Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Thursday, August 10, 2017


My family has been passing around the book UNDOCTORED by Dr. William Davis.  It does not only tout the benefits of gluten free diets but also grain free.  The grains we have now are not the same as when we were young or what our parents thrived on.  I am trying to give it a try after talking to my own Cardiologist. Here is my favorite grain free/gluten free breakfast burrito.  Only 275 calories too.  Do you have good recipes of this type to share?  What are your thoughts on gluten free/grain free eating?

Two eggs made into thin pancake.

Add bacon and cheese.

Roll tight and add salsa.



  1. I think everyone has different nutritional needs and it is important to find out what makes us feel good and not get caught up in food fads. That looks delicious and easy to make. Bacon, cheese and salsa...yum!

  2. I agree with Jan, and if I see one more leaf of kale...
    Love omelettes. My favorite to make: 3 eggs, chedder cheese, black olives, garlic marinated mushrooms, alfalfa sprouts, tomato... mmmmm good

  3. That sounds great....going to try it for sure. Why the heck didn't I think of that?

  4. I loosely follow the South Beach diet, so you can have rice, wheat, oats and flour made from those grains. It's just limited.

    The first time I went on South Beach, about 12 years ago, I concocted a dinner salad that I make nearly every weeknight. It varies a little, but is usually spring greens, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, feta cheese, toasted walnuts, and a dressing that I make (olive oil, dijon mustard and lemon juice.) I never get tired of it.

    Your breakfast burrito sounds good!

  5. I don't know what to eat without bread- I'm so addicted n only cook good stuff on days off. Luckily it's not forbidden yet. Lynn's salad sounds yummy- but I have to grind nuts or skip them.

  6. It looks good.
    I don't know what the advantages are to gluten free eating (unless you have coeliac disease). I am sure that grains are different now - but so is everything else.
    I try (with varying success) to eat simple unprocessed foods.

  7. That looks great but my heart healthy diet frowns on bacon and eggs. Not sure I could give up bread.

  8. I never eat breakfast, well unless I'm in the States and then I love pancakes. I don't need to eat gluten free food at the moment but one of my nieces does and it really seems to limit her diet.

  9. We live the LCHF lifestyle. We started this when my husband Eddie was diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic.
    Just wouldn't live any other way now, his blood sugars are amazing and I feel great.

    You can read more here if you wish.
    Introduction to low-carb for beginners.

    All the best Jan

    P.S. I loved your recipe, thank you.

  10. That is a really great idea. I eat grains in very, very small quantities. Maybe 1/4 cup a week. It's mostly because I don't eat simple carbs. I will have to try this. Thanks

  11. That certainly looks quick and easy. I don't like salsa so I'd have to use tomato sauce (ketchup) and very rarely eat bacon.
    I don't do gluten free but I do limit the amount of white bread I eat as too much bloats me a bit. I mostly eat light rye bread, sometimes with caraway seeds, sometimes dark rye bread. I do eat oats for breakfast though, made into porridge with almond meal added, hazelnut meal too and when I get tired of the nuts I'll add finely chopped dried fruits instead, apricots and dates. Add water and soak overnight, add a splash of milk in the morning and microwave for two minutes, then add a teaspoon of malt extract syrup.
    The porridge and the lunchtime sandwich are all the grains I eat all day, so I guess it isn't too much as I don't have allergies.
    My son-in-law is a coeliac, so is totally gluten free and my grand daughter is dairy free, drinking soy milk since she was six weeks old, so that whole family has been gluten free, fat free, sugar and salt free for most of the last twenty four years, with an occasional splurge for birthday cakes. They're incredibly healthy and so slim.

  12. I've never quite fathomed the gluten free stuff but my favourite go to quick meal is tomato omelette. I try to eat healthily but yesterday had some special porridge and it was like eating floor sweepings. Back to plain old oatmeal for me.