Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Gemini Ann

Greetings Gemini Ann --

Here is your horoscope for Tuesday, October 25:

A sibling who's always been entertaining has taken their love of the theatrical
to a whole new level, and like it or not, you're involved in this particular
escapade. You're not tickled, but you will feel the need to see it through to
the end.

So, is this Print or Elenore? Let me know asap :-)

Monday, October 24, 2005


Chelle, Kit, Mike and Hope visited us yesterday. They brought us two lovely couches for our new house. It was a wonderful day and we all went to the cafe for lunch. Hope was wearing a cute poncho that she calls a bon-joe.

It looks like we will be expecting a blessed event around November 13th or 14th. We have a broody hen and she is sitting on about five eggs. She won't leave the nest, so we're going to let her sit and see if we get some chicks. Isn't this exciting!

We are enjoying our evening rides and saw another 10 or 15 deer last night.

Happy birthdays today to Melissa, Rhonda and One "L" Michele :-) Three beautiful women!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Deer Hunting

Finally success! We usually spot numerous deer on our evening drives. This year has been totally uneventful until now. Tonight we were about to give up and go home when Ron spotted one in a field. Upon closer examination, we saw a couple of fawns nearby. Further down the road we saw two more. We then turned into a field and shined the lights and saw one walking across the edge of the woods. Happy to know we still had deer around, we drove home. As we entered the city limits, a good sized buck crossed the road in front of us. There is just something exciting about spotting deer. I don't take my camera anymore, because we have better luck if I don't have the camera with me.

I Am Sally?

Thanks for the quiz Jessi. Sally
You are Sally!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Friday, October 21, 2005

First Cold

It was cool this morning. Actually it was probably our first really cold morning. The older chickens ran out of the hen house. The teenagers and the babies remained huddled in a corner inside the house. I did not think they were going to venture out. Finally they did. I realized this was the first cold day of their lives.

I am suffering the Big Blackie Blues. She is a rebel chicken and will not stay on our property when I let the chickens out in the evening. I open the pen and all the chickens run toward the front of the house. I take a shortcut behind the house and get to the front first and shoo them back toward our property. They all turn except for Big Blackie. She has even taken to tricking me in order to get into the neighbor's yard. The other evening she mingled with the Australorps and as they neared the property line, Big Blackie made a sudden break for the forbidden land. What's the problem with this? The neighbor's rotweiller is the problem. Now all the chickens have to stay in the pen until we figure out a cure for BB.

Plus, we have a new dilemma with our neighbors. They have moved a boarder in with them. It turns out to be a young man who stole some items from us a few years ago and created all kinds of disturbances in the community. He stands in the middle of the street with the rotweiller and glares at us. Not a good feeling.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

35 Thirty-Five Three Five 35

Happy 35th Birthday to Tandy today.
His family protector in every way.
He brought light through the fog.
Today he shows up on my blog
Praying that wishes could somehow draw pay.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Report on a nice Tuesday Anniversary.

Elenore came for a visit and brought broasted chicken.

I talked to Hope on the phone and heard about the
Reindeer she talkd to at Wal-Mart.

Tonight we transferred our chuch membership back
to BA Tulsa.

I talked to Tandy and wished him an early Happy
Birthday. (Watch for his limerick tomorrow.)

Tonight Ron and I laughed enjoying Boston Legal together.

It was a very good day.

Monday, October 17, 2005


I have returned from a wonderful four day trip to Tulsa. It was wonderful visiting with mother each day and having lunch with her on Thursday.

It was wonderful being with Tandy and the children and hearing about their latest ecapades. Beth was quick to report that she had all A's and one B on her report cards. Tandy remains in good spirits despite his concern over employment. We all have to believe that everything will turn out for the good. I reminded Tandy that he is the one who always tells us that our family is blessed.

Sunday morning I attended Boston Avenue Church. As I drove down 18th street toward Boston Avenue I yelled out loud, "I see the church", something that Tandy, Chelle and I did each Sunday as we peered through the trees to see who would be first to spot the church tower.

Thursday evening we drove to Broken Arrow and attended Beth's school play. My pictures did not turn out very well, but you can make out a little for the ones I posted. It is rare that we get to see their school activities, so this was an extra special treat for me.

Here is the proud papa and her brothers as they prepare to attend Beth's play. Posted by Picasa

This was as close as we could get to a picture of Beth. Can you tell how intent she is on her part? Can you tell how beautiful she is? Posted by Picasa

Here is Beth in her school play. The white arrow points to Beth. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Unexpected Praise

I had given up on Oprah. Her show was so self serving and her guests were celebrities invited as experts on subjects they only performed roles about and not areas of their true abilities. However, now she has hit the nail on the head. Oprah can truly help track down most wanted sex offenders, as has already been proven. Hopefully she will stay on track going after these predators who stalk, molest and murder our innocent children. And to think this time she is putting her money where her mouth is by offering $100,000 reward per capture. Hooray Oprah -- Thank you from all parents and grandparents of the children you choose to protect!


Protest Fails at Soldier's Funeral
CHELSEA, Okla. (AP) - An effort by members of a Kansas church to protest at the funeral of an Oklahoma soldier today was drowned out by motorcycles. About 70 members of the American Legion Riders group from Oklahoma and Kansas revved their engines in Chelsea as five protesters held inflammatory signs near the church where the funeral of Staff Sergeant John Doles was to be held.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Home Sweet Home Posted by Picasa

Party animals :-) Posted by Picasa

A gift for the guys from the Hotel. Posted by Picasa

Andy Williams house in Branson Posted by Picasa

Campus photo across from Mill Posted by Picasa

Phantom on Showboat Posted by Picasa

Risky Business on Branson Belle Posted by Picasa


We are back from our ship reunion. Boo Hoo -- yes, I'm sad that it is over.

