Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Friday, October 14, 2016


Words For Wednesday provided this week by Elephant's Child. The words selections are:  
Cheerful, caravan, some, gossip, crossfire, group
freaky, error, afterlife, decade, end, cruise,
I used all twelve this week. We also got a great picture to include.  Thanks EC

RIGHT OR WRONG by Granny Annie

They began their cheerful caravan. Their campground was selected in a secluded and wooded area. Everyone loved the way the moon flickered through the trees.

All was well until the close group began to gab and gossip around the campfire.. Of course in this darkness the subject of ghosts had to come up. Some members got more than a little freaky as the casual topic turned to the afterlife. Many were adamant in pointing out more than one error in the thinking of another. You could always tell who was in the crossfire.

Their last gathering had been over a decade ago. Then they had gone on a cruise and enjoyed their time together. But, sadly, following these heated discussions in the forest, everyone knew this would be their last time the would go anywhere together.

Not a one of the once friendly crowd noticed the black shadows that began to move closer and closer into their tiny circle.

The end (in oh so many ways...)


  1. Well, that was a bit freaky. Perfect for the upcoming Halloween.

  2. Yes, a great Halloween story.

  3. Ouch. An unexpected ending...
    Love this. You always take the challenge in new directions.

  4. You would be great around a campfire on Halloween.

  5. Good one, Annie. Sorry for running late. I had a a bit of a mixed-bag weekend! :)

  6. Great story; ghost stories, camping, then a cruise.