Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


We heard from San Diego last night. Joey was busy playing video games, Ron was busy sleeping, so Terri, Jasmine, Ian and I planned their July visit. The dates for now have changed from July 17th to July 21, 2005 thru July 30, 2005. Ian and Jasmine both agree they want to boat, fish, swim at Aunt Elenore's, visit their Tulsa cousins and Grandma GG, mark their height on the wall in the Tulsa house, and visit their Missouri cousins. Of course they want a bonfire also to dance around and roast hotdogs and marshmallows. We think we can do all this in 9 days if the weather will cooperate. Terri mentioned she wished we had a goat. I relayed that info to Ron and who wants to bet that we'll have a goat soon? Also, the first thing Ron did this morning was go to computer and look up and print out the best hours for fishing from July 21st to July 30th. We are sooooooo excited!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

There Goes Jesus

We are involved in cleaning out an old shed over our storm cellar. It has treasurers galore. The young man helping us has been given certain guidelines for what to keep for me to sell and what goes in the dumpster. Yesterday I was passing the dumpster on a mission of my own and noticed a cardboard cut-out of The Last Supper. I kept walking but pondered what I should do. Should a picture of Jesus be thrown in the trash? It was my plan to go back and get the picture but I got busy with other things. This morning I looked out to see the trash haulers leaving our dumpster and I suddenly remembered Jesus.

Today our country is in turmoil about flag burning, the Ten Commandment, and Koran destruction. How are we supposed to treat religious symbols? I realized the sanitation department can take my picture of Jesus but there is no way they can take away my faith.

This has to be good sermon material for someone.

Monday, June 27, 2005


Today our youngest grandchild is three.
Hope is like a monkey up in a tree.
As we try not to panic
We attempt keeping up with her antics
Cause whatever she’ll be, Hope will be.



All our pill boxes are back on the TV ledge. It is a sign that we are home.

Whew, this was a hectic, but great, five day trip. We were so busy we barely missed being home, but all the way back I talked of worry for the chickens and Ron talked of worry for his pets – his tomatoes. Needless to say, tomatoes and chickens are all well. Tim did a great job. Those Araucanas almost doubled in size.

We had fun in East Peoria and spent a great deal of time with Roger and Kass. I always come back with a lot of household tips from Kass and my favorite lesson this year was how to make a most delicious Caesar Salad.

Talk about the size of chicks – That Aunt Juliette “chick” has reduced in size. She lost about 20 lbs for the party and she was beautiful and in excellent health. All her children were gracious and kind to welcome us and graceful in allowing us to leave after only a brief time.

It was so nice to get to see Elenore and Print and Elaine. We get to see Elenore quite a bit, but isn't it strange that we had to drive to Chicago to see our Oklahoma siblings? Christy, Karen, Mike and even Nora got to stop in for the celebration. It was a thrill to watch Nora look around the crowded room and spy her grandmother Elenore and reach out immediately.

David represented Margaret’s clan. He was tired and had to guard against fatigue but he was determined and the usual life of the party. Becky was coming from Jim and Ruby’s clan but we had to leave without getting to see her. Someone said she wasn’t arriving until Sunday.

Ron and I pulled our usual ma and pa kettle stuff and came home loaded with yard sale booty. Elenore and Elaine laughed to see our sock armrest covers in the van. Traveling with Ron is always an adventure and we laugh at images conjured up over signs like “fishing worms” (picture little worms holding tiny fishing poles) and “Butchering pigs” (Picture a group of pigs coming after you with chain saws and hatchets). In frustrating moments in his highway driving Ron will yell things like “Everything went to hell when they did away with that law that said you could kill a person just because they needed killing!” (Anyone remember “that law”?)

Speaking of killing, I was gathering the chicken eggs when we arrived home. I had to shoo a hen off the nest to get to the stash and just as I reached for the eggs I noticed something unusual in the nest. Something black. A Black Snake with an egg in its jaws! I ran to get Ron and together we battled the snake. Actually Ron did the battling and when the snake was subdued, I cut its head off with shears.

Bless Jessi’s heart, she wrote a couple of blog entries because she felt obligated to write. Hum, I wonder why she would feel obligated? Isn’t she a good girl!

