Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


It is that time again.   GO HERE to get started. Either post your story on your own blog, in my comments or post it in the comment section at MUMBLINGS.  Delores ends here WFW for February with quite a bang.  She has done a good job this month.  March words will be from River of Drifting Through Life.

Words for today are:
gaseous, green ghostly, grammar, glob, ghoul
dastardly, dunce, dragon, destiny, Doberman, dinner 

My story:


The guest speaker stood in front of the crowd. A GHOSTLY pale overwhelmed him as a GASEOUS GREEN GLOB oozed through his mouth and reduced his GRAMMAR to utterances of a GHOUL possessing him.

Would this be his final DESTINY? A call for an exorcism might calm the DASTARDLY DEMON. He pushed the chairperson into the corner like a DUNCE.

A DOBERMAN resting in by the entrance swelled up and became a fire breathing DRAGON circling the orator in a challenge that ended this once formal dinner in total destruction.

The keynoter blinked and shook his head, returning to the occasion. He managed to quell this fearful fantasy to begin his lecture for the evening. Why couldn't he just imagine his audience in the nude like other rhetoricians instead of dreaming up these terrifying visions?


  1. After envisioning that horror you would think he would too frightened to speak.

  2. LOL did not expect that!

  3. As Martha exited the taxi she noticed that the grammar school building had a green and ghostly vibe around its smudged windows. Budget crunches and angry taxpayers had reduced the destiny of education to a dastardly group of politicians who had fund raising dinners and not dunces on their minds. She collected her papers and made sure her cell phone was turned off before she pushed through the double doors of the entrance. The odor that filled her nostrils was some gaseous pine cleanser and she almost turned back. There were globs of chewed gum beneath the awards cabinet and just outside the door to the boy’s restroom a library book on dragons had been dropped. She turned to the auditorium as she glanced through the hallway window to the outside and saw a Doberman pacing the bike rack to which he was chained. He looked desperate and she commiserated as that was how she felt. Squaring her shoulders and taking a deep breath, she prepared to meet the restless parents that filled the auditorium to explain why both the principal and the English teacher had resigned.

    Could not find a way to squeeze in ghoul!!

    1. Yes you squeezed in "ghoul" in your postscript. LOL Tabor this was great. Whatever channeled your mind in that direction? Of course education budget cuts took you there. Loved it! (But sorry for the poor chained up Doberman.)

  4. I'm giving you a clap (well lots of claps) for this ...
    I did also leave you a comment on Delores blog

    All the best Jan

  5. Ha ha, that is pretty much how I envision public speaking, demons and ghouls.

  6. I read this great story over at Delores' site. What an imagination!

  7. I, too, read this over at Delores' page...and my thoughts upon it remain the same! :)