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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


If you have ever attempted to boil and peel farm fresh eggs, you know it is no easy task. I have worked for several years attempting to try various suggestions. Even after I perfected the job, I attempted to improve what I had discovered. There is no improving perfection. Here is how to boil and peel fresh eggs. Do not waver from the directions under any circumstances.

1. Place eggs and water and 2 (two) Tablespoons of salt in pan covered with lid.

2. Bring water to boiling and reduce heat to simmer. Keep covered and simmer for 15 minutes.

3. Drain hot water in sink and run cool water over eggs. Drain cool water and place ice over eggs. Fill pan with cool water and leave eggs in water and ice for exactly ten minutes.

4. Lightly tap the egg on counter to crack shell all around and roll between your hands. Start the peel on the narrow end of the egg, being careful to catch that thin film. Once the peel begins you can slip the entire shell off the egg as if your are removing a little jacket.

5. Shout Huzzah!


  1. Why so much salt? Does it get into the egg through osmosis? Mr. kenju shouldn't have that much salt.

    We went through that this morning. I boiled some eggs earlier in the week and they are almost impossible to peel. I heard when that happens, it is because the eggs are very fresh, and older ones peel more easily. Is that true?

  2. Advice from an egg peeling expert!!
    I had no idea that ice and ice water were part of the process. No wonder it takes me forever to peel off the shell of eggs.
    I do boil them in salt water, the rinse them off with cold water. Next time, I shall follow your step by step advice, then I shall shout THANK YOU ANNIE!!!!!

  3. Okay, I'm gonna try this one with my fingers crossed. I love to eat 'em but I have the hardest time peeling the little buggers!

  4. I love um hot with buttah, but alas the gastrointestinal havoc they reak on me, I have to leave them alone. I always roll pealed them while hot, just a few second under a cold tap to make it bearable.

  5. Yes Judy the older, store-bought eggs are easier to peel. These directions are for eggs fresh out of the hen. epgraves, I never had a hot boiled egg with "buttah" and I never tried peeling these fresh eggs hot, but now I might try. Ouch, ouch, ouch! Good luck Sprinkle with your efforts and J.D. your cooking and peeling efforts are probably great for store eggs.

  6. Ok, Hot boilded egg in a bowl, mash it with a fork, Buttah (mashed in), Salt,

  7. I bow to your greatness! I especially like number 5!

  8. Holy cow. We have 37 chickens and have not been able to use these eggs for ANYTHING that related to boiling them without a lot of frustration and tears over broken eggs.

    I just boiled up 2 dozen and made one for egg salad and one for pickled eggs.

    They came out perfect!

  9. Hello Granny Annie~
    You sound like my kind of girl. I googled this problem and I found you. I have others including my sister who has this same problem. It worked like a charm. I shared your wisdom with my bloggers and linked back to your wonderful sight~hope that is ok. I had a great visit at your sight and I will be back!
    What a blessing you are!
    Christmas Wishes~
    Carrie~fellow chicken farmer!

  10. the best way to boil eggs is to pierce the shell at the round (air bubble) end. No need to add salt or anything else to the water because the egg's won't break. I just use a steak knife, a tiny hole is all that is required and your eggs shouldn't break when you do this, I've never broken one. I have also found my freshly laid eggs peel better if they are very cold, although I havent tried ice before.. great tip! I'm going to try your methos of peeling them next time but without the salt :o)

  11. Dear Granny Annie,

    I DO have a hard time peeling Farm fresh eggs, so I tried your recipe and it worked pretty well. The only problem was my farm fresh eggs had been refrigerated for a few days before I boiled/peeled them. What's the secret to peeling Farm fresh eggs once they've been refrigerated?? Thanks for your help!


  12. HUZZAH ! I'm sendin' this link to my BF who just got her own flock of chickens, she's gonna love it!!!!

  13. 15 minutes for hard boiled. If I reduce the time to about 8 minutes for soft boiled, will they peel just as easily?