Yesterday was Chelle and Kit’s 12th wedding anniversary and today is Hope’s third birthday. We are thinking of them and hoping they are having a wonderful time in Indianna.

Meanwhile, be it ever so humble, there is no place like home for us!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Okay bloggers, in my absence (we leave in the morning) you might try writing something to entertain the folks. We know we can count on Jessi to do her part. Actually, Elenore and Print will be in Illinois too and Chelle will be in Indianna, so that just leaves Jessi and Tandy. Well, enough said. It's up to Jessi :-)

Tim had his dress rehearsal this morning regarding the care and feeding of the chickens while we are gone. He knows that he will earn a bonus if all the chickens are alive when we return. So far this young man is turning out to be a good helper. He arrives on time (actually he's usually early). He completes all his assigned tasks. He does not complain and he maintains a cheerful attitude. Knock, knock, knock on wood!

We are excited about this trip and can't wait to see Aunt Juliette and all the cousins. We are also excited to spend time with Ron's family in East Peoria. Kass called last night and tempted us with some special meals she plans to prepare.

If you need us or just miss us, you can reach us on the cell phone. Tandy may not blog, but it's nice to know he is in Tulsa and can keep and eye on mother. Tootles for now.

Monday, June 20, 2005


It is sad to have to report that one of my baby chickens did not survive the first week outside. It simply vanished. Ron thinks it got out in the open pen and a big hawk swooped down and grabbed it. We can not find a trace of the chick. All the others are doing well and adapting. Am I blue? Oh yes.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day

"Don't do that!
You'll hurt yourself."
Is a mother's cry.
Father's are for saying
"Go ahead.
Let them try."

(From my 1981 book of poems.)


David Needs A Limerick

Happy Birthday to David we shout,
The father of each Russell Sprout.
You say he is missing
Of course -- he’s gone fishin’
We are sure Tikka helped him sneak out.

Happy Birthday to you today too David!

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Tonight I could not take my eyes off the baby Araucanas. They are adapting quite well to their chicken home. They are so pretty. Lily is practically all white and she is a big girl. The Noble Davies look like my mother wove their feather colors on her loom. I was telling them that tonight as I photographed them. Ron was listening to me and told me I was hurting the feelings of the teenagers (The Australorps and the Rhode Island Reds). I apologized and took lots of pictures of them also. But the babies should be spoilied -- isn't that right?


What's your spin on Batman Begins? I am becoming convinced that it is going to be a very fun movie? Do you think it is all hype or are you planning to go see it? Inquiring minds want to know.


9/11 and War News have been used by media to condition us for response to the words and headlines, "News Alert" and "Breaking News". This can now apply to anything from a movie star's new hairdo to another media member's sob story. The best solution is to turn off your TV news channels and your radios. Set your computer homepage to Google News. (Click Google News link on my page.) This way you will not have to see all the reel-in hype and can select what news interests you. Ask yourself, "Is (A) the media changing your mind or (B) just angering you?" If the answer is "B", then follow my advice today. This has been a non-paid advertisement for Google News :-)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


The jury was supposed to speak for the victim. Instead they seemed to totally ignore the victim, support the celebrity predator and convict the victim's mother because she made them angry. I was so mistaken to think this was about saving children.

So Funny I say

I think I'm such a funny cartoonist. I made a change in this one and deleted the earlier one. I think I'm so funny that I will have to start displaying some of my other cartoons that ONLY I believe are funny. I crack myself up with my humor.

Gives whole new meaning to Texas Hold-em. Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 11, 2005


July 17, 2005 we are expecting Terri and kiddos. We hope to get to see everyone we can while they are here. If you can take time to come here during their visit, that would be great for photo moments. Of course, we will have to stop at Tandy's to make their growth marks on the door and we'll go see mother.

This date is tentative but probably pretty close. We are very excited and can't wait to see them.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Oh My Gosh!

We RSVP'd for the Chicago party and now I realize Ma and Pa Kettle, the Kansas Chicken Pickers don't have a clue what to wear to this shindig. Suggestions please! Elenore, you want to go to Joplin next week?


