the problem. There was only one dog in the crate. They had left Levi at home.

Needless to say our half of their trip was put on hold for another time. They went back home to see how Levi fared in his first ever "home alone" adventure. Meanwhile, Leka was shaking all day as she tried to adjust to her first separation in her 7 years of life without her brother.

Now just wish we could cheer Slim up. Actually we look as sad as she does.


  1. Good Lord! I assume they were driving. How far did they have to go back for the other dog?

  2. Glad they discovered before arriving....that would be even worse. Give poor Slim an extra treat to ease his pains:)

  3. Oh, Poor Slim! He looks so forlorn! But I have a feeling that he was compensated with extra treats and affection!

  4. Oops! We forgot one!
    How sad for Slim and for you.

  5. Judy, they were only about 2 hours away from the dog that was left behind.

    Monica, Jamie Dawn, Sammy, our dog Slim appreciated your concern:-)

    Things were fine at my brother's home when they arrived and they were glad Levi hadn't pulled a McCauley Caulkin on them.