Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


About Memorial Day was a wild weekend on NOL-NOC Estates. Mike, Hope, Ryan, Dillon, Beth and Tandy were all here. Tandy took the boys all fishing, I entertained Beth and Hope. Ron worked outside between rain showers.

The highlight of our weekend was having Elenore stop by after her visit with mother. Hope looked for Aunt Elenore all day long and kept saying, "Aunt Elenore is coming. Aunt Elenore is coming. Isn't it exciting!!"

Dillon, Beth and Hope worked together to bake Elenore cookies because she always bakes cookies for them. They did a good job.

Mike and Hope are still here and things have quieted down some, but Hope can make so much noise by herself that we have dubbed her, The Army Of One!


Mike inquired, "If you sell your body to science, do you get the money while you're still alive?'


Mike ask me for air freshener spray.......and matches or a butane lighter..!!!!! No, I didn't give them to him, but I do wonder what his plans were for them.

He reminds us all of Uncle Travis.
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Saturday, May 26, 2007


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Here is some more great art from Michael! "Watch Me eat children!" I believe he was thinking of his little sister when he drew this.
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This is Hope with a Pebbles Flintstone hairdo.
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Mike, age 12 and Hope, age 4, are here for the weekend. Grandpa Ron was busy all day yesterday working outside. Hope went out with me to put the chickens up. She observed, "Grandpa has been gone all day. Is he at a motel or something?" LOL


I do not know who created this picture that came in an email, but I think it is a wonderful artistic image of a joyful, laughing Christ. Does anyone know who the artist is?
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Thursday, May 24, 2007


"Following the conference I flew down to Bechar and went into the Sahara for three days. There I got to ride a camel, climb sand dunes, and even see a rainbow! I stayed in an oasis that divides the two deserts, one of rock and one of sand. The birds sang all day, but the instant the sun set - silence. Then, late at night you could hear the faint call to prayer, before sun awoke birds. I don't know how best to describe it - it was a magical place."


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Travis rode a camel. The week Hope was riding a camel at the Kansas City Zoo. Isn't that something!!
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Monday, May 21, 2007


Isn't she a bit young for espionage?
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Elaine will roll her eyes at any angel comparison, but she is an angel with a touch of love for everyone.
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Ron finally has his backhoe here from Kansas. He is outside moving and shifting and digging. The two big roosters, Moe and Boss Hog are staying with this tractor every step of the way. It is as if they are in awe of this huge yellow rooster and they are running along beside and crowing, “You de Man! You de Man!”

Saturday, May 19, 2007


What kind of baking pan is this? It looks like a pie pan, but it has that raised center. Any ideas?
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Friday, May 18, 2007

CONTROL FREAK by Angie Worth

I must fix myself
I must fix my life.
I must fix my children,

I want to take the elements
And bend them to my will.
Where is that little bottle
With the happy ending pill?

I do believe this path
Grows more crooked every day.
It is time to straighten it
And bend it my way.

When was I put in charge?
Must I run the entire show?
Is it wrong to love so much?
When did God let go?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Today was the first day the new chicks and the guineas have ventured out of the hen house. It was quite a comedy show to watch the chicks try to find the door to go back inside. They all managed to return at dust except for one. I had to catch her and put her back in.

The guineas were another story. They move as a group. Where one goes, the others go like a dark, bumpy cloud. They got out and found their cage. I had taken it out of the pen this morning. When all the other chickens went in the hen house at dusk, the guineas roosted on their cage outside the hen house.

I moved the cage back inside. I managed to catch one guinea and put her inside. The others followed and jumped on top of their cage happy as could be. I was happy to be able to close all my flock away from the elements and predators for tonight.

Kitten Update

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Dear Siblings, Janet sent me these pictures of our house being moved. It is difficult to look at it with the bracing and lifts under it. It is fun to wander around it in my mind and recall so many fond memories. How did they ever allow this house to be destroyed? So sad.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Jasmine's California school takes a trip. Jasmine is our little peadoodle on the front row, far right. Small but DyNo-Mighty!