All thirty chickens are present and accounted for. Hip, Hip Hooray!

Our trip to Branson was absolutely wonderful. I think that I went around like a real country mouse with my eyes wide open, my jaw slack, tears in my eyes most of the time, emitting lots of squeals and squeaks of joy and lots of hand clapping. Either it was truly a fantastic place to be or I just spend way too much time in Kansas and everything outside our door delights me!

Was it the man I was with? Was it the particular group of sailors we met with? Was it the fact that the reunion was in Branson? Was it the fact that there is entertainment in every corner of Branson? Was it the fact that Veterans are welcomed, treated, toasted, thanked and honored at every corner of Branson. Or, was it simply that the last reunion we attended was so awful, this one had to be good?

It was all of the above and I cried when we left. Yes, we had a good time and I was proud to be with my husband and every one of his shipmates and their spouses. If laughter is the best medicine, we’re set for at least a year of good health.

Without writing a book about everything we saw, here are links to some of the entertainment:

Veterans Memorial Museum

Grand Plaza Hotel

Hardwork U The College of the Ozarks

A favorite performer Todd Oliver

Hotel entertainer Kenny Parrott

We saw Lost In The 50's Show at the Starlite Theatre

Wine tasting at the Stone Hill Winery (Ron and I both passed but enjoyed watching the others.

Charlie's Steak House entertainer was Rebecca Dawn

Best country and best musicians were at Lit'l Nashville Show

Their favored entertainer was Wally Barbee

And, of course, The Showboat Branson Belle

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Sailor's Life

We leave tomorrow for the USS Mahan Reunion in Branson. Mo. Meanwhile, I just found this wonderful blog of A Sailor's Life written by a young man currently serving on the new Mahan. It is a fastinating telling of a tale that everyone should enjoy.

We'll be checking back in on the 9th.

This is Chicken Little. The lower left insert is a full grown Araucana with whispy feathered chin. (Not one of mine, just a photo of one). See the little tufts starting on Chicken Little. I wonder if I'll need grooming tools for the Araucanas lovely feather beards? Posted by Picasa

See my chicken pen and hen house and behind them, my slowly evolving new house. It just might happen someday. Posted by Picasa

Our worker finally showed up yesterday and Ron was able to get the end of the house closed. Hip Hip Hooray! (baby steps, baby steps) Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 03, 2005


Get ready ladies, we’re going to hear the attacks, condescending attitudes and feel the patting on our silly little heads again. Hopefully Harriet Miers is a “pit bull” because in just over six hours we have persons who know all, see all, and interpret “Bushspeak” by replacing spoken words with those unspoken truisms. (I can’t find their dictionary, so I’m unable to verify the translations.)

The strangest thing I have heard this morning was the statement, “I had hoped Bush would appoint a minority.” Since when was a 60 year old woman NOT a double minority?

So far I see one heck of a woman who has achieved levels of success above and beyond the glass ceiling. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and I’m going to pray that she can withstand the good-old-boys club and the back-stabbing jealous witches club (we are our own worst enemies) and rise to the role of Justice by her hard earned success.

She has been a contributor to many campaigns of Democrats as well as Republicans including Gore’s 2000 Presidential Campaign. How much more bipartisan can we ask that she be?

 Posted by Picasa

The Word of the Day for October 3 is:

tabula rasa \tab-yuh-luh-RAH-zuh\ noun
1 : the mind in its hypothetical primary blank or empty state before
receiving outside impressions
*2 : something existing in its original pristine state

Example sentence:
Our newly built house, with its unpainted walls, is a tabula rasa awaiting
our decorative touches.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


I just talked to my mother to say "Happy Sunday". She was asking about our upcoming ship reunion and I told her I was trying not to get too excited. I said I made such plans for how special the last one would be, and then was very disappointed about how awful it was. Mother reminded me of what dad alway said: "Blessed is he who expecteth nothing, .....for he shall not be disappointed."

Lovers not Fighters

This morning we did it. We clipped the teenagers' and the babies' wings. It was quite a show. It had to be done with five of them now escaping the pen during the day and facing imminent death. Too many dogs running across our property.

Ron and I both went inside the hen house and I grabbed each chicken and held it while he did the clipping. It is just like cutting fingernails. The girls were all pretty feisty. The two roosters, Oreo and Tom-Twyla, were almost docile. I saved them for last, expecting them to really get after me. They were more interested in getting it over with and getting outside with the ladies.

Oreo and Tom-Twyla both prefer older women. Tom-Twyla going after the older ladies and Oreo going after the teenagers. Boss Hog watching and laughing because all the women were protesting their admirers. He knows he is the one they All want.

Boss Hog has never had his wings clipped. He has always managed to fight his way out of my grasp. It doesn't matter, because he flew out of the pen once when he was a teenager and he realized he left all the girls behind. He never did that again.

Yep, the two young roosters are lovers (they think they are anyway) and not fighters. Boss Hog is both.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I told the Wal-Mart stocker that I was looking for my granddaughter's favorite candy, thus implying these were for Hope. Actually they are for me. I feel just like a Princess when I eat them. We're never too old :-) Posted by Picasa