Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Today we took a relaxing vacation from all the moving. We drove to Grove and took the long way there and back, stopping at several yard sales. There are some nice ones around here.

We met a crazy lady. That's about the best way to describe her. She had some great things for sale, but I thought if we had to be around her very long, I would have to hit her. She had a sales pitch about every item  touched. We did manage to buy a few things but got out as quickly as we could.

The last stop was only a mile or so from our house. It was kind of hard to find and off the beaten path, but we followed the signs closely and found a great sale. The people had a couple of cute dogs. One was fairly old and part poodle. It was a clean and friendly little thing. A young toddler was at the sale with his mother and I heard him chanting, "Puppy, puppy, puppy."

Suddenly the man having the sale started yelling, "Oh no Otis! Go back Otis! Get away Otis! Bad dog, Otis." I turned expecting the child to be after the fluffy dog. Instead the child was heading toward Otis, a young terrier covered in manure. Otis had been on an adventure and found the perfect cure for annoying bugs. He had rolled over and over in a fresh, wet pile of cow - - - -! 

Otis was a friendly dog and wanted to show his good nature by rubbing against everyone. We  had to do some fast stepping to stay out of Otis' way.  "Let's get out of here!" I told Ron and we left just in time -- before Otis started to shake and spray his muddy brown covering on the sale items and the shoppers. 

"Oh No Otis!!!!!!"

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