Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Sunday, March 05, 2017


What is outside?

Guinea Fowl
Frankie chasing cats
Princess Leah hiding from Frankie.
Frankie decides to harass Slim
Maybe it is safe to eat now
Look Ma I've got a cat trapped under the wagon.
Come on out kitty I won't hurt you.
Luke Skywalker is safe
Sleep Apnea branding
Do you carry a CPAP brand on your face most of the day?
Ash Wednesday
Proof I attended Ash Wednesday services.


  1. On your blog head banner, Frankie has a little trickster smile and I now see that he truly is one.

    I noticed four cats eating from the same bowl... my three would never do that. If they don't have separate bowls, there would be trouble.

    Sorry about the sleep apnea, but good for you that you went to church last Wednesday.

  2. Well, it certainly seems there is a lot going on in your part of the world!

  3. Love the life around you. And the brand I carry each day comes from my pillow...

  4. Somehow the cats don't look all that perturbed. Looks like a dance they do a lot and no one gets hurt.
    Sorry about the sleep apnea but happy that you have found relief, if tell tale branding.

  5. Nice for everyone to spend a day outside. Luke Skywalker reminds me of Angel's mum.

  6. It looks like all your pets keep you busy!

    I thought you wrote "Do you carry a crap brand on your face?" I wondered what on earth you were talking about! :D

  7. Nice collection of photos.

  8. Your a protector/provider for many. Fun photos!

  9. Love these pics! At least some one has alot of energy! Go Frankie go!
    Luke is quite a pretty one too-

  10. Frankie looks kind of delighted at the kitty chasing! Love your menagerie.