Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Thursday, August 04, 2016


Words for Wedensday offered by Hannah BananaFace this month. Not just two sets for words but two pictures to choose from this week. I took the first set of words:

Convalescence - Rancor - Empathy - Expertise - Dangle – Tissues

And chose the picture of the Abandoned Car

AGING by Granny Annie

The abandoned car found there
Appeared to be in convalescence.
Years of neglect had caused it to
Lose it's effervescence.

Treatment of a once fine car
Began to raise my rancor.
Not even good enough to be
Repossessed by the banker.

The thoughts of this neglected car
Definitely stirred my empathy
Perhaps such abandonment
Would become my legacy.

Formerly talented with a lot
Of life's brilliant expertise,
Then one day deserted to
Gather rust and never please.

A bright ornament on the
Car mirror used to dangle.
Now wilted beyond recognition
Hanging at an awkward angle.

Tears in my eyes caused me to
Dig in my purse for tissues
Walking away from the car forever
While my own aging plight continues.

Why don't you go over to Hannah's blog and look at the word and picture choices and see what you can do with them.  Story or poem, you decide.  And enjoy reading some of the other contributions.


  1. Oh your so rocked this one!

  2. You certainly stirred up many of the same feelings I have when I see and abandoned car overgrown by weeds. It deserved better.

  3. I actually love those old cars! have owned so many...

  4. Love this. We are too quick to discard the aging...

  5. As I commented on Hannah's blog...."Terrific, as usual, Annie! Love it!" :)

  6. Love this poem, it speaks truth.

  7. This would take me a lot of time and mind-bending, but you make it seem easy.

  8. Well done. I like how each bit, used one of the words.