Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Thursday, December 01, 2016


This was Carolyn McBride's last week to provide our Words For Wednesday.  She definitely is going out with a bang.  Such interesting words...many I had to look up.  December words will be provided by Vest of The Daily Gaggle.

Words for today are:
merkin, kibbe, truck, supernatural, sozzled, chubasco, whiskey, sunshine

Here goes my last WFW  for Novermber, 2016

CINDER-FELLA by Granny Annie

Crashing the party she did attend
Dressed as a man to fool the eyes.
But to pass herself as distinguished
She needed more for her disguise.

Not a hat or a walking stick...
A goatee would suit the style
She searched and searched
Until her merkin brought a smile.

Approaching the bar tapping her glass
“Serve the whiskey, pour it now.
There is a goal. for this evening..
To leave sozzled is my vow.”

They were like supernatural gusts
That scattered the guests in the wind.
Party decorations blown away,
When would this sudden chubasco end?

The food had just been served
The kibbe fried and crisp.
No one had expected
The hurricane's wild twist.

Her carriage was a pickup truck
She ran hoping safely to flee.
The storm continued until
Away went the goatee.

She escaped like Cinderella
Missing more than just her shoe.
Would the sunshine of a new day
Help her recover the fuzzy clue?


  1. You are so good at this! Love it.

  2. Hard enough to write sense, but putting it into a rhyming poem is above the call of duty.

  3. I had to read this to see how you would use under utilized word. lol

  4. Big smiles. And we all used the prompts so differently this week. As always.

  5. Loved this twist on the tale! Very funny!

  6. You always nail it, Annie...and this time is no different! :)

  7. This one is funny, I'm smiling widely now.

  8. Dang, are those even words?? Well done and it was a fun poem.

  9. This was soooo good. You are awesome and I don't even know what this word thing is...but this was good.

  10. Good one, you are a multi talented lady, and I'm enjoying that!