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Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, November 08, 2017


Elephants Child is providing our prompts this month in the Words for Wednesday writing challenge. All you have to do is write a story, poem, or whatever comes to mind. Use some of the words or all of the words.

If you join in leave a comment on Elephant Child's blog so everyone else can enjoy your addition.

This week's prompts are:

copper, explain, ill-fated, truck, neat, unite
branch, educated, tenuous, hum, decisive, notice

Here is my fictional story for this week:

MORE THAN A PRANK by Granny Annie

The two young men rushed in and out of the construction site. They threw the COPPER wire in the bed of the TRUCK. Their escape looked guaranteed. High-fiving as the pair traveled down the road, lights and sirens behind the truck brought their adventure to an end.

The Highway Patrol officer approached the vehicle and ask the pair to EXPLAIN all the items under a tarp in the back of the truck.  The boys should have known from the beginning of the adventure that it was ILL-FATED. What they thought would be a NEAT trick was not working out.

The robbers were placed in separate cars and it was obvious the authorities had no intention to UNITE the pair. The questioning began. Their explanations for their actions were TENUOUS.

These were not hoodlums thugs. They were from a highly EDUCATED, wealthy BRANCH of the community. It had been a lark for these thieves. They were bored and had heard that there was a rash of robberies taking place at construction sites around the city. Who would ever suspect them? And if caught, they could buy their way out.

There was a low HUM in the courtroom as the judge entered. Every one could see the DECISIVE look on his face. The guilty verdict gave NOTICE that persons of privilege would not be able to get away with such pranks. Both young men were sentenced to 90 days in jail and six months community service.


  1. During their six months community service these two will probably scope out their next prank...

    Nice job using the words, this one read really well.

  2. good job on the words!

  3. How I wish that more people of privilege were treated like everyone else. Great use of the prompts.

  4. Well put together use of the given words.
    You can sure tell you don't live in Calif. where thanks to our governor, Moonbeam & his cronies, law enforcement has been so hamstrung next to no one serves time in jail.

  5. Neat story--better ending. Wouldn't it be nice if sentencing like that really happened?

  6. Good job. It really would be great if sentences couldn't be bought.

  7. They did it because others were doing it? "But dad, everyone else is..." Silly young lads.
    Great story.

  8. brilliantly done dear Annie!
    i enjoyed the reading so much

  9. You do these well !!!!

  10. Plenty of power out pranks here this year! Good job

  11. Good job, as usual, Annie. :)