Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The driver's side window is down in the van. We went for our Sunday drive and Ron opened his window at Twin Bridges to better see the frozen lake or something like that. The window would not close.

A few months ago that same window would not open. We had a new motor installed to the tune of about $200, and the window was healed. Now, same door, same window only it's frozen OPEN which is worse, especially when it is WINTER!

The repair shop cannot fix it until tomorrow. Ron had tried to at least close the window and the guys at the repair shop said, "We'll at least close it for you." but, no one could get it closed. The van is in the barn with plastic over the window and we're hoping the cats won't find a way in.

Our backup chariot is Ron's sexy '79 pickup truck. The truck and the man might be well aged, but together they sure turn me on. I especially love this man in the plaid flannel shirt when his cologne is grease and gasoline :-)

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  1. I had a window problem in my last van, and it cost about $200 to put in a new motor. I'd sure be mad if it happened again! Hope they get it fixed tomorrow.

    Thanks so much for the tip. I had forgotten about that email - and this time I wrote it down. I just tried to import photos from the camera to the PC and it didn't work. I am perplexed!!