Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Monday, November 28, 2005


We have all just celebrated Mother's 90th Birthday. Her family guest list included: PRINT, ELAINE, Martin, Donna, Brandi, Alisha, Cody, Melissa, Mark, Calin, Jacob, Hunter, Melinda, Paul, Jared, ELENORE, DAVID, Christy, Ethan, Karen, Scott, Nora, Mike, ANN, RON, Tandy, Ryan, Dillon, Beth, Chelle, Kit, Mike, Hope.

Elaine's friend Lynn was there also as our photographer.

Print and Elaine headed the party committee. Elaine absolutely outdid herself with every special touch. She gathered and organized THE BOX with words and special memories we all shared and fixed the picture table.

Print worked closely with Mike Davis of the Manor Food Service to plan the wonderful meal and the beautiful cake and ice cream. Mr. Davis gave every aspect of your party his personal attention.

Elenore and I were the decorating committee. Elaine saved us on that deal too.

We know Mother was exhausted by the end of the day, but we all rejoiced in the opportunity to be together and celebrate her 90 years.

I was happy to be Elenore's ambassador in charge of Mom's hair and lipstick. Ron and I both were glad to share her birthday devotional that morning.

We all give thanks for the safety of travelers with everyone arriving home safely. Shortly after I arrived home, Ron and I had to go to the cellar as a tornado warning was issued. It went right over us but did not touch down. I was worried about the chickens because Ron said I could not bring them in the cellar!

We all thank mother for allowing all of her "chicks" to celebrate for her and with her. We love her so much and value every memory of her impact on our lives.

Now we will leave her alone for while so she can recuperate.

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