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Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I am responsible for Words For Wednesday in January.  It is to challenge you with random words to create a story or poem.  If you choose to participate, add your story in the comment section or, if you post on your own blog, let us know where to find what you have written in the comment section.

Here are the words for January 25, 2017

Document, birthday, network, removable, jungle, open
Quote, holds, avoid, surrender, grace, living

Also adding this picture in case you can incorporate it in your story.

The first story for the week has been posted by Lee and you don't want to miss it.  Be sure and click on the comment section and read the story.  Here is a teaser showing how she used the picture. This should inspire you to try Words For Wednesday:-)

To QUOTE Forrest Gump – “Life is like a box of chocolates.” In some ways life can be likened to a bowl of pasta, too...with all its twists, spirals and turns; it can be hard; and it can be soft. ~ Lee

Hooray!  Mage and Tabor have joined us the past two weeks.  Go to comments and see their great contributions for this week.  Also make your comments there on what you think of the stories and poems posted. 

O.S.C. (Only Slightly Confused) has a fun conversation today with a surprise twist.  Be sure and read it and comment.   

Elephant's Child has posted her great story so don't miss it.  She commented with kind words for all the contributions.  Remember that River will post her story on her blog on Friday. 

Finally my story is posted in the comment section.  Hope you get a chance to read it.

I have enjoyed providing the WFW for January. Be sure and watch for February. We are traveling full circle and the words will be provided  by Delores, (Only Slightly Confused) who originated the meme.



  1. I go...first cab off the rank it would appear!

    "It’s a JUNGLE out there, and as much as we have occasion to fight against change, there are times we have to be OPEN to shifts in life, whether we like them or not.

    There are times, unfortunately, we have to SURRENDER some things which we value and cherish – material, abstract or spiritual - oft times, against our will and desire

    Sadly, there can be times even our standards in LIVING have to be lowered in an effort to survive.

    However, when difficult times hit one can still hold their head high and behave with GRACE and dignity. If one HOLDS true to one’s own self, anything is possible.

    To QUOTE Forrest Gump – “Life is like a box of chocolates.” In some ways life can be likened to a bowl of pasta, too...with all its twists, spirals and turns; it can be hard; and it can be soft.

    If one has a NETWORK of good friends to be there for them through the bad times as well as the good, even the tough times can be turned into a celebration not unlike that of BIRTHDAY revelry.

    There are times one wants to AVOID their birthday, but avoiding it doesn’t change the fact, or the reality. One’s birth date is not REMOVABLE, It’s there in black and white...signed, sealed and delivered in the DOCUMENT called 'Birth Certificate'."

  2. LEE, I love this so much. Words For Wednesday turned into Words Of Wisdom from you.

  3. Thanks, Annie. It was a good, interesting group of words to work with. :)

  4. Great story Lee. And true too, circumstances control us, not the other way around.
    I like how you worked in the Forrest Gump quote.
    I have no idea yet where the words will take me, I'm going to have to sleep on it.

  5. Thanks, River. :)

  6. Great've put up some wonderful prompts for us this month. I shall apply myself and probably post something tomorrow as today has become suddenly and inexplicably filled up.

  7. My today is filled too....later. I managed to post the picture too.

    Documenting the network of
    twisted jungle pasta
    my brain avoids the grace
    of thinking about it.

    It’s his birthday
    and I try hard not to surrender
    to his passion for those cooked
    grains, those removable

    from his life
    as our morbid obesity
    opens the door to death.

  8. I already posted a new post today on the blog, so I will put this one here!

    The lines on my face,
    not removable by any expensive cream
    form a spidery network,
    that documents my birthday
    and illustrates how I have survived
    many years in the jungle
    with an open mind.
    I surrender to living with more grace
    and will avoid the darkness
    which tries to hold me back

  9. MAGE, so I might want to reconsider the spaghetti I am currently craving. Don't want to open that door. Great job. Loved this.

