Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Words for Wednesday provided again by Elephant's Child: exhibition, feelings,bewitching, captive, gushing and candle plus the  expression "The fog comes in on little cat feet..." from a poem by Carl Sandburg

A story this time instead of a poem.  We were even give a picture to use this time.

painted by Alfred Stevens (1823-1906).

THE BREAK IN by Granny Annie

Though she had been banned from the exhibition for continuing to touch the displays, she crept into the great hall like "the fog comes in on  little cat feet".    There was no way to let go of her feelings that made her keep going inside..   She was fearful and could feel her heart pounding. It was bewitching to watch her move with stealth across the room as if a captive making an escape.

Suddenly the sculpture of the cat caught her eye and she was gushing and reaching out to faintly brush the texture.  It surprised her as she accidentally brushed against the candle nearby causing it to go crashing to the floor.

Security alerted by the crash rushed into the room and forcefully guided this elegant, young, accident prone lady out the door, reminding her she was not welcome there.


  1. And she looks so harmless and regal...

  2. Oh the poor woman, accident prone and loving art exhibitions.
    maybe she should look at them online.
    Good story.

  3. Always loved the saying about "little cat feet." I sure didn't see this coming for she looks so innocent, posh and not at all clumsy.

  4. one minute n no time to think! will take home...

  5. Well done, Annie. I love it. :)