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Slim and Franke
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Thursday, July 05, 2018


 Guess I will try Six Sentence Stories.  I always see this on Messymimi's Meanderings

I worked hard to get ready for her every week.

She was a wonderful housekeeper, loved by many.

I did not want her work to be too much for fear she would stop coming.

My husband always asked me, “Why do you clean before the housekeeper gets here?”

“If I exhaust her she might not come back.” I replied.

"It is my wish that I will die before my housekeeper."


  1. love the drama

  2. Heeheehee! As a housekeeper/janitor, i appreciate this! And it's a great six, too.

    Girlie On The Edge, who now hosts this blog hop, left this response on my blog for you:

    Hi Annie. It's Denise from GirlieOnTheEdge. I host Six Sentence Stories. Excellent you wrote a 6! Here's what to do to link up:

    Mimi posted the link to my blog at the end of her 6. Click on that.
    Once you're at my blog, GirlieOnTheEdge, you'll see a post "It's Six Sentence Story Thursday Link Up! Click on that post.
    At the end of the post you'll see a blue frog. Click on the blue frog. You will be directed to the page where you can add your 6.
    Click on the small rectangular blue box in lower left of your screen that says "Add your link".
    You will be directed to a page where you post the url link to your Six Sentence Story. Follow the next couple of steps and the link to your 6 will show with everyone else's.
    Welcome :)

    If you have any trouble linking up, please leave a comment again on my blog and i will link it for you.

  3. That is funny:)) Wish I had a housekeeper.

  4. LOVE THIS!! It tells so much and is so funny and witty and wise.

  5. Wonderful story. And hope. Except that I am my housekeeper (and not a good one).

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  7. Welcome to the Six Sentence salon. I think what you have presented here is common. Well done.

  8. Welcome to Six Sentence Stories, Annie. What a delightful and fun 6!
    If ever I would have a housekeeper, that would surely be me lol

  9. I've never had a housekeeper, but if I did, I would surely do the same. Great use of the prompt word.

    Oh, and yeah to more grannies and great grannies in the blogging world.

  10. We go through that too. Putting every thing away! It's work to avoid work! Glad you joined us.