Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Monday, July 14, 2008


Monday offers a new beginning. Bloggers seem to truly be inspired and the week takes off on its own journey.

Lucy got my head spinning this morning with her post of a non-published (should-have-been-published) letter to the editor. Read it and see what you think.

Item of interest. I wear headphones and listen to audio book tapes when I do housework or exercise. It is amazing what energy I have and how much I can accompish when listening to a story or music.

And, yes I am still exercising. I have added some meal changes and am trying to cut back on what I eat, and certainly on how I eat -- meaning I'm chewing my food better after my choking incident.

Devotional theme for the week: HOLY REVELATIONS
"People often travel daily via the escape route or move through the geography of life focused on a place named Promise." Cynthia Langston Kirk


  1. I can do everything better to the sound of music. As for Lucy's post, it was thought provoking indeed. I remember the respect my parents had (and still have) for this country when they came from Cuba. It's a privilege to be here. Some of the Cubans coming over now are familiar with our new laws and expect everything to be handed to them...and (if) they show gratitude it's w/ a Gracias instead of a Thank You. What's up with that?? I find nothing offensive about the letter on Lucy's blog.

  2. Yeah - good for you!

  3. Willow is a good name for a person, place or cat :)

  4. I was thinking of you this morning (while I was exercising)and I wondered if you were still workin up a sweat. Good for you!

  5. Annie,

    Do you remember a show with Scott Bakula called "Quantum Leap"?

    He would wake up and be in another time and place. It was a great show. Anyway, your scary choking event the other day made me think of one episode of Bakula's show.

    He woke up in a restaurant in the 1950's and a man was choking on a piece of meat. The very young waitress ran over to the man and put her arms around him and punched him in the chest. The meat flew out of his mouth and everyone congratulated the girl on her quick thinking and then turned to the man who had choked and said,''Are you all right, Dr. Heimlich? Are you all right?"

    Fun twist!

  6. Annie - I am still waiting for Old Lady of the Hills to come back and make her comment, but she hasn't as of yet.....

    I love listening to books on tape. Once, while on a trip to Colorado, I listened to several tapes and the time went by so fast....Glad you are doing it while doing house cleaning too.

  7. Oh, Annie! Before long you will be so svelt that we will not recognize you. How I envy this type of discipline ... I on the other hand, lounge about reading books, quilting and reading blogs,...then wonder why I am gaining weight and losing strength. Yesterday, my Honey and I spent five hours removing the wallpaper and border from the main bathroom. All that heavy duty labor after letting our bodies go to pot... today we are sore all over! Time for a program like yours. Oh, yes, this is Kacey writing from my secret blog where I intend to write things that I don't want my family to read. I have my reasons, but haven't blogged on it since the beginning and intend to start now.

  8. Excellent response Scarlet.

    Thanks for the applause JeanMac, Monica, OGO. FYI, I have lost 4 pounds in 43 days.

    Nancy, was your comment satire or true?

    Lucy, you really stirred things up with you post and it seems most people agree.

    Kacey, I'm not looking for svelt as much as I'm looking for beter health but svelt would be nice. Thanks for sharing your other blog. I'll be over there to watch for secret stuff. I started my blog for my family and none of them read it. Well, they say they do, but they never comment so I don't have to worry what I say.

  9. I doubt it was true, Annie. I think it was a piece of TV fiction.

    The idea of the young lady actually inventing the technique and Dr Heimlich taking all the credit for it later is what made the show amusing, but made up.