Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Friday, November 18, 2005


I am afraid that my efforts to raise chicks hatched by the mother hen have not been very good. We finally had a total of six chicks and three have died. The three survivors seem hale and hearty but this is not a good time of year to hatch chicks and as hard as the mother tries to keep them warm, they still might not make it.

Supposedly the best was to raise baby chicks is to let the mother care for them. I no longer believe that and will stay with our method of raising day old chicks on the porch for several weeks in the spring.

We are very excited about next week. Ron, Tandy and I will have Thanksgiving with mother at the manor. Then we will all be there for Mother's 90th birthday celebration on Saturday the 26th. Elaine has put together the neatest gift for mother that we have all participated with input.

Speaking of birthday bashes -- Elenore had the nicest little party for Ron this week. We went over to her house and she fixed a nice lunch and gave Ron the neatest presents including the best card he has ever received. I will have to figure some way to post it on my blog.

This week was successful in one venture for Tandy, now we just need to receive that phone call that says he is employed and all will be well. Keep those prayers a coming.

Also add some prayers for Kit. He's got some kind of ailment that causes his muscles to be sore and the doctor is running several blood tests. We're sure all will be well, but extra prayers can never hurt.

Jessi has finally checked in on her blog and she and Joe are thrilled with their new apartment. I mailed her picture to her yesterday that has a place reserved over their couch. It was hard to let go of this picture I was allowed to babysit for several years. I took a picture of it before I let it go and will post that on my blog. I sure hope it arrives in Los Angeles safe and sound.

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