Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
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Monday, February 27, 2006


It is always uplifting to hear tales of our youngest grandchild's latest. Hope is three and one half years old. She has suddenly gone from refusing to clean her plate to not only cleaning it, but almost eating the plate as well.

Hope is hungry all the time. Instead of saying, "I am hungry" she says "I am food" which means she is hungry.

Yesterday she awoke from her nap saying "I am food". Her mother ask what would Hope like to eat and Hope requested candy. Her mommy told her to get out of bed and she would get her some candy. Hope said, "just bring me my candy here". Snack in bed is probably a lot like breakfast in bed. Needless to say, her mommy did not comply with the requested room service.

Recently, going through my journals, I came across a story about my god daughter when she was almost four. She was visiting our house and was hungry. "I hungee Annie Wannie" Jessi said. I gave her chips. "I still hungee Annie Wannie", I gave her a cookie. "I still hungee" she whined and so we went until I said, "I am out of food" and poor little Jessi looked a me sorrowfully and said, "Well, what am I gonna do about myself?"

I guess this is an age when children naturally begin to feed their growth surges.


  1. i remember that story :)

  2. Im hungry too...i think its PMS though......