Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


It is time for stories and poems using the word prompts.  You may post on your own blog or in the comment section here or in River's comment section. August words have been provided by River of Drifting Through Life.   

Here is my story for this week using the words dusk, apples, knitting, sauce, amethyst, window and itching, silk, gossamer, security, turbulent, exquisite.


It was almost dusk when I saw a man walking over the hill. He was carrying apples tucked in his shirt. Immediately I dropped my knitting because I knew who this fellow was. He was my grandson and he had grandma's special homemade apple cobbler on his mind. He could already taste it covered with my butter-cinnamon sauce.

The darkening sky was the backdrop that framed him. It appeared crystalline and the color of amethyst. I started counting his steps as I watched from the window.

If only I could run toward him but I was too feeble. My hands were itching to reach out and touch this young sailor. I had not seen him since his deployment to Yemen and tears puddled on my silk blouse then spread into a gossamer pattern.

Fear had surrounded me when I first heard that he would be gone for a year. It was a difficult time as I counted the hours, days and weeks. Now a sudden sense of security filled me, replacing turbulent thoughts with exquisite calm.

Welcome home my dear, dear boy” I cried as he hugged me in a loving embrace.

Monday, August 21, 2017


Question Of The Week, 8-20-17

How late do you usually stay up?

Usually between 10:45 and 11, as I have to get up for work at 5a (no alarm clock is used, we get up automatically). If I want to sleep later, I'll stay up to the grand old hour of midnight.

Ten/ Ten thirty.
Lights out by 11pm
Any later and you'll get growls and not smiles the next morning šŸ˜Š

Now I awaken around 5 AM so I go to bed at 9 or 9:30. After the next time change in October I will awaken at 4AM and go to bed at 8:30 or 9 PM. Definitely a creature of habit. Regardless my family knows never to call or text me after 9PM.

I go to bed when I am tired enough -- can be anywhere from 9 to 11. I usually read or listen to music before I fall asleep. I rarely fall right asleep even after that. I wake up anywhere between 6 and 8, but I have no set schedule.

Usually around trnnish but it's flexible.

9 to 10. I have gone from a night person to a morning person

Unfortunately, I've been an insomniac for as long as I can remember. It used to be referred to being a "night owl", but now we know it's more serious. I can't help it and I refuse to take pills for it. I get by with little sleep because life goes on whether I'm sleepy or not. 

Mostly early (9ish) because I am often up by 4. One day a fortnight I am on call with my voluntary work which doesn't finish until midnight - I am wound up quite often and those nights become early mornings. Still get up at the same time though.

Nine in bed and around 10 Kindle is put away and lights out. Up at 5.

Always by midnight unless I'm working, and then about 3.00am.

Go to bed at nine then read for a couple hours, lights out by eleven.

I try for ten pm but usually it is far closer to 10.30 pm and I don't bother getting up too early these days even if I'm awake, I'd rather snuggle under the doona than set foot on the chilly floor. That will change when summer comes around.

Friday, August 18, 2017


And on a personal note, my grandson Dillon and his fiance Courtney visited me this week and we had a wonderful time. I was pleased to be one of their stops before he resumes law school and she resumes her masters work on Monday at OU. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Our friend River of Drifting Through Life has once again provided our prompts for Words For Wednesday. Be sure and go to her blog to read other stories in the comment section or to post your own story or poem.

Here is my story for this week using all 12 words provided:   puffing, candles, confused, fishing, supreme, almost and eight, despicable, banner shave, flowers, frowning.

WHO SAID IT by Grany Annie

The journalists all tried to claim what they had written was not fake news. It is really just “puffing” they would insist. Anyone who read it knew better. It was all fake. The truth would not surface when the candles were blown out and only blackened wicks remained. The public could still be left confused and frightened.

Rachel was determined to find out the truth. She went fishing for information from persons named in the articles. She wanted to find the supreme leader of this libelous story. This reporter believed she was almost ready to arrive at an answer.

It was well after eight o'clock when the despicable hooded creature lunged toward Rachel. She reached up and grabbed the banner and pulled it down on the burly man. Quickly she made her escape and knew she had just had a very close shave. Could the truth really we worth endangering her life? She could stop but she carried on in her quest.

Soon the authorities captured the man as Rachel pointed the direction he had gone. They found the documents on him that proved the stories were all lies. This dedicated reporter was applauded and rewarded with bouquets of flowers. All were smiling except for the single, once popular, journalist who had been caught in his own trap. He sat in a corner frowning. He was under arrest for his attack on Rachel and would not be writing anymore untrue and scandalous stories.

Monday, August 14, 2017


Question Of The Week 8-14-17

How do you handle serious disagreements?
(With partner, children, family, friends, companies, etc.?) 

I go quiet. Very, very quiet.

If it's a company and I know I'm right, I'll stand my ground. If it's friends/family I just let it go..after all, what's more important...making your point or keeping the relationship.

Not very well - with differing results

If an immediate conclusion is necessary and I truly believe my results would point the right direction, I do become very aggressive in support of my decision. Cooler heads are needed than mine in "serious" disagreements.

By avoiding them until they solve themselves

I try for compassion . . . as in 'you're such an idiot you deserve my compassion so I am going to go look for some.'

I use to employ the silent treatment but now days, I am too old to waste time that way and I push for conversation. 

Different ways - I try to fix things - and I pray

I stand firm and stand up for my rights. I don't back down. If I am wrong I will, however, stand corrected, and take it in good grace.