    TABOR, nothing will hold you back. I probably could use some years in the jungle. You are very good at this and I am glad you joined in the fun.


  10. Here goes:

    “Can I quote you on that Senator?” Grace asked. “After all, ‘It’s a jungle out there.’ is such a unique statement.”
    “All right, Grace. All right. I surrender. No need to get sarcastic. I’m sure your network can do some creative editing. Most of my comments will prove to be removable no doubt. Eventually the message will have nothing whatsoever to do with what I’ve been trying to get across.”
    Apparently they were now involved in open hostilities. No holds barred. It was going to be difficult to avoid collateral damage.
    “By the way, Grace, isn’t this your birthday today? Forty isn’t it?” The Senator shot her an evil grin.
    Grace grinned back. It appeared to be a temporary truce.
    “38 Senator and I have the documents to prove it. C’mon, I’ll buy you a coffee and show the latest pictures of your newest grand baby. There’ll be no living with you if I make you wait any longer Dad.”

    Thanks for a month of great prompts.

  11. O.S.G. This was so fun. Nice twist at the end. I am looking forward to your words for the month of February.

  12. Each birthday which slides by is an affirmation that I am still in the land of the living. My network of friends and family document them too, sometimes with rather more attention to detail (numbers are a detail aren't they?) than I like.
    I would prefer to avoid the fuss, but have decided to surrender with a relatively good grace. My reward?
    A positive jungle of cards and good wishes for me to open, to admire, to cherish.
    So which one holds pride of place? Definitely the spray- painted golden pasta shapes which spell out my name. Or perhaps the one which came with a removable button and the quote which says 'Old age isn't for sissies - but is better than the alternative...'

  13. Thank you so much for a month of great prompts. And another big (and heartfelt) thank you to everyone who joined in the fun.
    This week, as always, I am loving the stories which unfold.

  14. These words this week are great...and everyone has used them well...and with imagination. Good work! :)

  15. Excellent efforts by everyone here. My mind is blank at the moment, struggling to get used to a new laptop, which I'm not entirely happy with. I wanted another Toshiba, but they no longer make computers :(

  16. I was going to leave a comment on your blog asking you about your laptop, just answered my question. I hope you soon get used to your new laptop. I'm sure you will, but it can be very frustrating in the meantime.


  17. I have enjoyed providing the WFW for January. Be sure and watch for February. We are traveling full circle and the words will be provided by Delores, (Only Slightly Confused) who originated the meme.

  18. HOW WILL IT END by Granny Annie

    Kate's BIRTHDAY was just around the corner. She knew her close friends were aware but Kate had no idea how far the actual NETWORK of gossip had extended. Kate had made it clear that she wanted nothing planned for her special day. She never cared for making any big deal out of birthdays. She certainly did not want to call attention to her 50th.

    The DOCUMENT had been secretly passed out in the small town. The formal piece of decorative paper heralded the big day. The date and time for the upcoming festivities were printed on this announcement. The planning committee met in secret and the agenda was OPEN for suggestions. The ideas began to pour out and the session turned into a wild JUNGLE of creativity. It was important to everyone that dear Kate be celebrated in proper fashion.

    Kate's friends had put HOLDS on any information that might leak. It was important anything posted about the party be quickly REMOVABLE. Kate's famous QUOTE, “I will kill anyone who plans celebrations for my birthday”, became a totally joking matter as the plans continued.

    The night of the event Kate was secreted into the packed room. A sudden charm and GRACE flowed over her. She blushed as everyone yelled “Surprise”. Rather than AVOID the gathering, Kate felt total SURRENDER and was eager to start another 50 years of LIVING among these special friends.

    The End

    P.S. If you know me from my other stories, you expected Kate to pull out a machine gun and finish everyone off didn't you?

  19. Love it Granny Annie. And your endings are always unexpected - good or bad.

  20. Yes, Annie! I'd already crawled under my desk out the way of flying bullets! Now I'm stuck down here and can't get out!!!

    Good it. :)