You have heard and SEEN ON TV the Grip n' Flip, the Scoop-N-Strain, and the bonus 6-in-1 Utensil......well, I own them. Chelle, Kit, Mike and Hope gave me these GREAT items for my birthday. The Grip n' Flip takes a little practice, but once you master it's use, it is perfect for cooking and turning free-range chicken eggs! The Scoop-N-Strain does just what it advertises, and yes, I actually was able to pick up a dime from the counter-top with the 6-in-1 Utensil. If you have seen these advertised, you know about the red-headed lady who hocks it. Well, as you know, I can also look like this lady when I cook:-)

I keep forgetting to tell Chelle how wonderful it is and to say THANK YOU GUYS!!!!

Hello Tom

Today we will turn the eleven newest babies (The Araucanan's known as Six Noble Davies, One Parton, One Lily, One Chicken Little, One Dolly, One Bonus) into the pen with the ladies and the teenagers. This is worrying me but I must get the baby chicks off my front porch. Elenore, Chelle and Mike can describe the fragrance to you. It knocks you down on first whiff.

There may be a problem with one of the teenagers (an Australorp known as Twyla). The one shows a possibility of being a rooster. OH NO! There is no way Boss Hog will allow another rooster in the pack so I may be looking for a new home for the one very soon and changing it to an Australorp known as TOM.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bowls or Plates

Let's say it is just a normal day and you have had three meals and snacks. What dishes did you wash most during the day -- plates or bowls?

Here's The Deal

Okay, this is my new diet plan. It is my intention not to injest any food standing up. All food will first be put on a plate to include chips and/or grapes, etc, then I will take a seat to savor the treat. I have suddenly become aware of how much food I eat on the run. I will grab something and eat it, then turn and grab some more just because I'm still on my feet and can easily return to the scene of the calorie crime. I'll let you know how this goes.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


The rooster has really got it in for Mike. Old Boss Hog tries to attack Mike when we go near the pen. Ron suggested Mike take a bucket of water along and when The Boss charged him, Mike should throw the water on the rooster. That was done yesterday. Mike took aim and drenced the charging fowl fellow. Now the rooster avoids the boy and we've changed Mike's name to "Boss Mike".

Friday, June 03, 2005


I decided to top off my birthday by letting the chickens free-range again. They have been locked up because of the strawberry crop and because the "teenagers" (the Twylas and Junes) might not know what to do about free-ranging. Their gate was opened at 7:30 p.m. and the big girls and Boss Hog headed out in delight. They were eager to wander again. The teenagers took a while to realize the older chickens were gone. Did they run outside too? Nope, they took advantage of having the house and pen yard all to themselves. They ate everything in sight and as it got closer to bedtime, they were like Goldilocks in the Bear's house. They clustered in every roosting spot inside the house as if to say, "We can sit here and you won't know! Of course as soon as the hens returned the teenagers were pecked and pecked until they wound up where the ladies wanted them. It was a fun end to a perfect day watching my chicken family.

See Hope at Two -- Soon she will be Three. Posted by Hello

The Party's over -- It was All-Day-Grand!!! Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me

My birthday celebration will be giving thanks for each of YOU. My birthday is only good because my loved ones are THE BEST. I shall spend this day counting my blessings of family and friends, starting with my precious mommy who gave all 10 lbs and 14 oz of me birth 59 years ago.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Our friend, Wayne "Snuffy" and his dog Binky left this morning for a continued fishing trip to Kentucky. Ron and Wayne had a nice two week visit but I believe both of them were ready for separation. It is so good for me to get things back to normal, even though Wayne is always a very nice guest.

Ron had the workers all lined up to get to work on the house this morning, and wouldn't you know, it is pouring down rain. Maybe it will stop before everyone is scheduled to arrive.

With annual conference going on we know Print and Elaine are busy and looking forward to retirement next year. I wonder if David is thinking about retirement soon? I know none of us will be able to survive without our dentist! David was even kind enough to fix a broken tooth for Wayne while he was here.

Tomorrow I will be 59 years old. My good friend from OCU, Mary called me last night and we talked just like we were still 19 years old. She will be 60 next month. It is nice to talk to old friends on the phone and pretend they, as well as I, look as we remember from our youth.

Of course I can't think about my birthday and annual conference without thinking about Mom and Dad's wedding anniversary. June always had a big start for us.