Living alone with no relative close by family disagreements are non-existent in my world.

My two furry rascals usually win any arguments around here! I'm over-ruled! :)

I'm like EC, very, very quiet and desperately hoping things will blow over or at least quiet down until a solution cam be thought of and acted on.

in past i discuss for long but now i just be quiet .
life teaches a lot !
It depends on what it is - if it's something that is not worth fighting about, I let it go. It's it's worth fighting about - I go with logic and a cool head (but have been known to seethe inwardly.) :)

Friday, August 11, 2017


And on a personal note, here is a picture my daughter posted on her Facebook this week for her profile photo.  I cannot resist stealing it and sharing it.  Surely she wouldn't mind.


Thursday, August 10, 2017


My family has been passing around the book UNDOCTORED by Dr. William Davis.  It does not only tout the benefits of gluten free diets but also grain free.  The grains we have now are not the same as when we were young or what our parents thrived on.  I am trying to give it a try after talking to my own Cardiologist. Here is my favorite grain free/gluten free breakfast burrito.  Only 275 calories too.  Do you have good recipes of this type to share?  What are your thoughts on gluten free/grain free eating?

Two eggs made into thin pancake.

Add bacon and cheese.

Roll tight and add salsa.


Wednesday, August 09, 2017


It is that time again.  Get over to River's Drifting Through Life to find the prompts for today.  I hope you will join in the challenge.  You can post on your own blog or in the comment section of River's blog or in the comment section of mine.  Here is my story for this week.

GRANDMA'S PORCH by Granny Annie

“Do not get off the porch” her grandmother warned. Sissy peeked over the railing and was tempted. The green grass was more appealing than the board slabs of the deck, plus she could hear the woods calling her. Sissy knew better than to disobey Grandma.

The box of toys on the porch caught her attention and soon she was immersed in playing pretend. All her imaginary friends came to life and she chattered and sang to them. Jimmy was a super boy and her favorite. She had known him longer than the others. He brought her attention back to the adventures they could have if they left the porch. “Come on Sissy, let's get mobile” Jimmy insisted.

Sissy could not resist the temptation and surely with her dynamic Jimmy nothing could happen to her. She grabbed his hand and the pair jumped off the porch and landed in the soft grass. They were heading for the tempting forest when something caught Sissy's attention. It was Grandma's cellar. Sissy had always wanted to see what was in that place. “Come on Jimmy, we can go in there.”

Sissy's brave imaginary friend was alerted to possible danger and even he did not want to go in this dark place. As the pair pulled open the heavy door a flying creature escaped and scared the young child and her super hero friend. Sissy screamed. They stepped inside. Her demeanor of bravery disappeared as the door to the cellar slammed shut. All lights disappeared and they were surrounded in darkness.

“We have to get out of here!” Sissy yelled. She managed to push on the cellar door and was amazed how smoothly it opened. Sunlight filled the once dark place and she ran as fast as her little legs would carry her back to the front porch. Sissy rested near the toy box and was looking around for Jimmy when Grandma opened the door to check on the child.

Sissy's daddy was pulling up in the driveway. The child jumped up and down clapping her hands in glee. It was time to go home. Sissy liked grandma's house but today she was ready to leave.

Jimmy and Sissy's other friends all waved goodbye from Grandma's porch.

Monday, August 07, 2017


Question Of The Week, 8-07-17

Who was your first crush?

We lived in Heavener, Oklahoma and the church had an annual Sweetheart Banquet. I was only 6 years old but I will never forget going to that banquet with Joe, my Sunday School friend. Mother made me a pink dotted Swiss dress and I thought I was a princess. Joe was dressed nicely in a suit and definitely was dragged by me to the church party. My first love. LOL

Marlon Brando 

Bobby Idle, he bought me popsicles which is funny because my folks owned the store.

That's a really nice story! I can just picture the two of you sharing an ice cream soda, two straws, of course! (Rob) 

Alan Newton....neighbourhood bad boy....he took the same school bus.

Tony, he was in my class in junior school and an altar boy!
Later I travelled to work with him but by then I was over the crush!

Stephen in the first grade. He used me a bit as long as my allowance held out to buy him candy but I still was smitten. I'm sure he turned out to be an overweight gigolo

I don't think I've ever had a crush on anyone. :)

Celebrity crush? Jon English.
Personal? Bruce. A bad boy. Who no doubt continued to be a bad boy.

Daryl...first love.

First celebrity crush was Jon English, like EC, still love him even now.
First crush was a boy named Joe who I was friends with in primary school, a bunch of us used to play hide and seek in a huge stand of bamboo in someone's back garden and I always tried to hide near Joe. His family moved away so he could attend high school in the city :(

Another ranch kid that rode the same school bus. Went steady with him in high school, got engaged in college, and then discovered that I was more in love with love than him. We parted friends, and each found the love of our lives elsewhere.

A girl in from high school (not mine, but from the same state) who I'd met by chance on a trip down to Florida. Sadly, t'was all me an none her

Books By G.B. Miller

A boy named Shep. I went all through elementary school with him and always had a little crush. He told me recently via facebook that he always felt the same back then. Wish I'd know that - I was a bit shy.

Toby was my kindergarten crush. Before that, Christopher Reeve.

Funny you should ask this question...because the last few days, including today, I've been talking about him. His name was Rodney...he was very handsome, and boy, oh, boy...could he play the drums! I first laid eyes on him when I was 15, and still going to school.

I wrote about him in my blog a couple of years ago...and I might just do so again...