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Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, March 01, 2017



River of Drifting Through Life is providing our words for March.   She has provided some challenging words.



Here is my contribution.

IT'S FOR THE BIRDS by Granny Annie

There were many SPEAKERS scheduled for the presentation. The CLOCK struck 10 AM so the first one moved to the podium and tapped the microphone.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 51st annual gathering of the Audubon society. I have tried to CONDENSE my talk enough to allow time for the others to present the ABUNDANCE of knowledge we share about birds around the world.”

This gathering was FAMOUS and provided an outlet for bird lovers to meet and greet a wide range of like-minded individuals. It created an EXTENSION into their individual journeys.

The speeches had dragged on and on. Though interesting, the audience members were eager to be free to visit some of the exhibits. The final guest began STUTTERING and stumbling over his words as he stood trembling on the MARBLE floor. It was his first time to be invited to speak and as the NEWEST he was also the most nervous. If only he could escape, jump in his car and head down the HIGHWAY leaving the crowd in the dust.

The presenter looked up to see his wife in the DOORWAY. She was smiling and giving him an encouraging look. He managed to complete his talk. There was resounding applause and he smiled. He knew it wasn't because his speech was good. He knew everyone was simply happy that now the real festivities would begin.

His precious wife met him as he descended the platform, kissed his cheek and handed him a cup of COFFEE. “Well done my dear. I am very proud of you.”

The couple began to weave their way among the other guests ready to relax and enjoy.


  1. Well, you did it very well. None of the words seemed forced or wedged into place. I am doing my taxes this will not be able to participate.

    1. We will miss you. These are some good words and you could do right by them no doubt:-)

  2. Well done! Do we post here, or on our own blog?

    The new speakers were supposed to be louder and better than the old ones.

    "Just listen to the articulation of the bass rifts on these new speakers!"

    He was excited. She tried not to let him see her looking at the clock.

    "You see, it condenses the sound, and redistributes it, only better, like!"

    She nodded. She knew that an abundance of famous people were into speaker systems. She, however, was not.

    "So," she said. "Yeah. Cool!" They had been dating for three months. He was twenty-seven, with the enthusiasm of a five-year-old. She was thirty-three, with the enthusiasm of a corpse.

    "I'd love to hear more, but I have to apply for my student loan extension..."

    He turned up Nine Inch Nails to drown her out. Beck was stuttering. Her boyfriend frowned.

    She set her beer on the marble countertop. It vibrated with the bass. Brian was her newest acquisition on the highway of terrible love choices. Maybe she should be drinking coffee, instead of the beer. Breakups were easier over coffee.

    She looked at Brian. She looked at the doorway. She looked back at Brian.

    1. Brilliant. And she definitely should be looking at the door. Soon.

  3. Well done Shoshanah! Loved this story and how you managed the words. The beer vibrated with the bass! Great. Yes you post here and you post on your own blog if you want. I think you should since this is so good. You can also post it over at River's blog.

  4. I do like how your mind sometimes echoes mine, it's like having a twin.

  5. I like Shoshanah's story and have the feeling she should get up and walk out that door. Brian probably wouldn't even notice.

  6. Love, as always, your story. We should all have such a supportive partner.