Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Thursday, July 07, 2016


Instead of a poem, I am trying a short story this week in the Words For Wednesday


The competition was fierce and Gabby barely had enough energy to scrape by. The hot sun had her boiling. She she had to stop for a fast drink and took the water handed to her in a can. That was unusual but cans were recyclable and plastic bottles were bad for the environment. Still the metal scraped her lip and she began to bleed.

Her hair was damp and knotty. She stumbled and wobbled along the way. Suddenly she fell to the ground and was sure that a bone was broken. “Oh no, oh no,” she moaned in desperation.

Her Aunt was on the sidelines and came to her aid. Gabby was rushed to the hospital where they took an X-ray and confirmed the break.

As much as Gabby wanted to rejoin the race her family and her doctor insisted that she stay. She was miserable and the hospital food was not very tasty. Oh if only she could get back in the race and join her fellow marathoners.

Gabby could only protest over and over, “The competition will end without me, and I have practiced so long to do this. “ She thought of others she had seen fall by the wayside and knew that they joined her thoughts of “Our precious hours are trickling away...”

Everyone knew there would be next year and Gabby would put herself back together and happily go for the win through all the misery again.

Words provided by Elephant's Child: Stop, Can, Boiling, Knotty, Scrape, Competition, Tasty, X-ray, Bone, Aunt, Gabby, Stay. The phrase “Our precious hours are trickling away...”


  1. What a great job you did! Well done.

  2. Well put together, Annie. I love it. :)

  3. like your story!
    random sentence version:

    Stop in the name of love. I know you wanna if you Can-can. It it Boiling out there today! X-ray the T-bone. Knotty pine got sap on my hand... Can't even scrape it off. (See t-bone above) Aunt Gabby, stay awhile n keep on talking. My precious hours of one hour here is half over now! Tic, tic, ticking away on the keyboard.


  4. I love it. Gabby is a much braver and more energetic person than I am. I really like Snaggle Tooth's random sentences too.

  5. Your fertile mind worked wonders once more. Doesn't matter what form you take. Well done.

  6. After a while I might try using Wednesday word and try a bit of fiction.
    Coffee is on

  7. Love Snaggle Tooth's contribution!