Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Hannah BananaFace has again offered us lots of inspiration for the Words For Wednesday challenge. She says, "However the prompts move you to write, it's a-okay with us! The rules are, "Write, baby, write." Whether it's poems, plays, short stories, prompts, lyrics, or more, whatever you like-just write!"

Words for this week: 
Fireflies (or lightning bugs, per your dialect)

Picture for this week;

My composition:

TIME ERASED by Granny Annie

Standing guard with only
The company of the fireflies,
He yearned for his grandfather
As he gazed into the skies.

The young boy knew Pappy
Would eventually come there.
He closed his eyes.
He said a special prayer.

Others taunted the boy about
His granddad's checkered past
Leaving the youngster
With eyes and heart downcast.

He tried not to let it matter.
He spent this time
Whistling the happy tune
Pappy taught about sunshine.

Perhaps the song would
Lead his grandfather to him.
This waiting a solemn time
As the park lights grew dim.

The anxious boy opened the thermos
Pausing before taking a sip.
A silver haired man approached.
You could sense the kinship.

Pappy gently reached out
To wipe the boys tears.
He embraced his grandson.
He erased the missing years.



  1. wow. so poignant!

  2. made me cry. beautiful and touching

  3. Misty-eyed here. Love it.

  4. Oh my goodness. That was a lovely read. Thanks for writing it and sharing it.

    Well done, you.

  5. As I commented on Hannah's blog....."This is lovely, Annie...very emotive. Well done!" :)

    And there's nothing wrong with repeating myself...praise well-deserved. :)

  6. Beautifully done Annie :)

  7. My thanks to all for not pointing out the word was "sliver" and not "silver". LOL

  8. Yes sliver is a little more difficult but I admire what you created whilst sticking to the stipulations. Excellent.

  9. What a sweet and touching poem. I hurt for him but only briefly. Love a happy ending.

  10. That is just neat.

  11. Good job at a tear-jerker! Wish I had more than 2 minutes kleft n 3 more visits! will copy n try later if time...

  12. My Story begins.
    It was 5AM and Flying Stations again, the fleet would go to Action Stations within the next hour. Already a tedious situation experienced a score or more times with even more expected as I watched the aircraft take off from the A/C Carriers (WHISTLING) down the flight deck as I drank coffee from A (THERMOS) flask.
    The Seafires, Hellcats, and Corsairs were usually first in the air, followed by the heavier (FIREFLIES), and Avengers, the last two having had a (CHECKERED) career while taking off from the flight deck and ending up in the briny and lost.
    It would be two hours or more before the sons of Nippon would follow our planes back to the fleet dressed in (SOLEMN) attire, their last living moments before they and chunks plus (SLIVERS) of metal and Miscellaneous parts of the crashing aircraft and its occupant would scatter onto the decks of the ships of the fleet.. Vest not forget.

  13. Good wording with the given words.