Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Sunday, July 30, 2006


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I still can't believe this simple matter would evoke such outrage. We've got people who must be running out of things to worry about. "Eyeful of breast-feeding mom sparks outrage
Magazine cover blasted by public squeamish over sight of nursing breast."


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Can this be the same scrawnie, walking rib cage, tick-infested puppy that moved in through a hail of pellets to become our beloved Slim? One of her parents has to be a BMC (Black Mouth Cur). She is such a good, good beautiful smart doggie!
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Read this then tell me, when did honesty deserve a pay-off? We used to return lost items to rightful owners because it was the right thing to do. U.S. Savings Bonds can only be cashed by the named owners anyway. Perhaps the bond owner did not wish to cash the bonds and pay taxes now, so he gave the homeless man $100 which could have been a strain for that rightful owner. Now that bond owner is being vilified in the press for not giving the homeless man enough. Yes, the homeless man did a good thing and is deserving of our praise and thanks, but should good deeds finance a person for life?


My children argued over who got the bigger half of a cookie or candy bar. They wanted to know who I loved the most. That's the way children are. Fair measure and equality is important. However, as we grow older we learn not everything can be equal. We mature -- at least some of us do. Who knew some people would apply this child-like measurement to world conflicts.

The media is favoring Lebanon in their reports because, as MSNBC stated, the casualties are disproportionate. Israel has created more casualties than Lebanon.

Shouldn't we reflect a moment on the first blow? Hezbollah (hidden in and harbored by Lebanon) kidnapped Israel soldiers, thus retaliation began as it did for the U.S after 9/11.

It seems so easy for our liberal media to only grasp and amplify tiny pieces of the big picture. None of this is a game and human life is being lost. Yet, the show must go on. The coliseum audience spurred on by a frenzied media still applauds the lions!

Sunday, July 23, 2006


I messed up with Ron's email account. It has been wrong since April. discovering a computer problem on a weekend is not a good thing. I tried to fix it by myself and amplified the monster I had already created. What to do? What to do? Oh yes, call Tandy, of course. Wow, he had us working in less than 12 minutes. His job training is proving valuable. Wish I could have bragged on him to his supervisor:-)


The blink of an eye and grandchildren were back home in Missouri. Chelle showed up Friday evening about 7:00, grabbed kids and bags. In a cloud of dust, she was off.

Saturday morning I entered the den with my morning coffee. The sun was shining through the window highlighting Hope's nose print and finger prints. She would watch me out that window when I took care of the chickens.

We have had a steady stream of grandchildren since we moved into our new home. We enjoy them tremendously. We miss them dreadfully. Yet, we rejoice that we can regain control and revert to being master and mistress of New NOL-NOC Estates.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Mike and Hope have been with us since Monday. We have been having a delightful time regardless of the extreme heat. Mike is only disappointed that he did not get to work this trip and earn some money. I will have to reward him some way for helping me the way he has.

Mike is such a trooper when it comes to watching out for his sister. Hope is a wildcat and needs watching every second. Last night I tucked her in bed with the usual story and her nightly prayers. I went back to check on her a few minutes later and she was gone. Her little bed was empty and I searched high and low for her. I ran through the house calling her name and got Mike and Ron in the act of searching when I heard a tiny voice saying, "I'm going to sleep here tonight." Hope was under the bed! I should have known to look there first.

This was the first time Hope has been away from her parents for more than one night. It has been hard on her but she only broken down once. It was sad to watch her sob into her pillow and cry for her mommy.

Mike had attended church camp last week, and Hope had wanted to stay at camp with him. To calm her, she was told this week she would be at Granny's Camp. She did stay busy with drawing projects, helping Granny prepare meals and watching old family videos. She loved the family videos and she loved watching and dancing to her Wiggles video. Hope sings constantly and has an awfully good voice for a four-year-old.

How did we entertain Mike? You cannot entertain Mike. He is very independent and found numerous ways to occupy his time. He loves computer games and animals, so this is always heaven to him.

I am going to sob into my pillow when they go home :(


Less than two minutes after picking up living room.
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Xerox is providing this nice way to say "thanks" to our troops.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


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If you have a problem, put Elenore on it and it shall be solved quickly.

My five lovely roosters were terrorizing my hens. Everyone knows how much I cherish my chicken-children but something needed to be done. Hens are easy to place in other homes but who would want a rooster? We decided to try to find homes for three but had no idea how that could occur.

I mentioned to Elenore that we needed to thin the herd. It took less than a week for her to find an appropriate home.