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What a great trip!
Dancing with the Star -- Jasmine is THE STAR!
The Star in the middle.
How did they keep from losing our sweet Jasmine? I'm glad we didn't know about this until it was over. What a fantastic experience for these kids.
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Sunday, May 13, 2007


Here is mother with her first great, great grandchild, born May 1st.
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My mother struggles every day. She struggles to eat, to sleep, to watch television, to recognize people, to remember what happened five minutes before. The one thing that seems to come easy to her is her smile. Despite the confusion and the lack of mobility, she can still express herself and offer hope. She can indicate that her primary concerns are for us. If she gets confused with what words to use, she will simply smile and that is all we need.

Mother’s beautiful smile is a light of confidence, love and faith. It is the smile of a job well done.


This Mother, Godmother, Step-mother, Mother-In-Law, Grandmother, Mother-hen, is grateful. The blessing of being surrounded by The Best Children in each above category is phenomenal. I like to look at them, hear from them, talk to them and brag about them. They refresh me when they visit. They save me when I need help. They are all beauties – there is not a homely one in the bunch. They are all talented and smart. And, they all make me laugh. A big part of Mother’s Day for me is about them and how they have enriched my life. Thanks kiddos!

Friday, May 11, 2007


Tandy was driving home from Beth's final elementary school chorus prouduction. He called me to tell about it and I swear he was about to cry. This is his youngest of three and so this was not only her last grade school performance, it was his last to attend.

My son is so proud of his kids and loves them to pieces. Their growing up really hit him hard last night to see this eleven-year-old going on twenty as she officially leaves baby-world, so to speak.

However, speaking as the youngest-of-three (Y.O.T.) of our family, I can assure him that Beth will always be his baby girl. LOL


Chelle called yesterday and whispered for me to call her house. I did as requested and after the phone rang a few times this sweet voice came on the line and said, "Hello, this is Hope." Our youngest grandchild, who has refused to let a telephone come near her ear, was actually answering the phone. I almost fainted and fell in the floor.

Hope will be five in June. It seems this phone problem has always been a control thing. If she is going to talk on the phone she wants to be the one to answer the phone and/or initiate the call. We're raising another one -- another control freak!

And why, you ask, would we be happy to have this granddaughter talk on the phone? She'll be spending all her time there soon enough.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


These are the two spots where we have launched our boat. Hard to believe all this rain and the water over the banks. We were supposed to get more last night but it looks like it might be over.
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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Every morning before 7:15 the school bus comes down our road and back. You can know the time without checking the clock by the bus. I never dreamed a school bus kept such strict schedules and for kids having to wait out in this rain, it is vital for the driver to be on time. Why is that of significance? No clue – I just never rode a school bus and find it fascinating.

Yesterday we went to Tulsa to visit mother. We also had a doctor’s appointment for Ron. After a nice visit with mother and a review of her past few days, we left to run some errands before the appointment. It was a good thing we left early.

Our van broke down on Skelly Drive. The power steering went out and Ron struggled to maneuver the vehicle. I would not have had any idea what to do had this happened to me when I was alone.

The Firestone repair place on Peoria street helped us very quickly and at a low cost and had us back on the way to the scheduled appointment in plenty of time. However, the time for errands was gone. We’ll have to try to get my net for scrubbies another day.

The Firestone place did not have a waiting room so we walked over to the library and Ron read while I got on the internet. It was a relaxing way to spend the time.

Meanwhile, this was our granddaughter Beth’s 11th birthday. We did not catch a glimpse of her but did hear her sweet voice on the phone last night. She was thrilled with all her money and presents. It’s always fun to hear happiness in the grandchildren’s voices over lots of loot! Reminds me of the song, Material Girl. LOL

Last year we were under State wide burn bans because everything was dry. This year we are soaked to the bone. It is difficult to take care of chickens, cats, kittens, chicks, guineas, turtles, dogs, etc., in the pouring down rain. Instead of living “near the lake” we can almost claim to live “in the lake”. LOL

I apologize fo these ramblings. My kids would call this TMI (Too Much Information). Guess I better get into my day.