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Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


River of Drifting Through Life has again provided our Words for Wednesday.You can see what others have done in the comments on her site or here in my comment section or on their own blogs (if they tell us).  Hope you will join in with your story or poem. 

Good words River. Thanks!

Here are the words for this week:
riverbank, leadership, impressive, watchful, gifts, cheesecake
fountain, neck, conclusion, signed, purple, lion

I only used the first 6 this time.

ROOMMATES by Granny Annie

Blanche stood at the RIVERBANK  waiting. She was sure this was the place he designated for their rendezvous. Blanche was happy that she had attended this silly seminar. It had been about how to get along with roommates. Three women shared her home and sometimes they would also share disagreements.

The handsome man's LEADERSHIP at the gathering had been very IMPRESSIVE. It did not take long for her flirting to catch his eye.  As always Blanche had wound up getting a date with the tall, dark stranger. 

Blanche remained WATCHFUL believing he would arrive carrying GIFTS and hopefully one would be CHEESECAKE that she could take back to share.

Blanche often stayed out all night but for some reason, this felt different. That morning Dorothy, Rose and Sophia sat around the kitchen table worrying. 

THE END (or is it?)

I could have ended my story using the other six words but my heart wouldn't let me do this to Blanche...

This unknown woman had been thrown in the river and her body had drifted to the FOUNTAIN.   Her NECK was broken and the only CONCLUSION was murder.  There was a note around her neck SIGNED by the notorious PURPLE LION. It read, "Never talk to strangers!" 


  1. Oh this doesn't sound good. I hope Blanche is all right....

    1. While you were posting this comment I was adding a little to the story.

  2. Poor Blanche.
    Great story though.

  3. Yikes, grisly ending. Poor Blanche.

  4. Well done. I like the ending too, Blanche took one chance too many.
    First dates with strangers should always be in a heavily populated area, in daylight.

  5. Are you sure you're not related to Stephen King or Alfred Hitchcock, Annie? ;)

    Oh, dear...poor, poor Blanche.

  6. Yep sometimes those guys are nuts! Now I'm more paranoid than when younger too- not from the story!
    You should make some thriller films!

  7. You are so good at this. Love how you worked cheesecake in. :)