Now there are 23 chicken-children with me led by roosters Boss Hog and Moe. Oreo, Larry and Tom-Twyla have moved to a bird sanctuary in Pittsburg. Mike and Hope helped us deliver them yesterday. The lady who took the three roosters with seeming delight, lives on a huge estate with every kind of bird imaginable and it appears Oreo, Larry and Tom-Twyla shall live out their lives in total bliss.

My sister has her own ministry of problem solving. If you go to her with any kind of problem, she will not rest until it is solved. She does not do that just for close family members, she will solve problems for friends and even some strangers. She will even solve problems for persons who do not ask for her help. She will anguish over unsolved problems and she will morn impossible projects

Who will support me in this idea? ELENORE FOR PRESIDENT!


Let the music load and sing along with this fun site.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Slim and Phoebe are strange “bedfellows”. Slim, (our robust, chicken-herding pup) and Phoebe, (the Queen hen, last of the Golden Girls) have developed an interesting and unusual bond.

Their evening tango begins around 8:00. That is the current chicken bedtime. Slim puts the chickens away, leaving Phoebe for last. If Phoebe goes in early, Slim will run the rest of the chickens back out of the pen in order to get Phoebe back out.

Phoebe battles with Slim. The other chickens, including the roosters, ignore Slim, but not my Golden Girl. She seems to goad Slim into a feud every evening.

The other night Slim grabbed a mouthful of Phoebe’s tail feathers and held on for dear life, trying to keep Phoebe from running away. Slim had her feet dug in and Phoebe was pulling forward with all her might. Phoebe managed to escape, leaving some prime tail feathers hanging out of Slim’s mouth. Instead of leaving the immediate vicinity, she turned and continued playing with Slim.

It absolutely amazes us to see a dog and chicken play together and develop a special friendship. We, at first, thought Slim might harm Phoebe, until we actually saw Phoebe seek out the dog to begin their unusual evening dance.

Tandy's Visit

Posted by Picasa Today we trade Tandy for Hope and Mike. Chelle is our go-between for the exchange.


I should have known that we would face the hottest days of summer this weekend. Why? Because my son came for a visit. Tandy is here for the first time to see our new place. Every time he visited our Kansas home, we experienced the hottest days of summer during his visits. Now the tradition continues for this home. The saving grace is the lake. Tandy spent better than four hours fishing yesterday morning and that seemed to keep him smiling.

Smiling? More like laughing. My son and I laughed our guts out and poor Ron just shook his head.

Chelle is coming today. She is bringing Mike and Hope to spend the week with us.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006



Today is the official day but refer to June 25th posted birthday celebration photo. We sure wish you were still here so we could celebrate with you again. Hope your day is super, special, spectacular.

We love you!

Monday, July 10, 2006


The other day we were expecting company. I went outside and pulled the wagon around the house picking up Slim's collection. No, I don't mean her poop....I mean her "collection". She has a tire, an old bicycle seat, a thick, insulated electric cord, a couple of old rug mats and some miscellaneous scraps. We cannot throw those things out because she reclaims them quickly. I parked the loaded wagon inside one of the many vacant stalls in our barn.

Tonight we returned home from Tulsa in a blinding rain storm. We were very happy to reach the safety of our estate. We turned in the drive and I spied Slim, safe from the storm, curled up neatly on top of the wagon -- on top of her collection saving her precious belongings from the storm.

It reminded me of the time in Tulsa we had prepared for a flood and were told to move our valuable belongings to our attic. I found Chelle on a step stool in her closet moving her fashionable teenage wardrobe into the attic. Just like Slim, she was saving her collection. LOL

Saturday, July 08, 2006


This morning Frito was walking around outside with a dead squirrel in his mouth. I'm not sure what your question might be here, but probably it is "Who is Frito?"

Frito is a male cat that used to be Jenny. While Jasmine was here she made inquiry of me, "Granny Annie, are you sure Jenny is a girl?" Then she escorted me to the cat and insisted I look under Jenny. When I did, Jasmine exclaimed, "See, totally testicles!" Sure enough, Jenny is a male and Jasmine renamed him Frito.

I hope the squirrel was road kill and not killed by Frito. I thought I was keeping the cats well enough fed that they would not have to hunt for fear of them deciding to eat a chicken. Now, I shall have to watch more closely.

Friday, July 07, 2006


Yesterday she returned to San Diego leaving this note on our message board. Grandpa and I went to Kansas today and I picked blackberries all by myself. It was not as much fun as it was with my partner Jasmine. Boo hoo hoo :(
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